Cannibal Chameleons: Ch-6

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Dinner with the dead...

~Cannibal Chameleons~



The room spun and spun around me till I felt sick. I found myself staring at a screen and it seemed like I was dreaming.

In the mountains the air is pure, from their peaks you can easily see for thirty miles in all directions, everything within sight is unmistakable and sparkling in the sun light. The colors of the mountain ranges and flat desert lands stretch beyond sight, they are pure and artistic with tints and hues. This place is breathtaking.

A local man that inhabits these mountains walks the vineyards, he splashes pillars of stacked stones with a wash of lime. In the moonlight the stone pillars will shine brightly from this mixture, it frightens away the jackals that walk the mountains, these creatures terrorize the local tribes.

Evening shadows crawl up the glens, half an hour after sunset the stars rush forth and sparkle in the clear sky, the moon shines forth brightly.
The Jackals creep out from the wilderness yelping to one another, they howl in the night, they call upon the village dogs, their domesticated brethren that have adapted to living with the humans, the ones that rely on their owners. The beasts of the forest challenge the village dogs.
Cain is a large English Mastiff, he lays in a hut lightly sleeping, acting as a guardian to a little girl, she sleeps by his side within the soft glow of a fire. The Jackals howl in the distance, they call to him. Behind Cains twitching eye's images dance, he see's two shining glowing eyes, they watch him unblinkingly. Cain stands and walks towards the huts skin flap door and sticks his head out stretching his jaw. A melodic noise beckons him to walk into the mountains wilderness. As if in a hypnotic state he walks forward and enters the trees. He can feel the presence of the jackals all around, they silently circle him and watch with hungry eyes. The forest departs as he walks into a moon bathed clearing, a large oak tree sits in the middle, he spots the two shining eyes looking down on him. A large formidable wolf with shining black hair sits on its branches, the melodic tune suddenly stops.
Cain looks up and says, “Who are you?”
The black wolf gracefully drops to the ground never breaking eye contact, Cain is frozen in place.
She approaches with elegant steps, “I' am Lilim, I have been watching you for some time, come join your brethren.”
Cain can feel the jackals slowly closing in all around him, “I have a home, I have a duty to my keepers.”
Lilim scoffs through large sharp teeth, “Your keepers... they make you weak, they have bred you into something that is a disgrace to natural order, you protect creatures that view you as nothing more than a thing.”
The jackals breath in low hissing breaths, Cain is surrounded on all sides, their teeth drip with blood. “Can we eat him?” some howl with laughter, “he is weak...”
Another jackal with a missing eye approaches from behind and whispers in his large ears, “We will take away everything you love.”
Cain snaps his teeth at him, the jackal growls through serrated jaws.
Lilim is easily twice the size of the jackals, she interrupts, “Enough!” Lilim circles Cain, “You have three days to make a decision.”
Cain slowly opens his eyes, he finds himself laying on the floor of the hut, (Was it a dream?)

Vel's voice comes from over my head, “Wouldn't you rather watch 'Homeward Bound'?”

I look up from the couch in a daze and see her looming over me. I reply, “Only if you watch it with me.”
She laughs and blows smoke in my face, “What are you a child?”
I laugh, “You suggested the movie.”
“That doesn't mean I want to watch it,” she glances out the window, “its nice out, why don't you help Don with the yard work.”
I turn the television off and hear the faint music radiating from outside, “Whats he doing out there?”
Vel puts her long shiny black hair up and walks toward the kitchen, “Just go help him, I'll work on lunch.”
I sigh and walk toward the door. I walk out the house and round the corner. The music begins to grow incredibly loud. Don is sitting in a lawn chair wearing a large brown sombrero and sunglasses, his large beard draped over his chest, his feet are in a kiddie pool with his shoes still on, the water is overflowing onto the ground, the lawn is partially swamped and a nearby stereo plays (La Bamba by Los Lobos), the volume is full blast and the song on repeat.
I yell to Don and he doesn't answer me, he doesn't even move. I walk past him and turn the volume down a smidge. I'm suddenly engulfed in a large shadow, Dons large frame looms over me. He painfully grabs onto my shoulder, “What the fuck do you think you're doing!?”
I turn and look into his fully dilated pupils, he is in a state of complete lunacy, the only thing soothing his madness is the La Bamba. I turn the volume full blast and he eases his grip, he stares off into the distance.
I back up toward a hedge row and the adorable panda girl Chi walks out the shadows, she tugs at my pant leg, “How are you today?”
I look down, “Hello Chi, I didn't see you there. Do you know whats going on with Don?”
She puts a paw to her lips, “I believe he woke up and took five hits of acid, hes just been sitting there.”
I walk toward Don, he grabs me and pulls me toward the shed, he opens the door and shoves me inside.
“So... whats up Don?” He reaches into his pants and pulls out a large bag of narcotics.
Don dumps a white powder onto the work bench, “We're doing coke.”
I shake my head, “No thank you, I really shouldn't, Vel said...”
Don cuts me off, “I didn't ask you, I'm telling you,” he pushes a rolled bill into my chest then slides a line with a razor toward me, we both stand there for a second, “what the fuck are you waiting for!”
I look at his clenching fist then immediately snort the line.
Suddenly the shed door opens, I sniffle wildly wiping at my nose, I side step using my body as a shield to block the evidence on the table. I then slowly turn around with a smile. Vel stands in the entrance, my heart pounds wildly, I never had a line so pure, it felt like I couldn't breath.

She says, “What the hell have you guys been doing, the lawn is soaked... what are you doing in here?”
I answer panicked and fast, “We're doing nothing at all, were just...”
Don cuts me off and casually says, “Were doin blow.”
Vel grabs my face, “Don't you ever lie to me you fucking asshole.”
Don does a line and hands the rolled bill to Vel, Vel snorts a line just as Cat walks in the sheds doorway.

“What are you guys doing in here?” Vel wipes at her nose and spins around. Don go's stiff as a plank. Cat is looking up at us with her glimmering green eyes, her red hair is sparkling in the sunlight giving her a halo of innocents.
I casually say, “We're doing coke.”
A look of horror replaces her beautiful innocents, Vel suddenly laughs like its a big joke and Don does the same. Vel slaps my chest, “Good one Ken, you prankster,” she walks toward Cat, “we were just talking about going to the carnival later.”
Cat nearly jumps up and down with excitement, she looks to Don, “Really, a carnival!?”, Don just nods his head, “that sounds like so much fun!” she claps her hands like an excited child.
Vel puts an arm over her shoulder, “Join me in the kitchen, help me finish lunch.”
Cat smiles and waves at Don happily as they exit the shed.
Don instantly grabs me by the neck and slams me into the wall, “If you ever pull some shit like that again I will end your life!” I silently agree with wide eyes. He breaks out more lines, “Now do these drugs!”

Strung out and wildly talking in repetition I smoke rapidly at a cigarette. Don is slumped in the corner blankly staring at the doorway in silence. I grab at a tape measure and begin to pull out the thin metal ruler while rapidly talking. I look down at the thin yellow metal ruler and seen that someone had wrote on it with a sharpy. As I pull out the ruler I read, (Once upon a time their was a schizophrenic who would speak into a tape measure like it was a tape recorder. The person was nameless and could not be mourned, he was driven to madness. Behind his pale eyes and pallid face was a mind filled with atrocities that left the man unmoved. In his minds eye he saw visions that were so awful that they were spectacular. And he smiled, he smiled more, he loved to smile.)

The writing got sloppy and trailed off. I let the tape measure go. As it violently sucked back into its coil a disembodied voice flowed from it, “I spin and spin with the crippled Emily, her frail shattered limbs, her left eye replaced by a plastic sandwich bag sticking out the socket...”

I look to Don, “What the fuck is this?”

Don looks at me with a blank face, “I have no idea whats going on.” I had forgotten that Don was tripping balls.

I pulled the tape measure out and let it go again, it said, “I know what you're doing... and I will kill you.”

A cold shiver ran up my spine, “Hey Don, I think we should get out of here.”
Don straightened up and pulled a bowl from his pocket, “I think we should smoke some weed first.”
“Are you kidding me, why?”
Don got angry, “Why? What the fuck do you mean why? You smoke because its weed you idiot,” he cornered me and handed me the bowl, he then stood with ignited lighter, “smoke!”
I puffed away and it tasted funny, “What else is in this bowl?”
He went to say something and then began laughing, “I'm sorry, I forgot there was 'dmt' in there, I must have just packed bud over it, don't worry you'll be okay.”
I nearly choked on the hit, before the smoke could clear from my face the whole shed shattered like glass, every shape with pointed edges imaginable danced before my eyes with an intensity that can only be described as pure horror. I was paralyzed stiff, a wall of glowing colors danced like butterflies and quickly approached. A large face slowly emerged from the wall of bright color like it was being dipped in wax, it said, “Can you see?”
The mask like face seemed to approach and grow larger and larger. I focused on the tip of its nose till I felt like I was looking through a small key hole. There was a girl dangling like a puppet moving about a dollhouse room. I looked closer and seen something walking behind her. Sticking out her back was an elongated head that wore her whole body like a mask, the creature with its ghoulish body moved about elegantly like it was the girl. It approached a vanity mirror, the limp puppet hand grabbed a silver comb and began running the bristles through its blonde hair. Suddenly everything stopped, it turned and looked at me. Its black round eyes were like pools of infinite darkness. It shrieked loudly like nails on a chalk board tearing at my ears.
I pulled my head back and all the scenes and images blew past me like I was being rapidly pulled backward down a hallway. I looked about the shed in wonder, I stood silent for a moment. I then exited the shed, I walked into the house and entered the kitchen, Vel handed me a sandwich and I ate in silence.
Cat looked at the doorway with excited eyes, “Where is Don?”
Vel looks out the window and sees him laying face down in the kiddie pool, she replies slowly “Oh he's just... he's relaxing.”

Cat can barely hold back her excitement, “I can't wait to see the carnival!”, she playfully dipped her dinosaur nuggets in barbecue sauce smearing it across the plate, she chewed happily doing a little dance in her seat.

Cat looks at me with her adorable smile, her face suddenly turns into cracked marble and her jaw elongates till it slams into the table. I look on in horror as dry air seeps out her mouth endlessly like a wind from a cave. An old dead voice leaks out her mouth as the room slowly fades to black, “I don't enjoy eating, its to expensive, not to mention a waste of time... the food, no matter the quality makes me sick.” I drop my half eatin sandwich on the table and find myself paralyzed with fear.
I was sitting at a circular table with many dark souls, they all had cold frosted dead eyes, their teeth were sharp, none of them moved, they were like statues. They hold their knives with evil intent, they patiently wait for my death. They were all there... they were there for me.
One speaks in a soft low voice, “Its okay to let go...”
Then one with a deep voice, “Death is no obstacle...”
Even tho I felt they had patience and kindness, they were waiting to devour, we were seated at the edge of thee abyss, eternity hanging by a thread.
I felt like they had manipulated me, I was in a state of hypnotic induced paralysis.
“I really think I should go.” I try to stand with weak legs. Out the darkness a withered black arm grabs my shoulder. The creature has no words, just a long raspy sigh flowing from its dried cracked lips.
(Were they all lonely?) I can see faintly into the darkness surrounding the table, I'm surrounded by a sea of lost souls.
A disembodied voice flows over head, “The purity of the light overwhelms, by looking into the depths, they formed doubt.”
I glance around through hazy eyes, they all appear dark and cold, they are so still its like they had takin root, each one a tree.
“Is this permanent?” My voice echoes in the infinite dark. It is met with a reply.
“Nothing will ever be permanent, it goes against the law of creation.” Another voice seems to come from under the table, the voice of a young woman.
“The people grow tiresome and fall into habit, nothing seems worthwhile...”
I reply, “Wouldn't anything be better than this, why exist like this?”
A strange voice echoes, “Don't the words in a book seem to change meaning the more you reflect on them?”
“Are all of you just thinking?”
“Not all of us, some of us are just hungry...” The ones sitting at the table groan with sorrow.
I want to leave with every fiber of my being, “How is this place possible?! Get me out of here!”
A deep voice vibrates overhead, “Should something not exist because you have no knowledge of it?”
A voice of accusation cries out, “We needed someone to blame, something to point a finger at!”
Many voices echo, “Its him, he's the one! This is his fault!”
The voice of an old man weakly flows through the crowd, “You cannot hide from what is in you, you are a follower of self.”
I reply, “What does that even mean!?”
The ground shakes and a large black silhouette approaches, I'm struck with fear, I can't look away, this phantasm demands my attention.
“Now you will see how human the monster really is...” The voice is overjoyed.
A deep voice echoes, “The beast is large and formidable, nothing can harm it...”
A voice like a snake drags across my ears, “You must accept it, even love it...”
A woman's voice comes overhead, “ Love is abandoning reason, you must sacrifice self...”
Another voice seems to enter my head telepathically, “Everything you need is right here, where do you need to go? Are you seeking something?”
I reply, “Anything would be better than this dreadful place...”
The crowd seems to gasp in shock, they reply with angry tongues.
“You just pleasure seek! You want joy? That brief moment when you lose self and forget! You can seek joy but it does not last! Joy leads to pleasure seeking, that will lead to failure! If you expect a desire, when sought after and the event is lacking you will only have regret and disappointment! Instead of seeking elusive things in the people and surroundings, why not confide in yourself!” They all sound spiteful, almost like I offended them.
A voice that spoke in a,matter of fact way chimed in, “Animals don't know the uselessness of their endless labors, they simply perform tasks without question and commit their life to their particular talent.”
Everything is still, almost as if nothing was real. Suddenly a man older than time emerges from the abyss. He is heavy with years of knowledge that have made his soul tired.
“Who are you?” I say politely.
He says, “To live and learn, to learn peace through solitude... To age is the art to forget, once forgotten you can live in peace. There is an endless freedom to an unchained mind, free from words... To answer your question, I do not know...”
“You don't know who you are?”
He ponders this for a moment, “If I apply a solid meaning to life with words, does this not kill the endless interpretation of existence?”
I reply, “So if you claim to be someone, that prevents you from being whatever you want to be?” I ask partially confused.
The old man says, “In eternity I' am alone, I dream the dream of a thousand dreams...”
A disembodied voice flows over the old mans shoulder, “The depths of solitude is a path that leads to immense beauty, but with this comes a price... You will soon find yourself with eternity, all others will vanish, you will belong to eternity, all life and sounds will escape you...”
The old man says, “Inter faeces et urinas nascimur.”
I reply, “Whats that supposed to mean?”
He replies, “We are born between piss and shit.”
“That's bleak...”
His final words flow from him as he drifts away, “You will find yourself in matter, echoes of self hidden in symbols. All your travels will be in solitude, you will find eternity within you.”

I look across the table and a mirror appears, my reflection has a little door covering its face, the door slowly opens and a blinding light enters my eyes. I can see see a God thinking deeply.
(Time... what is time?), the thought seems to dance through his head.
He has sat in silence for eons, his environment sterile and clean.
Man once had a common enemy, Death, but they conquered it, and what they conquered they became.
He is one of many beings that have outlived their world, they began to see the futility in their old ways. They were once conquerors, leaders of great nations with endless ambitions, but then, one day, that all ended, there was no one left to rule over, no reason for anything.
Death was a great motivator.
Their hearts and minds are now encased in bodies that are cold, fabricated materials, the strongest the world has ever known.
They gained Immortality, and with this achievement, they lost everything...
Their planet a wasteland, the only ones left; The Gods.
He stands at the edge looking down on the planet they scorched, a self sustainable paradise floating in the heavens, he no longer feels as if hes living for he can never die.
But he is not alone... with him, a Goddess, she was once of flesh, a very powerful person in a life long forgotten, a life that she seemed to have so very long ago before her heart and mind were encased within eternity. Her body was designed to perfection, a flawless beauty with perfect symmetry. In her former life she valued beauty and power, now those things mean nothing, there is no one to cherish her or compliment her beauty, no one to rule over... it all means nothing.
Being a God is pointless, a state of never ending melancholy of sorts, a peace so great and silent that it almost has a never ending ring of sadness.
She sits in a paradise floating at the edge of eternity, she sits upon a throne facing the endless darkness watching the stars burn, they are born and they die before her eyes...
I watch the little door on my face slam shut, a wave of sweat creeps across my body.
I sit at the table for a long time, I feel as if I'm waiting for something, I know not what it is, I feel as if I already have everything. The still darkness seems to feel more welcoming. The dark souls at the table even seem to smile.
Abstract ideas seem to originate from a single source, a senseless ambition, a lust for desire.
The shadows were forgetfulness, they were dreaming a troubled dream, but it was also a sweet appealing dream. They were all victims of their own ego and I was nothing but a dinner guest.
“We bid you farewell!” Not a single one waved.
I was soon returned to myself.
Cat looks up at me with curious eyes, “You okay in there?”


Submitted: November 24, 2022

© Copyright 2022 velvulrova. All rights reserved.

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