Never thought he end up being in a relationship with five handsome men.
Sei - Psycho sadistic weirdo
Arian - dumb sport addict
Kazu - looks at you like he wants to kill/devour
Min - grumpy old man (his personality)
Kira - Sunshine
and the main character all of them adore.
Yoki - a secret that is yet to be undercover
It's my first time writing this type of story and English is not my first language so there will be a lot of grammar errors.
Please go easy on me...

Table of Contents


Umm... this is my first time writing based on a lot of s*x plot.... I'm not a great smut writer nor I'm good at it... I'm trying my b... Read Chapter


"I never agreed to this!" The male shouted angrily. "Can you not make things difficult?!" The other responded with the same tone. ... Read Chapter


Kira was already at the cafeteria with his other boyfriends. No one knows about their relationship. They don’t need to know. Arian is i... Read Chapter


A/N: starting today I will be posting once a week Today is normal. The lesson is easy and there’s no project coming up since it’s... Read Chapter


Yoki goes to the kitchen meeting 4 tired eyes and one sunshine eye. “Good morning, Yoki!” Kira as always shone brightly. “Good morn... Read Chapter


  Yoki woke up to an argument between the boys. “Good mor-” Yoki was about to greet them but they suddenly but in startl... Read Chapter


I can't update the story on schedule. Sorry.
Read Chapter


Weekend arrived. Today the bottoms decide to go on shopping. “I will pick you guys up at 5 pm at the same place,” Kazu said as he... Read Chapter


“ARGHHH!” Yoki screamed as soon as he open his eyes from sleep. “S-Sei! What are you doing here?” His heart feels about to fall o... Read Chapter


oh..sorry I forgot to tell you guys. this story already have 13 chapter on wattpad. I'm gonna stop writing it here sorry ???? you can fin... Read Chapter

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