This is a narrative of ideas from a viewpoint of Christian existentialism. and also some idioms from Bible developed for the contemporary world.

Rewriting the myth of the Sisyphus

The atheistic existential philosopher Camus compared man’s life to the myth of the Sisyphus. Sisyphus was condemned by the Gods to roll a boulder uphill and only to his depressive anxiety that it rolls down and he is forced to repeat this meaningless chore again and again. And from this Camus brought out the idea that life is absurd, meaningless, chaotic, repetitive and monotonous. As a theist in Christ, I rework Camus metaphor of the Sisyphus into a Christian resurrection. Life of Sisyphus resurrected is a life of creativity, purpose, meaning, catharsis, and affirmation. Sisyphus resurrected is a man who no-longer is condemned but privileged to be free. Further the atheistic existential philosopher Sartre has said: man is condemned to be free. I rewrite Sartre’s condemnation to a theistic belief in Christ as man’s life is a privilege, favor, provision and bounty when he or she makes choices as followers in Christ.

Platonoclasm  Platonoclast

Platonoclasm  a neologism from Plato and Iconoclasm is unlike the existential philosophers Camus and Sartre view that life is meaningless, chaotic and absurd is a positive affirmation of celebrating life’s meaning. Platonoclasm is the celebration of life’s meaning and Platonoclast is a person who celebrates life’s meaning.


Aristotleraphy a neologism from Aristotle and therapy stands for the philosophic idea that man is privileged to be free. This is unlike the atheistic existential philosophers Camus and Sartre views that man is condemned to be free because of the choices that he has to make. In Christ man is privileged to be free as his choices in Christ are many of blessings, prosperity, goodness, prudence and providence.

Building the temple in three days

Christ predicted to the people that that broken temple will be rebuilt in three days. Little did they know that it was Christ’s body that will be crucified and resurrected.

Rebuilding the temple in three days as an idiom stands for miracles of God.

I affirm with my soul that a temple will be rebuilt in three days.


The centurion asked Jesus that his servant was sick and needs to be healed. When Christ said that he will go to the centurion’s house: he replied that I am not worthy enough for that. Christ was touched by his faith and he said to him let be healed.

Centurion is an idiom standing for faith.

I am a centurion to believe that Christ will do wonders for me.

Salt of the Earth

Christ said to the people that: you are the salt of the earth: and if the salt loses its saltiness it is no longer useful.

Salt of the earth stands for being productive and useful.

When it comes to work, I am the salt of the earth.

Lilies of the field

Christ said: look at the lilies of the field: they neither sow nor reap and yet your heavenly father takes care of them and how much more will your heavenly father care for you.

Lilies of the field stand for God’s provision, care, favor and providence.

I am allowing God illuminate me with the experiences of the Lilies of the field.

Submitted: November 20, 2022

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