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Last Spring

A Story By Tariq Hasan




















It's time to go away from everyone, make your own world, don't let anyone know about you. Cold wind is blowing high and it hits the cheeks very much. You are one step away and then... A girl is standing on top of the hill. Her hair is untidy and being blown by the wind. The wind gust is blowing the hair forward repeatedly. Moving down the enormous chasm one step at a time. Below it, the river runs. If she moves a little bit farther, she will fall into the ditch. That is meaningless to her. She feels depressed and wants to end her life. Just a little bit longer, then it will all be dark.

7 am.  Sarah's mother entered the room by opening the door quietly. The wide window on the side of the room's curtain was taken down by her. Sara's face was gently kissed by the lovely morning sun. Sara sat up after turning around.

Breakfast is ready; please quickly get dressed. You'll be a little late for class.

If I can't go today? Not feeling well.

Sarah, don't take it in this manner. Rise shortly.

She got up from the bed and went to the washroom. She is currently 17 years old and will graduate from high school and enter college in a few days. Shoulder-length golden hair. She is not particularly gorgeous, but she has a mysterious air about her. After finishing breakfast, Sara left for school. met her friend Denise when she arrived in class. They were friends growing up. They are childhood friends. Grew up together, been in the same school together for so long. As she took a seat next to Denise, she said.

What! Are you upset?

I was not eager to get to school today. I'm not feeling well.

But why?

No reason, everything seems boring.

Let's do one thing: after school today, let's all head to the seashore to enjoy a campfire, food, and lots of fun.

Their home is not far from the beach. They go there frequently. Their home is not far from the beach. They go there frequently. It's been a while since they visited. Sarah stated that although she wasn't feeling well today, she could go but that she would need to prepare everything.

No issue; we'll take care of everything. If you give me a call, I'll be there right immediately.

They are four friends. Sarah likes to spend time with all of them. Still, she continues to fill the bore. She has never mixed with boys because their school is exclusively for girls. has a cousin named Steven who is two years his junior. She hasn't had a boyfriend yet, too. She finds life to be incredibly uninteresting.  Sitting with his friends at night on the sea beach, she felt incredibly lonely. They don't find any other conversational topics to discuss other than their boyfriends, and they periodically question Sarah about why she is such a moron. how long she will be alone. Even after arriving here, Sarah still cannot find peace. I'm going home since I'm quite drowsy, she said to Dennis.

That soon! Why are you sitting here so disturbed and what happened to you?

Why are you sitting here so disturbed and what happened to you? The same situation today, all day long!

I'm sorry, but I'll go home, eat dinner, and go to bed. I'm about to leave for home.

Everyone came with a bicycle, Sara slowly went towards the house. When Sara got home while eating dinner with her mother,  her mother noticed that she isn't eating, she said,

Sarah, what happened? Upset?

Oh, I'm not feeling good. I'm having a pretty dull day.

It will be OK, so don't worry. Let me tell you something, Sara: Upstairs, we have a paying visitor.


The boy is enrolled in college and will transfer to a university in one year. I gave him a lease on the top level.

Good.  I now get up and go to bed.

Sara went to her room after dinner, pulled back the curtains, and covered the window with them. The phone's charge is really low, and I'm annoyed about it today because I didn't even think to check it. She tried to fall asleep while the phone was charging. Sara whispered, "she's wondering if she'll go to school tomorrow, what else does she have to think about."

Sara left the house with the intention of skipping school the next day. But  If she stays at home, it will be more monotonous. While exiting the house, she bumped into the boy. The bag was carried by the boy. The purpose of the college is understandable. Sarah took a good look at the boy. short-cut black hair gives a decent appearance. The length won't be too long. He said Hello when he saw Sara.

Sara gave a nod. The boy started talking to Sarah on his own.

I am your new paying guest here.

I know, mom told me.

Are you going to school?


You're getting late, I'll go now.


Sara could not find the thing to what to say anymore.  However, she went to school.

At school, not much happened. . On the way back home, without knowing it, Sarah's eyes went upstairs. the boy will not come so soon, she knows that. She got fresh after entering the house. Mother left for work and is not at home. Sara was idly perusing her phone while seated on the sofa. The bell rang. ara looked through the looking glass to see who had come, the boy upstairs. Sara opened the door. The boy stated,

I lost my key; I had it in my pocket; perhaps it fell outside. Do you have a particular key?

Stand here, I'll bring it.

Sara brought a different key to the boy. Sara asked as the boy was about to leave.

what is your name

Lucas And your name?

Sarah, Sarah Stevenson.

Nice to meet you, Sarah Stevenson.

After that, they began speaking frequently. They began to be weak towards one another as the days passed. Lucas is currently Sarah's boyfriend. They began hanging out together, likely to be going out for lunch or dinner at a restaurant. Dennis sat down one day and said,

you don't give us any time now, Sarah. It's not right. (Dennis said with a laugh)

Three years have passed. Sara is now an adult. Lucas would be a couple of years older than Sarah. They were having a good time but Lucas has been busy lately. He disappears somewhere and suddenly comes out of nowhere without saying anything.  One day Sarah questioned Lucas, "Why have you been so busy lately?" Nobody can locate you.

It's been a little busy recently, but don't worry.

But why? for what

You don't need to know that, Sarah.

Please don't worry about it; I'm not keeping anything secret.

One day after some time had passed, Sara noticed a black car driving away from their home.

She was coming from the university, seeing Lucas in front of the black car on the way.  Sara hid a little. To whom is he speaking? The man eventually got into the car. The man had partially taken off his coat before getting into the car, and Sara was shocked to discover a revolver in his belt. What exactly is Lucas involved in? As the car drove off, Sarah stood directly in front of Lucas. said,

What's going on, Lucas? who is the man?

Lucas did not need to hide anything now.

I'm a gangster, Sarah, But don't be afraid. It's all about the money. He was y man.

It took some time for his words to sink in.

But Lucas! What will happen to me if something bad occurs to you, Do you know how terrible it is?

I get it, but what should I do?  I can't get away from these now even if I want to. 

You'll one day put me in danger, thus it makes no sense.

Please, Sarah. You don't need to be concerned about these issues. Don't forget our love first and foremost.

Forget about where you are going; what will happen to our future?

Sarah, you're terrified. calm down. Sarah walked out without waiting.

For several days, Sarah didn't pick up Lucas' phone call. She feels anxious. She is continuously concerned about potential threats. Lucas comes to her house and tries to reason with her but Sarah refuses to accept anything.  She loves Lucas so intensely that she can no longer imagine life without him. She has reached a challenging point in his life. Lucas talked about taking Sarah for a walk one day. Then, everything will be alright, according to Lucas.

Come on, it's just you and I, nothing more.

Initially hesitant, Sara eventually decided to go. They arrived at a fairly high point. You can reach out and touch the clouds at this breathtaking resort situated on a hill. It feels good to breathe in the cool air. Lucas is holding Sarah's waist. They're standing right on the railing at the corner of the hill. Lucas brushed the hair from Sarah's eyes.

Sarah, you look stunning.

I adore you a lot.

I love you so much.

Very pleasant to visit; I would always like to stay here.

Sarah is closely bound by Lucas.

Sarah, would you ever leave me?

What do you mean by leaving, exactly?

Let's get coffee from there.  Lucas indicated the little café up ahead. They started to move that way. Two persons sat on a bench a short way away after finishing their coffee. They are talking while drinking coffee when two black cars appeared out of nowhere. They approached them directly before braking. Sarah and Lucas are both captivated. Four individuals in black coats stepped out of the vehicle. A man opened the back door of the car, then a blue-suited man came out. Looking at Lucas, he asked.

How are you, young man?

Lucas remained silent. In shock, Sara first glanced at Lucas and then at the stranger. You know exactly why I came, so please immediately return my money.

I told you I needed some time.

That was something your guy previously informed me about, but you took a long time.

Two men with pistols moved the coat slightly to display their weapons as they approached the man's signal. Sara felt uneasy. She's terrified, Lucas replied to the man. You need to go right away.

Lucas, you stick to your word.

I require further time.

Okay, that's it for now. The man sat inside the vehicle. Sarah began to ask, "Lucas, I'm so terrified," as they were leaving. You've been misled by them.

Sarah, don't worry. This issue will shortly be resolved. I'll set up the financing.

They intended to stay longer, but everything has been destroyed. It is now after twelve in the lovely time. Present time…

Sara is standing high on the hill, and if she goes a little further, she will fall into the ditch. She is going forward when Steven grabbed her hand and pulled her back.

What are you doing, Sarah? Is your head full?

Steven! Where are you from? I don't get anything in life, I don't feel good. I have become the same as before, annoying Sara, Sara who lost everything.

What the hell are you saying, go home. I'm taking you. Sara was unable to walk, so Steven assisted her to the car. She is approaching the car at a very sluggish pace. Steven gave him support. Steven looks at Sarah while driving. Sara leans on the seat and looks a half-eyed glance outside. Sara, don't be crazy. Everything will be fine.

Nothing will be right I know it's over.

Now is not the time to tell her anything, Steven thought.

He brought her home and spent some time sitting next to her. Steven asked.

Sara; just let me know if you need anything. There is still work to do. Be less concerned.

After coming down from the mountain with Lucas that day, Sara sits at home thinking over and over. A few days later, Lucas informed her that the issue had been resolved. No more fear now. Lucas invites Sara to dinner. Sara left for supper dressed quite nicely and with her hair down.

When Sarah arrived at the restaurant, she saw that Lucas had a seat reserved for her. Sara arrived as Lucas got up. To assist her in sitting, Lucas pushed the chair back.

Sarah, you are so gorgeous today.

After some while, Lucas said, "I have something for you." Lucas brought a tiny package out of his pocket. Engagement ring. Sarah smiled adorably at Lucas. I want to marry you, Sarah, Lucas stated while holding out the ring to her. Do you agree? Sara replied with a beautiful smile, "Of course, I agree."

 Lucas put the ring on her. We will get married soon.

She is cleaning and doing chores. Thinking of giving Lucas a call, she picked up the phone and dialed Lucas's number. the phone remains off after trying two times. Lucas is no longer a paying guest at Sarah's home, therefore Sarah decided to go to his residence and find out. Sarah pulled her car out of the driveway and drove to Lucas' house. After ringing the bell several times, there is no sign of Lucas, no one answers the door. Sara is quite anxious. She went to the nearby hospital and got the news. Lucas, who had been shot, was admitted last night. Sara quickly went to Lucas's cabin to visit him. Sara started crying, and although she is now dozing, nobody is sure when he will wake up. He was brought here last night with a gunshot wound, but no one knows how. Sara stayed with Lucas for three days. she is still seated close to him and is staring at him. Lucas opened his eyes gradually. When Sara noticed Lucas, she immediately said, "I'm Sarah." Lucas, open your eyes. Open your eyes, please.

Lucas slowly turned to face Sarah.

Sarah, how are you?

I should ask you this because I was so concerned that I might lose you. How did you shoot?

You know what I'm involved with, it could be.

Oh! Lucas!! I told you, it's terrible. Will I live in constant fear of losing you? Now rest. I am by your side.

These past two days, I have missed you and worried that I will never see you again.

Present time…

Sarah, Sarah! Sara woke up half asleep and saw her mother calling her.

Get up, it's early morning.

Sara slept continuously all night, and now she wakes up and doesn't understand anything. After Steven brought her home, Sara went to her room and fell into bed. The outfit has not altered. When did that morning occur?

Sarah, get up and eat your breakfast. I've made it.

Fresh-faced Sara wasn't sure what she should do today—should she visit a psychiatrist? Perhaps her suffering will lessen if she tells the doctor everything. But thought no, no need.

Now winter is going on, it doesn't feel good that Sara will go anywhere in this cold. Steven called and asked if she would go somewhere else. While Sara was sound sleeping, Lucas' words abruptly awoke her.

I will be released today, then I can go home together with you.

Get well soon, Lucas. You are still very weak.

I'll get better soon with you by my side, darling.

Sarah is always by his side to heal Lucas. When Denise first met Sara, she was pleased to see her happy but also concerned to learn that Sara was involved with a mafia member. But speaking up doesn't change a thing; people always behave in what they like.

In his own office, Lucas works while sitting down. This time, a man has been thoroughly checked and brought in by Lucas's man Robert. The man was asked to sit down by Lucas.

I need some gems and you will receive a large amount of money.

Well, you will get the diamonds but it will take me a few days to get them.

Tell me, the money will be ready.

The man said goodbye and left. Lucas told Robert to take the necessary measures, the diamond smuggling had to be done properly. Robert was bringing the diamonds right along with Lucas, suddenly the police came in the middle. The police were unable to see their faces. Lucas had to go to the hospital due to the gunfire between them. He had gone after a few days in a hospital located far away. He has identified himself as a police officer. Otherwise, this would never have been possible to admit to a hospital.

Denise is in love with Steven. She had a few encounters with Steven by hanging out with Sarah. Although Dennis will be older than Steven but not by much. She asked Sara to introduce her and give her cousin's phone number. Since then, Denise and Steven have been dating. Denise and Steven were chatting while sitting in the park one day. Steven speaks very little, and Denise mutters. It is good. because silence from both parties can be unpleasant. Denise said:

Steven, what do you think? Childhood is better or now?

The past is one thing, the present is another, and both are excellent.

Uh, I didn't ask that. Which one is better? Having a romantic relationship or being a young child and having no understanding of anything?

One isn't comparable to the other. Both must be viewed from opposing perspectives. Both are incredibly lovely. I love you far too, Dennis. (Steven places a gentle hand on Denise's cheek)

Me too Steven, you're also hot.

You excite me.

So? Do you not enjoy feeling ecstatic, my love?

Come on, let's get up now; it's been a while (Steven says with a smile).

Will you go to the bar tonight, Dennis? We will drink and dance.

If you want to go, I'll also bring Sara, what do you say?

How will you handle Sarah? The girl is in trouble; she won't enjoy this; and when she enters the pub, she will begin to consume more alcohol while still in difficulty and with a foggy mind.

You are correct.

Lucas is now healed, and Sarah is always by his side. A fight broke out between two people one day.

You'll give it up, Lucas. With risking my life and living in constant fear of losing you, I can't live with you.

I can't leave, Sarah. It's my job. Needless to say everything.

No, you can't do it for me. Your love is so weak. I'm telling you this for your sake.

My goodness, please make sense; don't discuss things you don't comprehend. You talk about abandoning me because your love is weak.

Okay, Lucas. You are not considering my safety even though you are unable to comprehend your welfare also. You're a...

What am I?

Drop it.

They haven't spoken for a few days since that time, Sarah hasn't texted or called on her own, and Lucas appears to have vanished. Later, Sara attempted to call him, but Lucas didn't answer or return her call. Sara went to Lucas's residence after she was unable to stay later but was not able to locate him. Sara doesn't think as much as she used to think. It is best to avoid someone who doesn't care about her or even consider the threat he presents. But how can you deny love? It is now a mental issue. But Lucas hasn't gotten in touch with her yet. When did he start becoming so strict? Sarah failed to stop thinking about Lucas, even if she tried. Lucas seems to have disappeared, there is no news of him for several days. It may be for his work but he could tell Sara. Sara likes it or not but it’s his responsibility to inform her It’s ridiculous.

Sara is anxious. She doesn't sleep at night; instead, she stares out the window at the stars in the sky and the nighttime sky. The night sky is one of the few things in the world that can make you feel in wonder. The sight of millions of stars above you is simply magnificent. Sara picked up a book and began to read; she had read the book before. but this time she began reading from a different point in the middle of the book rather than from the beginning.

Look up at the night sky and forget yourself for a moment when life gets too stressful.

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”

- Oscar Wilde

Reading these makes me feel wonderful since it suggests that life is not just my problem but is actually like that. It gets harder over time. The mind starts feeling restless. Winter still has time. Everything will become as frozen as her thinking. Falling in love with a person who is unique compared to other people. The entire day must be spent contemplating what will occur. What to do next... Sara sighed.

Sara's past went so far. The present moment is right now. No one has yet located Lucas. Sara wanted to commit suicide. She was about to jump off the cliff when Steven arrived to save her. It is wrong to love someone this much, Sarah realized in her agony. All knowledge was gone. Due to how harsh the winter is, Sara stays indoors and spends the entire day lying down. “Now I've got to keep myself busy,” she reasoned. For Lucas, time cannot stand still.

One day, Sara left her house to attend a job interview. The interview came to a successful conclusion. Currently awaiting a job. Another idle moment—how much time can be devoted to reading? “I don't want to travel alone right now. I urged Steven to accompany Dennis as we travel,” Sara thought. Come on, let's go. They all traveled to the beach together as a group. It feels good to breathe in the sea air. Sara is not normal, as they are aware. She keeps silent. Without asking, she cannot communicate. This is how the day goes...

Sara is in the office, The entire day is spent in Sara's activity at work. Less pain than previously comes to mind. She occasionally goes to the pub and drinks alcohol after leaving the office.

Denise tries to find someone for Sara but Sara no longer wants to be involved. Better to be alone. She asked the bartender for more glasses as she is drinking at the pub. After a few drinks, Sarah got up and walked out to her car. Suddenly, she saw Lucas. Sara was surprised as he walked into the pub as if she had seen a ghost. She finally ran into him. Running over, Sara gripped Lucas' hand.

Where have you been all this time? Lucas stares blankly at Sarah. Don't know what to say.

What happened? Why don't you answer? I was dying for you. Why did you leave in this manner?

Sara, I'll tell you everything.

They both walked into a café. Lukas asked.

I order coffee.

Whatever you want, tell me now. What do you gain by causing me so much trouble?

Sarah, you didn't like my way of life. I, therefore, decided that it would be best to leave your life.

Lucas, you've never loved me. How simply explained. Great!

What if I put you at risk along with myself? I'll put you in danger, you said.

Please don't blame me responsible; what I stated was intended to benefit both of us. Why didn't you consider these ideas earlier? Would you abandon me if you loved me? You can't, how? Who granted you the right to manipulate people's emotions?

Calm down.

What'll be cool? Don't get in touch with me if I don't run across you today. Do you do this with everyone?

Sarah, I'm sorry; I shouldn't have left you. But I keep coming back to your words—our future is uncertain—in my mind. You could have agreed to these things, but then we would have argued.

I did not treat you cruelly or leave you. What else can you enlighten me about?

What do you want, Sara, now?

If you had not come before me today, I would have erased you from my mind one day. But you didn't let that happen. So I'm angry at you but also glad to find you. But I can't think of anything now because you might leave me again. Speak your mind. see. I continue to act foolishly by wearing the ring. Lucas, how were you able to do that?

I got involved with it, Sarah. I want to marry you but you have to accept me. I can't come out even if I want.

OK, I accept that. Never leave me once more?

I'll stay, I promise.

They got married the following week. Steven and Denise are overjoyed to witness their happiness. It's now springtime. We should also get married, Steven said to Denise. What do you say?

You're right.  Let the joy around their wedding pass before we take charge. Nothing except delight. They smiled.

Inside, Lucas' home is exquisitely furnished with food-filled tables, artificial flower pots, and various sorts of lighting. Overall, a fantastic place. In the hallway, Sarah and Lucas dance while standing. There is a cheerful crowd throughout the home, with people busy with meal preparation, drinking, and dancing. Sarah and Lucas made eye contact as they slowly danced. They are delighted right now.

Sarah, I honored my promise. never leave you.

Lucas, I love you so much. Look how happy we are right now. I have been waiting for this day for so long.

I'm lucky to have you. I never expected someone to love me so much.

Sara placed her hand gently on Lucas's cheek.

May our love last forever.

Sara and Lucas are sitting together in the bedroom. Lucas placed his hand gently on Sara's cheek, Sara looked up at him in fascination. Lucas then hugged Sarah tightly. He is very happy to have Sara today. Sara gave a dressing shop. One year has passed since their marriage. Sarah told Lucas that she wants to run a clothing boutique because she is bored at home alone. He didn't disagree with anything Sarah said. Lucas is always trying to prove how good a good man can be. Lucas believes that love can remain both before and after marriage. He does not enjoy arguing. Lucas doesn't mind if Sara becomes angry and disputes a few words with him. He is a mafia but seeing his deep love for his wife does not reflect how strict he is. All you need is adjustment, commitment, and kindness. The primary requirements are mutual respect, keeping one's word, and always acting with kindness. It's important for being a good person. Lucas carefully considers everything Sarah says.

Lucas carefully considers everything Sarah says.  Understands before responding. Never become tired of her words. Sara complains, but Lucas never mistreats her. Sarah sometimes regrets how she treated Lucas. Lucas, though, later pardons her and says it was nothing. I don't mind what you said. They are happy. Lucas has made all the necessary arrangements to provide Sarah with a dressing room. Sara now works all day at the store and comes home at night to spend time with Lucas. Lucas also returned home at night. Despite being tired, they never failed to spend time with each other back home. Talked by calling for some time even if in the office or shop. Their love hasn't diminished in the least even after a year and will never diminish.

Sara is alone and currently has no customers in the store. Margaret, his assistant, is a little further away. As a starting, she needed one knowledgeable and skilled representative to assist her clients. She might even require a few of them, depending on the size of the shop and the amount of foot traffic. But now Margarette is enough. She will gradually hire two more people. 

She called Margarette to come here.

Tell me, ma'am.

Yesterday, Mrs. Phillips arrived. Have the outfits she ordered been set up?

Yes, ma'am. It's ready.

Well, make two coffees, and then sit down to drink with me.

After some time, Margaret returned bringing coffee. To prepare coffee, there is a coffee maker inside. She and Sara got along quite well.  Still, there is a separation distance between the two as an assistant and ma'am. That is normal. But Sara is a wonderful friend.

Even though it is late, he always calls Sara. Because they have dinner together. Sarah questioned Lucas as he arrived home late tonight, "You are so late today, why didn't you call me?" And it was turned off when I called. Never done that before, Lucas.

Sarah, I'm sorry. I forgot to make the call.

Sara, why are you acting in such a way when you know well that I don't want to quarrel with you? I'll go to bed now because I'm exhausted.

What have you said? You're stating this now without giving me time. Lucas, what happened to you?

Don't you think you're overreacting to something so small?

No, it's not a small matter; you've been acting differently than you have on other days. Never did you do it.

No fighting, please. Sarah, I don't want to dispute with you right now over anything. I fell asleep. If you want to, you can come.

Lucas, you still haven't had dinner. Every day, we eat dinner together. How can I let go? You didn't ask if I ate, did you?

I sincerely apologize. I've eaten outside.

Lucas walked past her. Sara looked at Lucas in surprise. Began to think. Is there less attractive to me now?

The next morning Sara went to the shop after having breakfast alone. Lucas is still sleeping. Sarah is upset and hurt by Lucas's words. Sarah is upset and hurt by Lucas's words. Without her, he ate outside and didn't care. Sara won't wait for him at night, then. She'll eat and rest by herself. At the shop, Sarah asked Margaret to prepare her coffee. Later, she went to make coffee by herself. A customer arrived as she is drinking coffee. Sara only finished half then. She put down the coffee mug and focused on the customer. The girl liked some dresses. The age of the girl should not be much, maybe 25 or 26. Very attractive; has golden hair. Wearing a black top, and red lipstick on the lips. the girl requested to put the dresses in a bag. Margaret started working on that task. The young woman then came to Sara to give payment. the girl took out the card from the bag and gave it to Sarah. She completed the payment from the card and returned it to her. Margaret handed over the bag to the girl. The girl thanked her and left the shop. Sara looked at the coffee mug. It's become cold.

Margaret, could you please make me another cup?

Obviously, I'm bringing it right now.

Sara was outside her cabin, then went inside and sat down in a chair. She doesn't feel well; perhaps she is overthinking things. Lucas will be back to normal, she thought. Sara dropped this thought.

Sarah considered having dinner with Lucas, but she decided against it. Sara spent a lot of time dining at a restaurant. Thought about calling Lucas to come over, but ultimately opted to call instead. Lucas called, not to know where Sara was, but to say that she would be late today. Sara feels angry but does not want to argue. Sara is aware of how things are changing and how it is getting harder to spend time with one another. It is of no use to discuss it. Is there nothing to say here, even so? Will the importance diminish over time as individuals get older and busier? So far, it appears to be. Currently, the only option for communication is by phone, but there are times when this is not possible. The mere thought of these things makes Sara feel awful and angry. When Sara got home, she went to her room and fell asleep. There are plenty of rooms because the house is large. Sara maintained a private space for herself. She woke up in the morning. After freshness,  Sara walked to the breakfast table. She saw the maid standing in front of the table after preparing breakfast.

Sarah asked.

Where is Lucas? Didn't wake up?

Not home yet, ma'am.

Sara exclaimed, "Wow!" He no longer wants to go back home.

Without phoning Lucas, Sarah got ready and headed to the shop. Because Sarah doesn't want to call Lucas right now. He might get back into some significant work. They were able to get married by embracing everything, but not allowing time caused a lot of pain. Sara went right away to her business. Sarah requested Margaret to come to her cabin after Margaret delivered her coffee. Let's have a long discussion with her.

Sarah asked Margaret to have a seat when she came into the room. What about you, Sarah questioned. How is it going today?

Here it goes, sometimes excellent, sometimes bad.

Why are there bad and good?

Wonderful because the moment is good and life is trouble-free, but sometimes you get upset for no reason. It is depressing and lonely.

You're single, right?

Yeah, never thought about that.

How long will you be alone, Margaret? Find someone.

How are you doing, ma'am?

(Sara took a deep breath) Everything changes after marriage, there is no time for each other.

Has anything happened?

What comes after, Margaret? No one has free time to spare. One has time and the other doesn't, that's how it goes.


What do you understand?

That is what you said. In actuality, it is how things are.

I disagree. If you want to, you can find the time. However, busy individuals forget that. Furthermore, forgetting is an illness.

maybe (not sure what Margaret would say)

Now get to work, Margaret.

When Margaret left, Sarah sat alone in the room with a book, preferring the book to the phone to pass the time. After reading it for a while, it didn't feel good anymore, so Sarah thought to come back outside. Nowhere to go outside, there is no place to go without a cafe or restaurant. Sara spends her days drinking coffee. She can drink again. So she said Margarette to take care of everything in the meantime. Then she left for a cafe. Sara parked the car in front of a restaurant after traveling a distance. She entered the restaurant after locking it. As Sarah entered to place her lunch order, she noticed Lucas talking to a girl who appeared to be familiar. She arrived at her store to purchase dresses. What on earth is Lucas doing with that girl here? Sara acted a shock. She considered confronting Lucas in front of them and asking him questions, but decided against it because doing so would be inappropriate in this situation. When he will arrive home, Lucas will need to respond. At that point, Sara didn't move from her position. See what happens between them in this situation. She only ordered coffee and fries. Lucas can't see Sara, but Sara can see them both from here. The only thing Lucas and the girl did was talk to one another. Sarah is currently unable to find peace till the suspicion is cleared up. At the end of the coffee, Sara got up and left she had no desire to stay there. At night Sara is sitting alone at the dining table. As Lucas entered the house, Sarah questioned.

Where did you go?

I was at work continuously.

Who is that girl?

You are speaking in the restaurant with a smile.

Are you following us?

No, I went there to have lunch. Then I see you. Now answer the questions.

Sarah, the girl is a part of my work. Don't get me wrong.

What do you do with that girl?

Do you doubt me? We didn't have a connection like that. What happened to you?

What happened to you, Lucas?  You are ignoring me, all I want to know is what you think.

The girl is associated with my smuggling operation. I don't believe I need to say anything further.

Okay, whatever. I don't want you to be unfaithful.

You misunderstand me, Sarah.

Hope I got to know you and married the right person. If your words are true, I will find peace.

Sara went to her room. No one remembered the dinner together. The following morning, Lucas visited Sara in her room. made her breakfast. Lucas gently called her to get her up. At Lucas, Sarah blinked a little. Lucas stated:

Sarah, good morning.

Good morning

I brought breakfast for you, eat fresh. I'll join you for breakfast as well. Okay, Sara got out of bed and headed for the bathroom. Lucas then started preparing breakfast. After Sarah came, she joined Lucas for breakfast. Sarah ate quietly. Lucas said,

Let's go for a walk today.

I have a lot of work in the shop, I can't go, Lucas.

We'll only give ourselves time today, so please tell Margaret to handle everything. 

Well, let's go to the shop first. Then I will call you.

Sarah, what do you mean?

Telling is telling.

Are you taking revenge on me?

No, not at all. I am not angry with you at all. I'll just go, get things done and let you know when I'm free.

I understand that you are angry with me.

I said no, Lucas. Don't talk about it anymore, please.

Lucas got up and left without finishing his breakfast. In this short period, they have already begun to avoid one another. The adjustment is not made correctly. Without thinking about anything, Sara got ready and headed towards the shop.

Now, Steven and Denise fight all day long. Dennis and Steven don't like that, either. They continue to argue over these things in little disputes. Dennis asked.

What should I do once I'm married? Do you plan to argue with me all day?

You quarrel with me, I cannot.

Oh, so! And you are really good!

I'm better.  You do that every day, so no,  I cannot tolerate this. Sara and Lucas are excellent; Just look at them. Naturally, there is no argument.

How do you know they are not quarreling?

May be drop it.

And then they soon reconnected. Their argument ends quickly.

Sara entered the shop and said hello to Margaret and went to her cabin. When the coffee came, Sarah requested that Margaret have a seat.

Bring a mug for you too, let's eat together.

No, ma'am. I won't eat now, I don't want to.

Sarah was silent as Margaret asked, "Are you okay?"

Hmm, I'm fine, Margaret. What about you?

I'm doing good too.

Margaret, today you are in charge of the entire store. I'll go for a walk outside with Lucas.

No problem, ma'am. I will look into everything. Don't you worry, have a good time.

After explaining everything to Margaret, she put on her overcoat and went out. Sarah called Lucas. She said she is coming and went home with the car. Lucas was all set.

Are you ready? asked Lucas.

Come on, I'm fine the way I am.


They both got into the car together and headed towards an unknown destination. Lucas sat in the car and said to Sarah,

We went out together after a long time, didn't we?

I'm feeling good. (Sara is driving the car, she likes driving very much)

Sara lowered the window, she enjoyed feeling the crisp air on her face. Sara's hand is being held by Lucas. Lucas stated,

Never misunderstand me, Sarah. I may have upset you unintentionally; if so, apologies.

Lucas, I'm not angry at you. Even though I may be angry with you, it will pass since I love you so much. Tell me everything, please. Keep nothing a secret.

Sarah, I have nothing to hide. Just keeping some things quiet that might offend you.

Okay. What you say. I don't want to argue.

I know that. Like you, I dislike arguments.

They arrived in an open area while driving the car. Surrounding greenery green fields, trees, and a river are all present. Here, time can be passed. How about being here? Sarah asked Lucas.

It will be wonderful because the location is lovely.

They got down from the car and started walking side by side. Lucas holds Sara's hand. After a while, they sat in a flat place. They are enthralled by the soft sound of flowing river water and the surrounding environment. The wind is blowing through Sara's hair. Sara is gradually fixing them. Sara asked,

Bring something to eat from the car. How long will it take to sit like this?

Lucas said ok and left. Sara stood up and walked a bit forward. She placed her feet into the river. The body shivered when it entered the frigid water. However, Sarah hasn't taken time for herself in a while, so it feels really good. Basically kept herself occupied with work. She is feeling very cheerful today. She has found in her life the one she loves, and he is an excellent man. What do people want in life? To be happy. For many people, it is a matter of chance if you can manage a little happiness that little bit can grow into a substantial sum. You have to understand a lot in life, you can't survive trouble but if you take the right steps, you could avoid trouble as much as possible in life. He has chosen the right man, even though the man is a mafia. Sara feels frightened. concern about losing him. But due to her strong love, Sara was unable to leave him. Lucas just needs to be careful. She hopes Lucas does not die before saying Sara's goodbye. Sara has suffered too much. Sara can't lose Lucas again since she already did. Sometimes, this anxiety arises, but Sara quickly dismisses the thought because it will disturb her peace of mind if she thinks about it too much. Later, when Lucas returned, they both sat down to eat. They stayed here for a long time. Headed home in the evening. Lucas is driving, and Sara is feeling tired. Fell asleep after a while. Lucas looked at Sarah and thought,

He is very lucky to have such a good wife. When they reached home, without worrying about waking Sara, Lucas carried her to her room. He kissed her forehead as he dozed off next to her. They are both not hungry. Tonight, both of them slept in early. Sara woke up early in the morning, smiling slightly at Lucas. Sleeping, don't want to wake him now, Sara thought. When Sara finished her meal, she went to the store. My thinking was cloudy for a long time, but today I feel great. Since they were traveling together, their relationship is harmonious. The mental workload is lighter. She said to Margaret, bring coffee, we will sit here together today.

Sara did not go to her cabin. She learned from Margaret that she had a new boyfriend.

Wow, said  Sarah. Wonderful news. You are having a great time.

With a smile on her face, Margaret said.

I have never experienced love before; this is the first person I have fallen in love with.

So? It's then good. What about the orders, though? Have all the tasks been completed?

Sure, I will deliver today.

You're a very good girl, Margaret. I am satisfied with your work.

Thank you, ma'am.

Dennis came to meet Sarah. Sara is very happy to see her. said,

How are you, Dennis?

Very well, our marriage is fixed, Sara. We are getting married very soon.

Great! So happy news.

I came to give you this news, and I need a dress for my wedding. I believe you will handle the rest.

Of course, the most beautiful dress will be yours, Denise. Don't worry about this. My girlfriend said.

Dennis hugged Sarah. Sarah said,

Come, let me show you some dresses. The two of them got involved in many words. Both are overjoyed. Spring has arrived. Last week, Steven and Denise were married. Lucas and Sarah have a lot of fun at their wedding. Sarah remembered their wedding. Sarah had a great time with Lucas that day. Today it seems like they are getting married again. Just like that day they danced together. Gave Steven and Denise a lot of time. At last, they went home. They are friends from that school life. Sarah is happiest when she sees Dennis smiling. 3 years once had passed. Sara has now a baby. Now Sara is very busy with the baby. Can't go to the shop much. However, there remains an issue even if you spend every day at home. It won't work if you put all the pressure on Margaret. How much the girl can manage on her own? No one else has yet been assigned to the shop by Sarah. Sara then hired a nanny for the child. Still, the thought of the child sticks to her. By shifting the burden of responsibility to someone else, Sarah cannot be worry-free. But due to the situation, it has to be done. Also, less time is given to Lucas than in the past. After having a child, her whole world should be surrounded by the child. Mother's love is like this. When Lucas returns home at night, she has a little bit of talk with her and then seems to ignore him. Lucas sometimes feels bad, seeing that his wife doesn't talk to him much now. Then shook the thought from his head. Never shows anger. One day when Sarah is at home, Lucas says,

Today I have a meeting, so I won't be home until after midnight.

Like prior days, Sarah didn't protest or voice any concerns. Lucas looked a little surprised but said nothing. Lucas pretended to go home late at night but didn't. The following morning, when Lucas got home, Sarah questioned,

Why not you return after midnight?

Sarah, I got busy at work.

Lucas! Tell me everything you have (The whole moment got very angry)

Lucas did not expect such a reaction. A little scared.

What went on to make you so angry?

Tell me who you were with. Don't make me angry.

You're back to normal like past, Sarah. But I don't like these. I was not with anyone, I was in a hotel after the meeting. I left myself alone for some time.

Why? Can't you stay at home by yourself? Have you ever dated any women?

Sarah, no. You got me wrong.

I'm not mistaken; your behavior is troubling. Seeing that I don't give you time, are you flirting with someone else or tell me?

Shit! Sara, how do these things work in your head? It's useless to talk to you, why don't you let me go my way.

That's what you're doing. (Sara goes to her room without saying anything)

Lucas is quite upset now, Sara has changed. And sure. But it was not right for him to return home at night. He made a mistake and upset Sarah.

The day went on as normal. Now, nobody feels the need to communicate with anyone.

Sarah no longer felt the need to think about Lucas. Sara is very upset with what he does. Sarah now doubts whether he is telling the truth. What is the work that now does not want to return home at night? Sarah is busy with the baby, so she doesn't think much of Lucas. Sara won't be aware if he is dating someone. Honesty is essential. There can't constantly be doubts. Sarah once left the store with Margaret. She had to leave for work. They went to a restaurant to have lunch together after work. Margaret asked one question during lunch, but she didn't even talk.

Do you want that order delivered by tomorrow, ma'am?

Sarah could not hear. Margaret wasn't sure if she was eating or just thinking. Sara did not respond when she was asked again. Sarah asked,

"Did you mention something I thought I heard?"

You must be very anxious. I spoke to you twice, but you didn't listen.

What are you saying?

Margaret repeated it three times. Sara said, "Ma'am, what are you so worried about?" After responding.

Nothing, Margaret. These things happen in human life. Nothing comparable. With time, everything has changed.

A call eventually arrived. Hearing this, her face became white. Margaret questioned.

What's going on, ma'am?

Sarah remained silent. She gave the card to Margaret and quickly drove away. After paying with the card, Margaret left for the shop without thinking about what else to do. Lucas is in Hospital. He had an accident. The situation is very bad. Sara is walking outside the cabin. The whole world has turned upside down. Whatever the defilement was, it has all been forgotten for a long time. I think I will lose my loved one. Like the second time. The doctor is still not out of the ICU. Nothing can be said right now, The doctor once said when he came out. You will soon find out.

Sara is now spending the day in the hospital. The maid and the babysitter are handed custody of the child. The news came at 2 am, and Lucas was gone. It was the end of spring.

1 year has passed. Sarah was in a daze. She would go to the store and come back like a robot after eating, dozing off, and attending to the child. She is gradually returning to normal. She has devastated by Lucas' passing. What is more disappointing in life is that she never had a good conversation with him. She has upset him a lot with her back-and-forth conversation and never expressed regret. The conclusion was poor. Although Sara is doing okay, it will take some time for her to fully recover. Steven and Denise frequently stop by to spend time with her. Aim to keep her happy. They are attempting to improve her in this way. She tells her to marry again. Sara says nothing and does not answer this. Life continues. Sarah agreed that things will change from their current state. Finding someone else, however, is more difficult. Where can one find decent individuals, and how can one have faith that the next will also be nice?

A young man visited him one day to purchase some outfits for his sister. Sara was a little surprised to see such love for her sister. Thought, possibly came to buy something for his girlfriend. Sarah was delighted at the boy's behavior. When Margaret gently remarks to the youngster, "That would be nice for your girlfriend,"

The boy replied, I don't have a girlfriend, I'm buying these for my sister.

Sara was next to her, and asked, how do you like your sister's dress? Why didn't she come?

She told me everything which should be taken. She has already been selected from your social pages, so I don't have any trouble. She could not come because she is busy.

I think it's wonderful that you place such a high value on your sister. What's your name?


Nice to meet you, John.

Me too.

John took the dresses and left. Sarah said to Margaret,

The young man is smart and attractive.

Even though the boy is younger than Sarah, Sarah likes him. Does age really matter? Speaking is enjoyable. It would be lovely to be able to talk to him, Sara thought to herself. What will happen, will happen. They will undoubtedly meet if it is predestined by fate that they will do so. However, an effort is also necessary. One day the two met suddenly on the street. Spring has just ended. Sara was walking along the road. John saw him and called out. Asked her,

What's up?

I'm good, John. What are you doing here?

I came here to eat with some friends; they have already left. I saw you going and thought we could talk. I'm not sure why I had that impression.

Well, did your sister like our dresses?

Of course, I may have to come again, I don't know. She will be sent to me. (Smiles John)

No problem, come whenever you want, the shop is always open.

After a while Sarah asked, let's have coffee together.

Okay, let's go.

They entered a cafe. Sarah ordered coffee and asked John, you really don't have a girlfriend?

No, I never gave these things any thought. I have no interest in any girls at this time.


Are you married? I just asked to know.

My husband died 1 year ago. Now it's just me and my little son, no one else.

I got it. Why not be married once more? or decided to remain alone? In actuality, I think it's preferable to be by yourself.

I also enjoy my alone time. I want to stop thinking about getting married.

Would you mind giving me your phone number or social media id?

Oh, no issue. If you'd like, you can take both.

They conversed for a considerable amount of time while drinking coffee once it had begun. It continued in this manner. When they entered the relationship, they were in the dark. In actuality, the two's loneliness is what has led them down this path. Since the boy is younger than Sarah, Sarah wants and listens to whatever she will say,  John has to do that, but sometimes John feels annoyed. But he doesn't want to hurt Sara, so he always accepts Sara's words. The two have a good time. Sara no longer feels the heartache she once did. Can life stop for one? Sarah had a strong love for Lucas. But now he's gone, someone else has entered her life. And delighted about it. The young man is excellent. He doesn't have any addictions. Sara gives her all. Sarah also records the boy's accomplishments and shortcomings. I want to avoid hurting him, Sarah thought.  One day, John visited Sarah and her kid at their home. He spent time with them both. To make things right, Sarah took him to her room.  John pulled Sarah in and gave her a lips kiss. Sara didn't stop him. She responded. John gave Sara a tight waist hold and gave her a long kiss. Sara is ecstatic. She had been longing for some sex. Never thought about this. But today she will not stop John, she will love him by destroying everything. whispered in John's ear,

Take off your pants, darling. We need to do it quickly.

They both fell in love with each other. It didn't take them long. Sarah did what she had to do. Let it be quick. There are maids and babysitters downstairs. Sara asked John to fix his clothes. Then asked to come down. She'll go down now, Sara smiled and kissed John on the cheek. John said before Sarah,

Love you so much, Sarah.

I love you too, John. Now come down quickly.

John sat across from Sarah. The maid is standing by in case they need anything. The maid can leave now, Sara told her, and she'll ring if she needs anything. They are eating in silence while frequently staring at one another. Sarah realizes that John loves Sarah very much. That's why she feels very proud. Sara is quite grateful to experience love once more. The boy would never hurt her, Sara thought again.

How was the supper, John was asked

Really good.

Never reveal this to anyone; it is a private matter between you and me. Can you remember?

Sure enough, why do I need to say these! Strange?

Now finish your meal,  then let's go for a walk.

This night?

Any problem? We will go to the beach. I like the place very much.

I have no issues, so let's go on.

After the meal was finished, the two went for a drive. Sara reflected on the past as soon as she arrived there. I remember feeling depressed and thinking about how dull life is. Now I have reached this point in time. She had a great need for love, and it has now appeared in her life twice. Sarah took John's hand. They began to move forward together. Sara asked,

Never leave me?

Why would I? I love you so much believe me.

I know but still afraid.

Nothing to be afraid about. I'm with you now and forever.

Okay, fine. Come ahead, have a seat.

Sara showed me a place to sit in front. The two sat there. Sara looked at the stars in the night sky, Sara used to look at the stars on sad days, but where? She is not upset today. She is smiling broadly tonight while gazing up at the skies. She feels a gentle breeze on her face. Today is Sarah's happiest day. John asked Sarah,

Sarah, will you marry me?

Want to get married? But why? I am fine like this.

But how long will we stay like this?

Why? is there any problem?

No issue; I want to keep you for myself.

John, don't put me in a tight spot. This is alright with me. I promised not to leave you. Don't worry, though; I'm not considering getting married right now.

No need to be concerned. I will spend the rest of my life being this way for you if you want me to. You have my trust, Sara.

Thanks, John. We never talk to intentionally hurt someone. Okay?

Of course, it's acceptable. Sara, you are the first love of my life. I don't want you to go away.

Neither do I. John, can I lay my head on your shoulder?


John moved closer to Sarah. Sara rested her head on John's shoulder and looked out to sea. The sea is roaring, there are no waves in the water, and occasionally gentle waves come crashing ashore. The sound appeals to Sarah. She enjoys peaceful surroundings. Sara is happy today and feels that everything in her life is going well. After some time, John questioned:

Sarah? Don't return home?

Come on, it's becoming late; let's leave right away.

They both entered the vehicle and headed home. Sara dropped John off in front of the house, she will come to meet tomorrow if she has time. Then Sara headed towards her house. Lots of work in the shop. Margaret is struggling to cope today. To help her with work, Sara did not sit in the cabin but got to work. New orders should be delivered today. Sara started working happily. She could not be surrounded by depression-like previously. Sarah made coffee herself. said Margaret,

Today has been really busy, Margaret.

You're right, ma'am. But seeing you happy makes me feel good to work too.

you are right Every day is a new beginning, and you should try your best to be happy. How many more days of life, I am getting old. What about you, Margaret? Is everything going well?

Yes, everything is fine.

Today, leave early. There is also no work. I'm also going home right away.

Well, ma'am.

Sara stands in a high place, on a hill. Winter is ahead, then spring will come. Sara doesn't like winter, Sara is positioned high up on a hill. Following winter, spring will arrive. Winter is not Sara's favorite season, so this spring will be special. Last spring, she suffered a loss, but this time, her life is trouble-free. Life is a really strange thing. The wind is blowing across her hair. Sara inhaled deeply. John finally approached her and gave her a back hug. John's heated breath is on Sarah's shoulder. John stated:

I really do love you.

Turning to John, Sarah said, placing a gentle palm on her cheek.

John, I love you as well. Next spring, we plan to get married. Sarah received a warm hug from John, who said, "Are you telling the truth!"

I'm saying the truth, I promise. I love you a lot.

ohn kissed Sarah on the lips. Then hugged tightly. From where a leaf flew. It gently hit Sara's cheek. But Sarah doesn't care about that, touching John makes her feel wonderful.


The End




Submitted: November 24, 2022

© Copyright 2022 tariqhasan. All rights reserved.


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