Martin Richardson Meets an Angel


It was Dec. 4, three weeks before Christmas Day, and I had all my shopping done. I felt a little claustrophobic cooped up in my apartment and thought a walk through downtown Chicago where I lived, might perk me up. As I left the high-rise and stepped out on to the sidewalk, a light snow began to fall. Adding to the ambience of the snow were the sounds of carols coming from various storefronts. I wandered aimlessly down Michigan Avenue. As I watched the crowds of people rushing around, chasing the perfect gifts for friends and family, a slight depression seeped into my mindset. What had started out as a pleasant stroll soon turned to a sad nervousness and the onset of anxiety. The realization that I would be spending the next three weeks alone except for Christmas Day added to an over whelming oppressive atmosphere weighing down on me.

I stopped at the corner of Michigan and E. Chicago Avenue, when all of a sudden my mood lifted. My mind cleared of all the negative thoughts and feelings and though I can’t say I was happy, I certainly felt better.



I suddenly found myself standing in Chicago where my real-world personality, Martin, lived. Over the past few years, most of my dealings with my physical self and his conscious awareness took place through feelings and a sort of knowing what was happening in his life, but not directly being in contact. He had never been aware of me or my mentor Sabrianna, as she and I remained in the pseudo-realm of the Out-lands. The gap between us was always breachable, but until we both became aware that each other existed, it couldn’t happen.

At first, I could feel the misery he was going through and wanted so much to tell him it would be okay. Then, I felt a hand on our shoulder. I turned to look and saw Sabrianna standing next to me.

“I thought you couldn’t manifest in the real world until Martin learned how to do manifestations?” I asked.

“That is true chela`, but we are not in the real world. Think of us as ghosts. We cannot be seen or heard at this present moment. Martin knows of our presence, but not us.” She said.

I asked, “What are we doing here?”

She said, “As you know, Martin has been considering writing a book on all the teachings I’ve been giving you. However, he cannot quite get to the point of seeing it as a useful endeavor. It other words, we need to prompt him.” She had a slightly sly smirk on her face.

“Great,” I said sarcastically, “I’m a ghost that he can neither hear nor see, and I’m supposed to poke him in the ribs?”

Sabrianna laughed. “No, I need you here so I can be here. As you know, I manifest myself through you. I have asked, and gotten permission to manifest myself in the physical world for a few hours to help Martin see how important the book is he wants to write. He needs this to achieve the peace and harmony in his life. I need to tell him without actually coming right out and telling him. About writing the book that is, not the part about achieving peace and harmony. That is considered inference.”

“Okay, that sounds like a tall order. So, I’m just here to give you access to him and then I get to watch you struggle. I’m all in. Let’s do this.” I stood rubbing my hands together like any evil villain might.

“Chela`, you’re enjoying this far more than you should.” She said, giving me a questionable look.

“I don’t get these chances very often to watch you struggle. Okay, what do you want me to do?” I asked.

“Let us go find a quiet place where I can manifest physically then Martin and I will sit and talk.” She said.

I said, “Well it is about lunchtime, so we can find a nice café where you two can have something to eat. Wow, Sabrianna, you’re going to get to try real food and drink. I can’t wait to see this.” I said. Again, she gave me a bit of a stern look. I just smiled and shrugged my shoulders.

Sabrianna and Martin walked down the street until they found a small bistro. Since Martin and I were one and the same, he went wherever I decided to go. Just outside the bistro was a small alcove where I had Martin stand watching the crowds pass by. Sabrianna stood inside the alcove where she materialized out of thin air. With my part done, I eagerly watched what was about to transpire.



I guess I must have gotten pre-occupied, for the next thing I knew, I was standing outside a bistro on Michigan Avenue about three blocks away from where I had been. I looked around, and standing behind me was a young woman obviously waiting to enter the café. I started to step aside to let her pass when she spoke to me.

“Are you Martin Richardson?” she asked.

I was a little stunned, I said, “Why yes, yes I am. Do I know you?”

She said, “Maybe. Can we find a quiet place to sit and talk?”

In all my life, I’ve never had a woman approach me in such a mysterious manner. I nodded my head yes while looking her over.

It was obvious she was of Arabic descent. Her skin was light brown with a slight reddish hue. Her eyes were midnight black as was her hair. She had straight bangs in front while the hair over her shoulders reached down to her waist. Cleopatra came to mind. She was wearing a brilliant white coat undone in front and a hood lined with white fur. She had a white straight dress on with matching shoes, but no purse. The thought crossed my mind that she might be trying to get a free meal off an unsuspecting person, but her knowing my name threw a wrench in that idea.

We walked into the bistro and found a seat in the corner by the front window. I watched her closely for any clues that might enlighten me to why she picked me to talk to. She had a familiar look, though I couldn’t figure out where I might have met her before. The other thing I noticed was her complete lack of concern. It was as if she existed in her own world and didn’t need to be concerned about anyone else. There was a peace and a surety about her that was beyond real.

I asked, “What is your name?”

She said, “Sabrianna, of course.” Then asked, “Okay, what happens next?

I said, “We order our lunch.”

She turned her head slightly and asked, “How do we do that?”

I asked, “Haven’t you ever been to a restaurant before?” I was being a little sarcastic until she answered.

“No. This is all new to me. Do you always eat this way?” she asked.

I said, “No, no, most of the time I cook at home.”

She said, “Oh yeah, I have seen you do that. Very interesting.”

I said, “What. What do you mean you’ve see me do that? Have you been spying on me from one of the other high rises?”

She said, “No, I do not need to do that silly, let us order, as you call it, then I will explain.”




I was so glad Sabrianna was distracted with Martin because I was laughing my ass off. I watched as the waitress came over and gave them water.

Sabrianna smiled and said, “Thank you.”

Then asked how she knew she wanted water. The waitress gave her a strange look while explaining they do that with every customer. As I watched, I could see the waitress’ eyes soften and tears start to form at the corners.

Excitedly, she asked, “Miss, are you an enlightened soul, you seemed so at peace and your aura is absolutely beautiful?” The young lady couldn’t take her eyes off Sabrianna.

I whispered to her, “You need to turn down your glow, it’s a bit distracting”.

Sabrianna said, “Thank you.”

The waitress thought she was talking to her. Martin said they needed to look over the menu and the waitress left.

Sabrianna said, “Do not confuse me; I need to focus on Martin.”



I said, “I think perhaps now would be a good time to start explaining what the hell is going on. Is this some kind of prank?” I began looking around for any clues that might help me figure out what Sabrianna was up too.

Sabrianna said, “No, no, it is just confusing with others around. I have never been among other people. Now, Martin, what I am going to tell you is going to seem rather impossible to you, but please give me an opportunity to explain it all. I only have a few hours before I have to go back.”

I asked, “Back where?”

The waitress came back over and asked if they were ready to order.

I was intrigued and thought this just might be worth paying for her lunch. I asked Sabrianna, “What would you like to have for lunch?”

She said, “I do not know, I have never eaten here before. You pick for me, it is all too confusing.”

I said, “Okay. Miss, bring us each a Monte Cristo and coffees. Thank you.”

The waitress nodded but stood staring at Sabrianna.

I asked, “Is there anything else, Miss?”

Realizing she wasn’t moving, she blushed, shook her head no, and left.

I turned to Sabrianna and said, “You do seem to have something about you that is quite unusual. Do people always react that way around you?”

Sabrianna said, “Oh no, I have never been around anyone before but you.”

I glanced down at my coffee to hide my confusion while asking, “Now that I think about it, how did you get behind me in the alcove, I didn’t see you walk by me.”

Sabrianna said, “Martin, I am here to help you in the decision you’re pondering about writing a book on various ideas you have obtained over the last few years.”

My head popped up as I said, “I’ve never told anyone about my wanting to write a book, no one. You couldn’t possibly know that unless you could read minds or something. Okay, what are you and why are you here?”

Sabrianna could feel Martin’s level of anxiety rising along with nervousness and fear. She said, “Martin, we have a mutual friend. I call him chela`. But the truth is, he is a part of your psyche. The teachings he receives from me are then available to you through the mind of which you both share. In other words, Martin, he is another facet of your personality. Chela` has created a place he calls the Out-lands where I have manifested through him to be his mentor and guide. What he learns becomes available to you, though up to now, you have always thought it was your seeking that has brought the information to you, and I guess in a way it is.”

I was having a hard time grasping what I was hearing. My usual way of coping was to ignore the hard stuff and start assimilating a bit at a time. What Sabrianna was saying was no different. By not trying to accept it as if it were canon or incorporating it as she spoke, I let it alone and would go over it later. To keep my sanity intact, I continued to ask questions.

I said, “Okay, so you’re here to encourage me to write and to explain how I’ve achieved the knowledge I have, but none of that explains what you are.”

Sabrianna said, “Yes, that is a little harder to explain. In your view of minds that have no counterpart in the physical world, you might think of them as ghosts or spirits or lost souls. There are many other descriptions for unattached personalities, but I am none of them. I am an entity from beyond the space of creation. I have never been a physical being until just a little while ago. I have been a pseudo physical being in the Out-lands to interact with chela`. There is no term of description for what I am in your language, however, all humans, are what I am. They are simply in a reality different from mine and do not have connections to their true selves. Well, they have them, but physical existence tends to overwhelm and, their egos help to block anything and everything that lies beyond the ego’s scope of understanding. I am not evil in any sense of the word. I am a teacher to entities in many different realities when I am called. Chela`, or you in a part of your mind you are not aware of, called for help because of the many tragic circumstances in your life. Once called, a teacher will arrive, but true calling is rare and personal. Does that help?”

The waitress brought over the lunches and while setting the plates down, asked Sabrianna, “Miss, may I have your phone number? I would really like to get to know you. I feel you’re someone very special.”

Sabrianna said, “My number? I have a number.”

I interrupted, “I’m sorry Miss, she doesn’t have a phone.”

The waitress said, “No phone, everybody has a phone. What about your address, maybe we could be pen pals.”

Again, I interrupted, “I’m sorry, she’s not from around here. I’m not sure she can write in English. Forgive us while we eat.”

The waitress said, “Yes, I’m sorry. Nice to have met you both.” She then left.

Sabrianna said, “Thank you Martin for covering for me. My lack of applicable real world knowledge would get me in all kinds of trouble, I’m sure.”

Sabrianna watched me begin to eat. She followed my example, but stumbled a little, apparently never having used utensils before, but quickly caught on. It was when the first bite hit her taste buds that she almost screamed in ecstasy.

She said, “Oh my, I have seen you eat food many times in your memories, but it never hinted at what it might taste like. This is heavenly. I am afraid if I lived here, this is what I would be doing all day long.”

I asked, “What do you mean you’ve seen me in my memories?”

She said, “Oh, I have complete access to your mind. I can see everything you have ever done or thought. People are open books to me, and anyone who is not blocked by the reality in which they exist. All entities have the same abilities, but there are limits placed on them when they enter into any particular reality. Our talents are available to us, more or less, depending on what it takes to participate in the realm where we are currently residing. So, I have seen you use forks and you have a muscle memory for using them that I do not have. Fortunately, it is not that complicated.”

I asked, “Where did you learn English from?”

“I do not know any language.” Sabrianna said, “I use what I see in your mind. So really, it is you telling yourself the ideas I want to express to you through my pseudo self.”

We had finished eating and Sabrianna said, “My time here is almost up and I must return to the pseudo world that I share with chela`. I hope you will consider writing your book.”

I said, “I will. Since there isn’t a description for you in my language, I’ll just use Angel.”

Sabrianna said, “That’s very sweet of you, thank you. Just remember, we will see each other again when you have finished here. Goodbye Martin.”

I said, “I may wake up tomorrow and think this was nothing but an elaborate dream. What can you give me to make me think this was at all real?”

Sabrianna stood up and walked around to my side of the table. She bent over and gave me a very passionate kiss.

As she straightened up, she said, “Wow, I have got to find a way to get back here and have sex with you someday.”

I was so shocked by her statement I had lost my ability to reply.

Sabrianna turned and walked out of the bistro, disappearing into the crowd outside.

The waitress came over and sat down opposite me. She said, “That is the most beautiful human I have ever seen. You sure there isn’t any way I get in touch with her?”

I said, “If there was, I’d be the first in line.” I then looked at the waitress, “Do you believe in Angels?”

She said, “Why yes I do. Is that what she was?”

I said, “Yes, there’s no other explanation.”

She said, “I didn’t think Angels kissed people like that.”

I said, “No, I didn’t either, but I’m glad some do.”



“Well, Sabrianna, that went fairly well. Now, how are you going to make sure he writes that book?” I asked.

She said, “Oh silly, I am not going to, you are.”

“And how am I going to force him?” I asked.

“Through meditation. That’s what got you here in the first, remember?” she asked.

“So tell me,” I asked, “what is so important about this book?”

“Oh chela`, it is the mystery of what novels are made of.” She then walked off laughing and enjoying the snow as it fell through her.

Submitted: November 25, 2022

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