This is a transformation that allowed me the opportunity to express a detailed understanding of my life’s experience. No more heartbreaking dramas, no wishes for the future, just me as I am.

Bravery, is an ability each living being all animals, plants and humans possess within their incredible existence. With each breath you pass through your lungs, there is someone applauding you for keeping the dream of just being, alive. I currently walk into rooms, and from the very beginning I know if such a setting is blessed to experience my presence, or if I should vacay the premises before taking another step forward. I no longer attend the same events I used to bring life to, as I'm more aware of the different ways they affect my well-being.

I no longer am in search of love, as I completely understand the true meaning of unconditional love, which has been inside of me and surrounding me since the day I was born. The desires I had to obtain all the precious materialistic gifts in the world faded, as I now realize that what truly fulfills my satisfaction are the connections I build with myself and world around me. Today, I put me first. I am no longer a slave to the mentality that I must be number one at everything I allow in my life. I'm humbled by the fact that 7.5 billion other people around the world are just as beautiful, amazing and important as I will ever aim to become.

I cherish each experience of both positive and negative past outcomes as the best parts of my life. Every kiss, hug, greeting, tear, goodbye, sunrise and sunset will forever remain apart of what molded me into the magnificent creature I am, today. I love that I express myself with every bit of confidence without regards of any repercussions, because the best thing I could do is be myself no matter the opinions that come after doing so. If I come off cold, it's to protect myself from anything that could potentially harm this divine path I walk. I've healed aspects of my spirit that haven't been given the attention they deserved for centuries.

No more dramatic outbursts as cries for help as I no longer feel hopeless. No more writing my past experiences as if they fit into my future creations of life. When I appear to be silent, I am talking to my creators. Everything I'll ever need has already been provided since birth. It's just up to me to utilize each gift given to the best of my ability unapologetically. This is truly peace within me, and I am the Sun shining everywhere I go. No longer afraid of my truth, as I will embrace every bit of this dream set upon my path. My heart is the only compass I will need, and spirit is my almanac. May you all find peace within, and fulfill your dreams. This is who I am. I am love.

Submitted: November 09, 2022

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