Some of my words are haunting words, on Booksie, that I post

(Whispered) For those who do not know me, I am but a ghost

You cannot see or hear me, nor shadows will I cast

It took me an endless amount of time to manifest at last


My visit here was granted to me by forces left unseen

It’s hard when one can never tell if ‘Life is but a Dream’[1]

Dreams are always haphazard, mysterious, and happenstance

It seems rather shortsighted to think this is our only dance


Connections lost in time will not necessarily be unveiled

When we arrive back home to the land from which we sailed

Are you really okay with looking away from your inner self

Thinking reasons are just products to be brought down off a prophet’s shelf


The only way to reach you is by the haunting words I write

(Whispered) My mind can travel to you even in the dead of night

My presence will surround you like in Hitchcock’s movie ‘The Birds’[2]

For the meanings jump from me to you as you read these words


I’m not the only poltergeist that torments you with scary prose

Just listen to the TV news or internet that’s geared toward hi-rated shows

They shock, they scare, they’ll make your hair stand up toward the roof

They’ll tell you anything and everything without an ounce of truth


Yet you do not see them, because their only images on a screen

Produced and broadcast to you to increase their revenue stream

There’s not a Casper[3] among them, only the Ghostly Trio[4]

To make you grieve and then believe in conspiracies that aren’t real


So listen closely to this ghostly advice from an invisible soul

(Whispered) You cannot see me and I’m not available for you to know

There is only one, THAT”S ONE, spirit that you must abide

The one you came with, the one you’ll leave with, and in you it resides


Live your life the way you want but let others live theirs too

Because no matter what side you’re on it all comes down to you

To stop the madness in the world, making harmony first and foremost

And leave the haunting in the world to the real, unreal ghosts


[1] Nursery Rhyme from 1852

[2] Alfred Hitchcock’s movie ‘The Birds’ from 1963

[3] Seymour Reit & Joe Oriolo 1936

[4] Paramount Studio’s 1940s Stretch, Fatso, and Stinky, very apropos.

Submitted: November 13, 2022

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