God On The Range


He created it, He created everything. God made the range so everybody can see the beauty in His eye.


The carpet of green grass, the fields of golden grain. The trees so tall and lush with leaves that change color every season.


The soil that gives the start and firm foundation to support all that grows in it. Rocks and hills that build into the snow capped mountains that reach into the blue sky.


Overhead the clouds so fluffy and white, that become darkened as they prepare to drop the rain to water all below. The rain and melting snow that become creeks, rivers, ponds and lakes to nourish all life on earth.


The heavens above the sun by day and stars by night show that God is light.


God the Creator of us, made all these and many more things for us to see, to see Him in all His beauty.


Worship God all the time, wherever you may be for He is there for you and me.



Submitted: November 10, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Tom Rosenbeck. All rights reserved.

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