Sequel to Batch 12. Dr. Lance Godfrey is deemed insane and sent to Star Lake Asylum where they have a special interest in his brain-to-brain communication studies.

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Not Guilty

Dr. Lance Godfrey is found not guilty by reason of insanity for the bludgeoning death of billionaire Devin Goldman. Director of Star Lake Asylum lobbies for the opportunity to provide treatment.
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Blind Bartle

1. “Come in and have a seat, Dr. Godfrey. Holmes here told me all about you.” Godfrey stared at Isaac Holmes with contem... Read Chapter

Cooking the Books

1. The monitor glowed in Silas Reddick’s glasses as he grinned maniacally. Stan Phillips joined him and they both watched the scree... Read Chapter

A Gift

1. Bill and Marty sat at their usual corner spot at Big Al’s as Rose restocked the cooler. “Have you guys seen Franklin anywh... Read Chapter

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