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Before we continue, I would like to share my recent visions as I always do in most of my books:

I do this for record keeping, do not mind the randomness. I am a spiritual being, therefore, I will always be like the wind. Randomness is my nature and my culture



This vision was about The president of South Africa - Africa as a whole


Had a strange dream/vision - 2 November 2022


Although I may not remember all details, this is what I saw:


I was accompanying the President Cyril Ramaphosa with his executives. I do not know which officials were there, but it could have been his ministers, government officials from 2 countries, Home Affairs (this issue had relations with traveling between the 2 countries), and others. But it seemed like we were reviewing the borders or a particular Border between 2 countries.


It also seemed like an urgent or an unexpected event. This is because some of the officials who were at the scene were not prepared on time and they had to rush to try to get things done before the president arrived to view the situation.


The president addressed the matter, he then viewed the situation and returned from there.


I also saw another situation in relation to some youths, but I cannot recall exactly what was really happening around them. 


I find this intriguing and interesting and mysterious at the same time.


Dream happened at midnight yesterday - i woke up at 00:02


It took me about an hour to digest everything, in the process I lost some of the information.


---------- time when I am writing this is 01.02-------


To the one reading this. I want to thank you. I know you could be reading something else, but just for choosing this book, I want to share a spiritual blessing upon your life. I am speaking from my heart, spirit and soul. 


There is a share from the blessings and gifts I carry, that has been set aside just for you. I want you to open your eyes, ears, mind and be ready, the Angel of the Lord will make sure that you receive this blessing and gift. It is not I who gives it to you but it is through I, that you receive it today and without delay. 


I did not just start writing books for fun. I write books to reach you and others who are connected to us. 


I know it must be funny when I say us, yes I mean it, us! If you don't understand, seek understanding and the Angel of the Lord that brings understanding will give it to you. Shalom.


  1. VISION About a Mystery (Portal/Portals) in the Wilderness: - Date Unknown


It has been a couple of weeks and now that I am going through my vision and dreams book, this is what I noted from one of my experiences.


I was resting on a Saturday from midnight till I was woken up from my sleep just before the clock hit 01:30


The vision that had just taken place, I am writing it down

Even though I do not understand it now. He who reveals will open my eyes and also give me understanding.


I saw people in the Wilderness, they were scattered,

It was an unusual scene. However they seemed to be united.

I was amongst these people, what they experienced I could experience it, just as if I was physically there

The first question in my spirit is this ( Who are these people?) 

When I was there, a lot of things took place, some of which I do not recall very well.


In the vision it felt like I was in the areas where Israel and surrounding nations can be found, but in a wilderness type of setup, where there could be a desert, uninhabited, or abandoned or no man’s land type of scenario. ( I pray he who has understanding shares it with many)


One of us, a female, was having a trance and as none of us were ready for what was happening or taking place, then suddenly, something else was taking place behind us a distance away from us.


A mystery took place, it was something in the air. (or a spirit - one of the two) 


3 manifestations I saw, I heard

Like a trend, everyone was talking about this

All this is happening in the wilderness and globally people are affected.


So, we missed it first time

But people were buzzing (this could mean social media), everyone talking and discussing about the immediate appearance of this spiritual portal (or portals). 


Some people, including me, said that they saw a rainbow. ( Remember -  a rainbow has a directed relationship with the Lord Jehovah - this means it is a Biblical matter)


Then as we were still wondering

The Portal opened again

The same manifestation was repeating itself

And out of the portal ( 3 portals open , 1 next to each other). 

I saw what looked like an  eagle, it jumped out in its fitness and strength. 


Now that I saw this, I have so many questions

  1. Is this one of the first of the (TWO) witnesses appearing or being revealed or does this mean something totally different?


  1. The people in the wilderness, are they Jews or Africans?


  1. Are they the chosen ones or are they Christians (who are these people, who are not ready for what is already happening, in their presence, behind them?) - this clearly means that there are people (Maybe both Jews & Christians) who have their backs turned and in an instant a spiritual event will surprise them.


May the Lord guide in Jesus Name.


This is what I suspect this vision might be saying to us [ I will only share my thoughts, I know the Lord will reveal to many of you of the real truth behind this :


First thought: - This might be about the False Messiah’ arriving (Question is why 3 portals)

Second thought: - This might be about one of the 2 prophets to come (or the two witnesses entering the scene in Israel) - but why should one come before the other? Only the Lord knows

The Third Thought: - is this about Rapture? - I doubt, because there only seemed to be 3 portals, with rapture, should there not be more portals open? I do not know


Please note that the Portals did not all appear at the same time but in a sequence, that could be a series of 3 different events happening following each other or 3 events happening at the same time. We must be wise about interpreting this one. Prayer will help us.


I am still in awe about this: I urge my fellow believers to help me understand this matter, please pray with me, this is not a joke but a reality that is happening in our midst.


There is something happening in the Middle-East / or in Israel as we speak and whatever it is, we cannot miss it. We must focus our eyes there and ask the Lord to show us what he is saying. Because whatever happens there will affect us all globally, believe you me.


  1. VISION About an event to take place around 17th & 18th of November 2022


Date - 14 November 2022


I saw in a vision - The following dates

17 and 18 of November 2022


There was something very significant about to take place


I saw 2 of them in the studio

A radio presenter and the special guest

The man tried all he can to give warning on radio

He said, this should not be happening

But it is happening

The Radio DJ, was not amused or shaken by this


Then I heard a voice say



I woke up, wondering, is this about the national day or prayer?

Is the Lord saying we must pray?

What is this that shall take place between the 17th and 18th of November 2022?


Because of this, I have had to release my book shortly before then

For I cannot tell if this is big or not.

But all I know is that, i cannot delay with releasing some of my books

Even though I always want to spend time writing as I wait for more revelations.


Time is never on my side when I write…




TO BE CONTINUED:.....................


Expect Part 2 to come soon…. Pray for me as I am praying for you




Watchman Dominic Ezekiel


Submitted: November 16, 2022

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