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Class was just the same as always. The only thing that was different was that only 2 people got in trouble for being on their phones. I couldn't focus on History. At no point in my future did I think that Ineeded to know what date at what exact time did Abraham Lincoln die, or something like that. I already had everything planned out for my future.

Step one, go to a good collage, though I had yet to determine which one. Step two, get a job at vet close to home, but not too close so I don't have to see my family everyday. Step three, open my own vet and become well known across the state. The last one was a bit of a stretch but you can never dream too big.

My thoughts had been interupted by the calling of my name.

"Miss Kylee? I hope your thoughts are about the Civil War. Would you like to share with the class?" Asks Mr. Grey. 

Now normaly I would've been hanging on to every word, asking quesions about every question, assuming it all would be on some sort of test or pop quiz. But, I just wasn't feeling it today. So I came up with the first thing that came to mind.

"No thank you sir," I responded. It was times like these that made me wish i had the quick wits of Sandra. Sandra would've come up with something that snaped back in a smart sounding way. Instead I just sat there and felt my face get as red as a tomato. 

"Then lets move on, shall we?" Grey says. 

As I finally start to organize my thoughts, I over hear Jessica giggling in the back of the room about who knows what. Then, all of the sudden, I feel something hit me right in the back of the head. I look over and discover its some balled up paper. It had to be from Jessica. The note says. "Looking a little red there, dork." I reball it and stuff it into my bag. Jessica often messed with her, but she mostly targeted Sandra. We always said it was because she was jealous, but we'reold enough now to finally ask, jealous of what? Maybe it was time to face the fact that Jessica was just a jerk who liked to pick on Sandra for no reason.

And the bell rings, abruptly ending that contemplation. This didn't bother me though, I was pretty happy to leaving that class. 

As I leave the classroom and head to History, I feel a hand on my shoulder. I turn and say, "Hey Ryan."

"Hey." Ryan says."I came over to ask if we could meet up tonight." He adds, with a hopeful look on his face.

"Can't, Brook and Jack are working tonight so its my turn to watch walter."  I say, with a bit of sadness in my voice. I figure Ryan caught the hint so he changed the subject.

"Have you noticed Sandras been odd lately, and not her usual odd." 

"Now that you mention it maybe shes coming down with the flu or something." 

"No, I mean. Nevermind." Ryan says.

"Ok, I've we should be getting to class." I say ending the conversation. 

Science wasnt bad like history, it was worse. We started with the good old classic disecting a frog. Which the thought of even hurting this animal made me want to cry. And on top of that, my lab partner moved to texas so now I have to work alone.I wish I could work with Ryan, he's only 2 tables down and would do all the gross stuff for me. That's when I see the teacher notice me not working. She stands up and makes her way over, but thankfully theres a nock on the door.

"Is this Mrs. Creans room?" The boy asks. He's tall but not like freakishly tall. Black hair and brown eyes. He's wearing a red sweatshirt and green sweatpants. I wonder if thats planned, being a couple weeks from christmas and all.

"Ahhh yes, Mr Finnly." Mrs. Crean says. "You can be Kylee's partner." 

"Its Finn" The boy says as he makes his way to the seat next to me. He plops down and doesn't even grab gloves before he takes the knife and starts cutting the thing open. I hold back a gag. 

"Sooooo, Finn. You new here?" I ask, trying to keep the frog out of my vision.

"No, I just suddenly materialized out of thin air in the middle of this school." Finn says.

Wow, he really reminds me of Sandra. He's got a kind of, painful look in his eye though. 

"So was it for your parents work?" I ask, ignoring the comment.

"Dunno." He says. 

"Did your parents not tell you."

He either didn't hear or it was a sore subject, because I didn't hear another peep out of that kid for the rest of class.




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