Small Town Empire is a novel based on a true story. It follows the Salmon family navigating life in Pontotoc, Mississippi, in the early 1900s. John Salmon started small but quickly began to expand. He opened businesses, hired employees, and made a lot of money. But as his empire grew, so did his problems. Murder, mistresses, and missing children all challenge his success. Can he keep his businesses together before it all comes crashing down? Find out in Small Town Empire!

As John navigates his family’s trials, the country goes through some of American history’s most tumultuous and progressive times. Born during the Civil War, John witnessed the emancipation of Blacks, America’s entry into the Great War, and the pandemic of 1918, events that built strong and resilient people. These years were challenging but also resulted in growth for America. For John, they were a period when he had to be strong for his family while also dealing with significant changes in the world around him. Despite everything, he persevered and became tougher and more determined on the other side. In many ways, John’s story represents America’s journey during these years.

Table of Contents

1865-87: Randolph, Mississippi

1865-87: Randolph, Mississippi   John Anderson Salmon was bone-tired; his feet were swollen and bloody from... Read Chapter

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