Two Worlds, One Fight - Two Hearts, One Love

Every journey begins with a single step, like the first blade of grass at the foot of a vast meadow, or the rolling of stones that triggers a mighty avalanche.
Take your first step into the Aeon Chronologies with this beautifully imagined tale of courage, unity, and unyielding love.
Set in the Dark Zone, a large region in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York. It has been the home of the Ravennites since the American Revolution.
The Ravennites, a society of partial Native American descent, have lived untouched in the mountains of New York for over 200 years.
But tensions between the peaceful Ravennites and an outside faction of Outsiders, who have lived in the Ravennites' territories for years, rise and eventually escalate into open war.
Alex Lee, a young outsider find himself befriending the Ravennites and is called to help fight against the invading Outsiders.
Join Alex Lee, a 14-year-old boy from the quaint village of Lake Placid, New York as he discovers a hidden, perennial civilization dwelling deep in the mountains of his own backyard!

Table of Contents

The Dark Zone

Welcome to your first step in the AeonVerse! The story of Ice Cold was loosely inspired by the place where the foundation of the AeonVerse began, and sets the stage for the introduction of the
mysterious Ravennite culture.
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Message of Blood

The original draft of Ice Cold- Part One underwent several revisions. I felt that this scene was an important revision compared to the original opening, providing the reader with a feeling of
anxiety toward the mysterious people of the Dark Zone.
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Darts on the Door

The parallels between the Dark Zone and main protagonist's introduction were important to establish and emphasize the vast differences of two worlds that were so close to one another.
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Alex Lee

I saw a lot of myself in the young Alex Lee; a common, brooding American teenager with a narrow mind and content to blot out every negative vibe that life may bring. In my experience, it opens one
up to the greatest changes.
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The Ranger

Ranger was intended to be the character with a history and purpose completely shrouded in mystery...
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Eyes in the Dark

The moment it became clear that greater forces are at work in this world...
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Lake Placid

Alex spent the entire car ride with his head leaned back against the headrest and staring aimlessly out the window. It was still early in... Read Chapter

Into the Crowds

As they shuffled their way through the halls, Seth continued talking to Alex. “So you remember the quad path, right? You know the branc... Read Chapter


Rowan is perhaps the most interesting character I have created, as every time the story was revised, so was she, and it wasn't long before she quickly became a favorite among readers.
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A Once Peaceful World

Rowan was one of the only characters inspired by someone I once knew; someone as close as a friend could possibly be.
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Out with the boys

The school day came to an end for Alex as it always did; with dozens of students filling the hallways in crowded clusters just as they ha... Read Chapter

The Clay Mines

It was about a twenty minute drive out of the Lake Placid area as they headed toward the edge of the Adirondack mountain ranges. In the b... Read Chapter


Alex revived from his black out to a throbbing pain in his temple. There was a sharp ringing in his ears as he struggled to open his eyes... Read Chapter

Passage into the Unknown

The tunnel never got any lighter as Alex crept farther down, and the beam from his tiny flashlight hardly did him any justice. The air ar... Read Chapter

The Valley of Ravenna

Like Rowan, Delmar was another character inspired by somebody I knew; a great leader.
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The Visitors

The Morennos were another part of the story who underwent great change in order to give them a more centralized history with the Ravennites.
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The Worst News

Miles away, it had also been a long, sleepless night for Nickole. All of her mind was centered around the events of the previous day. She... Read Chapter

The Citadel

Meanwhile, in the midst of the Dark Zone, a single figure was riding by horse through the trees in the faint morning light. The fog, thou... Read Chapter

Strange New World

The day was beginning to wear into the afternoon, and yet Alex found himself making no progress finding his way out of the mountains. He ... Read Chapter

The Stray

It was only a matter of time before one side discovered Alex lurking about their territories. The question is who would find him first?
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The distant sounds of clashing blades died out quickly after Caine fled the scene. He stopped and looked back through the woods. He knew ... Read Chapter

A Sheep Among Wolves

Alex was still speechless, but he had no choice but to do what he was told. As he turned to follow the direction the man was taking him, ... Read Chapter

The Chief

Even though he is an Outsider, many of the Ravennites are quick to see that Alex is little threat - but how can he convince the young Ravennite Chief?
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The Proposal

Once outside, Alex came right back to the scene just before he entered the map room. Matheus and Rowan were standing by the lookout as if... Read Chapter

A Deal with the Devil

“What are you doing here?” Delmar said as soon as Alex had left. The ceiling of the map room creaked above him. It was as if somethin... Read Chapter

Calm in the Storm

Below the towering Citadel, Alex sat on the mattress with his back leaned against the corner post of his tent. In his brief moment alone,... Read Chapter

The Pendant

Rowan's pendant was one of the central aspects of the mysteries surrounding her character. She never knew what significance it held, but Alex's connection to it would change everything.
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Hate Triangle

The triangle of concern between Delmar, Matheus, and Malachai concerning Alex is the chemical reaction that might just decide the fate of the Ravennites' future.
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Sneaking Out

Rowan is a girl filled with hope, making her motives a mystery to all.
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A Walk in the Dark

Alex backed up a step and turned around. He let out a loud gasp of panic and he realized now that there was no chance any of their enemie... Read Chapter

The Oasis

The Oasis is the most mysterious location in the Ravennite culture. Inspired by another of places I have known in my life combined into one, it was designed to be a place of sanctuary, tranquility,
the place no Outsider can find.
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A Bond of Hope

As he entered, the light of the nighttime sky and the unnatural reflections of the Oasis’ environment quickly evaporated from Alex’s ... Read Chapter

Rise and Shine

When Alex opened his eyes, he realized that he was exactly where he had been that night; lying on his patched mattress in his oversized t... Read Chapter

The Sparring Match

As they had been walking, he did not realize that Matheus had been leading him down toward the large, corral-like area where he had seen ... Read Chapter

The Choice

The point of no return for Alex; the moment in which he would make the decision that would change his life forever.
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Seven Months Later

Nickole's guilt over the part she played in her brother's disappearance continues to haunt her.
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The Friendly Duel

Miles away, deep within the Dark Zone, the mountains had grown cold with the changing of the seasons. A layer of snow had begun to make i... Read Chapter

The Men of the South

Rowan’s jaw dropped as she watched her weapon abandon her and Alex pointed his directly at her in triumph. She turned and looked at Ale... Read Chapter

The New Plan

Robert Morenno's desire to prove his worth to his brother in the fight against the Ravennites has always been his greatest strength, but also his greatest flaw.
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A Token of Friendship

Alex and Rowan returned to the Ravennites’ camp just before the sun had set. The temperature, though cold enough during the day, still ... Read Chapter

Strangers in the Shadows

Feeling himself growing paranoid, Alex groaned quietly and glanced back into the outpost. “What’s taking you so long, Rowan?” To hi... Read Chapter

The Hunt

Alex never felt himself hit the ground. Soon after his eyes had gone black, he regained his sight, but to his confusion, he could not rem... Read Chapter

Left for Dead

Alex suddenly jolted awake, gasping in shock. He immediately remembered somebody blindsiding him and knocking him unconscious. He recalle... Read Chapter

The Traitor

Rowan's revelation of Caine's betrayal marks the beginning of the end for what remains of her innocence.
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Rescue Mission

Less than an hour had gone by since Alex recovered Malachai from the debris. He still hadn’t woken up yet, and the nighttime sky did no... Read Chapter

A Clash of Hatred

Frustrated as he was, Alex had to admit that, for the first time, he and Malachai were on the same page. Knowing this, Alex composed hims... Read Chapter

Pure Vitriol

Sensing that he had been knocked unconscious once again, Alex opened his burning eyes. He was staring at the same mysterious vision he ha... Read Chapter

No Man Left Behind

Zak never moved from his spot. With Alex unconscious and Malachai gone, he had no choice but to wait for him to wake up. What they were g... Read Chapter

The Iron Furnace

Malachai had told Alex that the Iron Furnace lay on the other side of the hill, but he did not expect it to be so literal. They had crawl... Read Chapter

The Ultimatum

On the level just below him, Malachai and Zak were still being led down the corridor by a small company of Domineers, both of their hands... Read Chapter

Prison Break

Malachai continued to hold the Domineer guard at the point of his sword as he forced him to lead him and Zak through the complex. After s... Read Chapter

Heart of a Ravennite

Above the post, in Robert Morenno’s quarters, the entire room began to shift and tilt forward. Robert and Alex struggled to keep their ... Read Chapter

Beginning of the End

The battle at the Iron Furnace was where the war truly began; when the Ravennites discovered the Domineers' greatest weakness - but it would only be the beginning.
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The Threat on the Doorstep

The sun was casting the red light of morning by the time the Ravennites finally made it back to the Citadel. The gates were pulled open f... Read Chapter

The Skeleton in the Closet

Alex’s mind was flashing back to his meeting with Robert only hours before. He recalled the sadistic and perverse manner that Robert in... Read Chapter

Preparing for War

Alex walked over to the lookout point. He looked down at the many bridge-like appendages spanning from the tower to the outer wall. Beyon... Read Chapter


The day had turned into night, and the night back into day without any signs of a Domineer presence approaching the Citadel. The Ravennit... Read Chapter

The First Wave

The treelines began to lighten up before soon breaking apart completely as the Domineers closed in on the Citadel. The snow was still fal... Read Chapter


The battle for the Citadel was inspired by the 300 Spartan's legendary stand at Thermopylae, and the breach of the walls reminiscent of their betrayal. This would be where the Ravennites proved
their mettle once and for all.
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Blood Beneath the Moon

On top of the tower, Rowan was shaking as she felt her restraint beginning to fail. She turned and ran back to Delmar’s map room. Altha... Read Chapter

Twilight on the Citadel

Rowan had nearly four dozen arrows packed into her quiver before the battle, and she had just used the last one. Although she did not mis... Read Chapter

Horns From the South

The sun was beginning to make its ascent as the sky started to lighten. It was at that moment, when all the Ravennite warriors were being... Read Chapter

United We Stand

The victory at the Citadel would mark a turning point for the Ravennites in their conflict with the Domineers, but the greatest trial of Alex's life has yet to come.
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Ice Cold - Part One: The Dark Zone

Two Worlds, One Fight - Two Hearts, One Love