The witch and the wolf

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(this story's title and cover is still tbd so please bear with me) Liam Tamayo, Bounty hunter believes that witches and monsters are just that. monsters. but after encountering both those things he becomes cursed and now is slowly becoming one of those monsters he used to hunt. but with the help from that mysterious witch they might find a way to free themselves from how this society perceives them. (story will be updated in parts:)) (update(better version) of my first story "Fairy Tail")

Part one: 

Liam often spent his time doing one of fourthings: Sharpening his blade, collecting bounties, eating, or sleeping. Right now, he was doing number one. Carefully he glided the whetstone over his sword ignoring all the scratches and dents that layeredit with years of monster slaying and absolute victories. He would occasionally look up from his work to the time from where the current was in the endless - now the sun was shining at an angle, almost to the very top of the heavens while still granting its light onto their world oh so generously. 

“It's time for me to get ready for the day” he said to himself with a groan as he was standing up to stretch his calloused hands and back afterbeing crouched over for so long. The Inn he was staying in was riddled with different moments in time permantly displayed by cracks, holes, and scuffs, each being from different people before and after him. His traveler's bag was placed upon his dresser in which he needed to double check to make sure he had everything. 

“Sword polish.... Bird watching book.... money.... Yeah, I think that’s everything.”He took the bag's leather straps and slid across his body, matching the style of a messenger bag. He placed his sword opposite to the bag sliding it bag in its sheath on his hip. Waliringon, the place he currently resided in, was great for someone like him being polluted with monsters and beast from God knows where. Every day new bounties would be posted in the towns square with some worth lots of money. A bounty hunter like himselfs, dream.On his way to the square, he saw the occasion shoppe or bakery nearly being allowed by the copious amounts of oak trees in the area. He loved how the trees would summon birds, beautiful birds like cardinals that he could just look at and sketch forever. Sometimes he wished he could be a bird, soaring, carefree. But that wasn’t the hand he was delt and so he had to do with what he had. Unluckily for him there were already a handful of bounty hunters there before him, just what he didn’t want. They were going to snatch up all the good paying jobs! Chatter was amongst the square like chirping birds but that would notstop Liam from squeezing his way to the front 

“Move it! Lemme see!”Those in the crowd scoffed and mumbled once Liam pushed past them, securing his spot, and as expected, most of the harder wanted posters were ripped off the Bullant board. 

“God dammit! And I got up so early for this-” he wiped his hand across his face rethinking the steps he took that morning. If only he woke up a tad bit earlier... He was angry at himself; how could he be the best if he couldn’t fight the best?! He was trying to think of something he could do when he overheard a conversation: 

...Haven't you heard?! There was another red hood witch sighting!” 

“Why hasn’t anyone captured her yet? it's been what? A year by now?!... 

...It will bewitch us if we try!”  

The perfect opportunity! This will for sure put him on top! He sneakily slid between legs until he reached a bronze statue that depicted a knight riding upon a stead with his swords drawn out, this is what Liam wanted. 

“HELLO PEOPLE OF WALIRINGON! I, LIAM TAMAYO. WILL SLAY THE RED HOOD WITCH!” had drawn up a crowd. Some Villigers were skeptical, but most were all for his plan. 

“I will be back by dusk tonight! No more spells for this town!”This feeling.... What was it? Was it the feeling of his ego being fueled? Or was it strangers giving their hopes and belief to him? Whatever it was, it felt good to have someone believe in him. 

“Now! Does anyone know where Shes located? Or where you’ve seen it last?” 

“I have!” a squeaky voice shouted back from further away in the crowd. “She hangs around the eastward forest! perfect, he had journeyed through there once or twice but never seen this witch before, but today was the day he would face her down. By now it been around Noon, possibly even later so he had better get a move on. No one volunteered to go with him. But he liked traveling alone anyway, at least what he told himself. Since it had rained the night before the forest had a thick blanket of fog and mist covering it only having avisible radius of about 5ft.Often the trees echoed off eachother, but today there was no noise, sound, or rhythm surrounding him. Something was wrong. He gripped his swords handle tighter, just in case. The mist seemed to get denser the further he walked in the forest; could not even tell how long hehad been walking for? 30 minutes? An hour? 3 hours maybe? Everything felt like a blur, except for why he was there. His goals were still clear like crystal in mind. He constantly adjusted his amour, tugging in one direction, pulling it in another, he knew he deep down that he was nervous, but he suppressed that feeling inside, he could do this, he willdo this. But at that moment he saw two figures' shadows if the fog conjuring them up itself. One of a young woman, and the other: A monster.His fight or flight kicked in immediately telling him to protect this person at all costs. Bursting through the haze he found the two mysterious figures across from each other the younglady looking through a strange book of some sort, and the monster waiting there patiently a predator ready to strike- it had the appearance some sort of demented wolf with sharper claws and teeth. Reaching about 8ft in height While also seeming like a beast from another dimension with its most distinctive feature being its bright yellow piercing eyes. Liam did not wait to strike weaving between its legs to try and knock it off balance while trading blows. The woman finally looked up from the book and saw Liam, making eye contact. 

“OY! WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING? GET OUT OF THERE I HAVE THIS UNDER CONTROL!” She pushed up the glasses resting on the tip of her nose while her hair and a red cloak behind her flowed in the wind. 

“IM TRYING TO HELP YOU!” Liam spat back “YOU SHOULD GET OUT OF HERE BECAUSE I HAVE THIS UNDER CONTROL!”He skids off the wet grass underneath the beast and lifts his sword above His head, contacting its stomach, gutting it like a fish. The bright green grass beneath it is now a dark, crimson red. Wiping the blood from his now bleeding nose while his breath. 

nononoNoNoNoNOOOO! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOUVE JUST DONE?! She was clearly distraught, but over what? That thing was going to kill her, and he stopped it? But then he saw it, then felt in. A smoke leaving the carcass and surrounding him entirely. Filling his heart and soul before his vision goes dark. 

Submitted: November 23, 2022

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