My Life of Crime as a Shaolin Priest II

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Janah and I found each other when we were about nine. It was confusing at first, who is thinking what, but we eventually learned how to separate. We also see through each others eyes, hear what the other hears. That was bizarre too until we figured out who was actually seeing what. I used to try and pick up a glass that Janah was looking at in her room across town.
We met in person at twelve, her parents moved to the condo above ours in Greenwich Village. Janah’s dad, James Svensson, is a diagnostic psychiatrist, her mom, Kara, an artist. I have two moms, Susan Sylk, my bio mom, and Chris Fischer, my mom's partner. Janah and I became everyone’s daughter, so we share three moms and a dad.
Janah is a bit of a freak. She has natural snow white hair, and she’s an eidetiker, what people call a photographic memory.
I’m another kind of freak. I have unusually quick reflexes, and heightened senses. I can smell sickness like a dog, hear a whisper in another room, see like a telescope or a microscope, which pays off considering my fascination with martial arts.

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We ended Volume I with Janah and I discovering the joys of physical intimacy. We have, for years, known the joy of mental intimacy. We ... Read Chapter


School is out, permanently for Janah and me. We decided it was our last year, no more high school. I was graduated as Janah had been tw... Read Chapter


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Almost every problem we have can be ascribed to the fact that human beings are utterly beguiled by their feelings of separateness. It... Read Chapter


If you say it can’t be done, you’re right. If you say it can be done, you’re right. After morning meditation, Janah’s day ... Read Chapter


It’s like stepping into a time portal, finding yourself in fifteenth century China. With indoor plumbing. Susan, on her first visit t... Read Chapter


After morning meditation and breakfast, I am going through the usual gung fu exercises when I feel Janah, 'I’m going to find the old ... Read Chapter


We can all communicate without words. In fact, we do it all the time. Janah Janah gives it a test during the morning meditation.... Read Chapter


Now I have studied philosophy, Medicine and the law, And unfortunately, theology, Wearily sweating, yet I stand now, Poor fool, n... Read Chapter


One has to be indifferent--to health, to loneliness,  to what people say or do not say, indifferent to success or no success, ... Read Chapter


Empty mind? Big deal. Half the people in the world have an empty mind. Daphne Sylk Janah gives Master Sung her decision afte... Read Chapter


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Twenty One

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Twenty Two

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Twenty Three

'What in hell happened?' 'Beats me, they sat on the floor, as still as the furniture most of the time.' 'Maybe we should all take up ... Read Chapter

Twenty Four

You start thinking about failure, you fail. Your brain looks for patterns. You input the word failure, it finds failure patterns. Goo... Read Chapter

Twenty Five

Genius makes the difficult look simple. Endless practice makes genius. Master Tan The Shaolin sit together, over one hundred m... Read Chapter

Twenty Six

Coming home from school one day, I saw a man hit a woman and threaten a child, right on the street, nobody did anything. I said som... Read Chapter

Twenty Seven

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Twenty Eight

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Twenty Nine

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Thirty One

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Thirty Two

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Thirty Three

Chan is fluent in both Chinese and English. He doesn’t talk in two languages. Janah Black, David, and Chan show up on Christmas... Read Chapter

Thirty Four

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Thirty Five

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Thirty Six

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Thirty Seven

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Thirty Eight

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Thirty Nine

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Forty One

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Forty Two

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Forty Three

You shoulda stuck the cleaver in his head, Daph. Mini Under the radar, wishful thinking. After a workout at the dojang, Janah an... Read Chapter

Forty Four

You never played Barbie when you were little? Janah, I was waiting for my perfect Barbie, Barbie Three hours and a smidgen later, t... Read Chapter

Forty Five

Some religions have crosses, some have beanies and candlesticks, others have prayer rugs. They all have rules, and guys who sit aro... Read Chapter

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