This is an autobiographical memoir

I am writing down the events of the day that I am recollecting. I saw a yellow muse flittering gaily in the wind. Its wings were singing the songs of love. It’s a colored delicacy to savor. I wrote my prayer journal as usual and indeed I am grateful and thankful to God.  The yellow muse is a flying carnival. There now it’s perching on a petal of poems. It is making love to the flower. Bliss is the attitude of the looker. It’s again flying in the air and reciting an anthology of poems. The muse is passion exemplified. I am soul-talking its words of flight. It’s a  mesmeric moving flower.  There now it is dancing as charming incantations.  Robes of the muse is slowing time and making it an anthology of reflections.

I am reaffirming my created existential life’s meaning: existence is the victorious and optimistic celebration of meaning. I write these words everyday as a muse of affirmation. I have outgrown the atheistic existential content of the existential philosophers: Camus and Sartre who condemned freedom and made life’s meaning as absurd, meaningless, chaotic, monotonous and repetitive. Camus killed Sisyphus with his negative soul talk. I have resurrected Sisyphus as a metaphor of not condemnation but of privilege and finding favor with God.  This is unlike Camus’ Sisyphus who was condemned by the Gods. Similarly the Philosopher Sartre’s view is man is condemned to be free because of the choices he has to make. I rewrite him as: to be in Christ: man is privileged to be free. I give all honor, praise worship, and glory to my God Jehovah Jireh Jesus. My pen is a beatific tip ending in praise of God.

What is beauty? Beauty is reason overwhelmed with passion. With beauty objects become the subjects of thought.  The soul is overwhelmed with catharsis.  Beauty is melody, rhythm and harmony is music. In literature, beauty is experience of tropes and transcending them to a nuance of feeling. Beauty is aesthobatics (aesthetics and acrobatics) in dance. Beauty is the imagery of meaning in art. Beauty is the viewer’s subjectivity of translating images and making them appropriations in films.

I accept the historicity of Christ and I have faith to believe in the authenticity that he is God’s son, the messiah who came to save me. There is a Samaritan woman living in me. I am weak in the flesh and I am tempted to carry on emotional adultery.

The phrase that God said I am that I am to Moses occupies a curious place in the study of signs or semiotics. A sign is made up of the signifier (a visual thing) and the signified (idea). For example, if I say Rose is passion: rose is the signifier and passion the signified. But let’s look at what God spoke to Moses: when God said: I am that I am, and there is a semblance of unity, a synthesis of the earthly signifier and the heavenly signified. So also is what God said in Revelation: I am the Alpha and the Omega, the one who is, who was and the one who will be, the beginning and the end.

My most favorite art that I have contributed as a poem is a metaphor: eternity flies as sadhus in white unveiling time on mystic flight. Here sadhus are white storks and another favorite one is: white priests are flocking on the green carpet and musing eternity.

Word is a phonic burst and a pictorial emotion. Word became flesh as Christ and dwelled amongst men.




Submitted: November 19, 2022

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