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The vision of Satan falling from the sky like lightning.


This was a very limited encounter. I receive a bit of understanding of this mysterious event. 


As I was watching. I saw that the falling of Satan from the heavens, was not an overnight or one day matter ( well, in human calculations, it has taken thousands of years or a thousand years for Satan to fall from heaven). In the spirit, a thousand years on earth, is a day in heaven. So, yes, in other words, it's only been a day before the Lord and His army. 


You will be surprised when I tell you this. The devil fell but it really has not been too long in our time. It's very hard to clarify what I want to project, but I pray that you gain more understanding. 


Now, let's talk about his fallen angels. " Some are still falling even in this season. " 

This is the understanding that I received. When the devil fell on earth, it was in the speed of light, his falling was swift, fast and with great power and this is because, he was thrown out of the highest of heavens, meaning, he had to fall past and through all the other heavens, to get to our realm and into the earth. 


Now, I want to speak "science" language for a minute " yes, well, I know most people think I hate scientists", not really. I actually don't hate scientists, I commend the majority of them for their great achievements. But I hate the dark scientists, I hate their ways and their dangerous efforts, because their one goal is to disgrace and blaspheme the Holy Name of the Lord. It will never happen. The Lord will give them a chance, and they will go back and forth in this earth searching for answers and not find them, but let's leave the dark scientists, this book is really not about them. 


Let's go back to science. I want to use an example that everyone will understand, because the majority of us did science subjects at school, then I know my example will be easily understandable. 


When a Comet or Meteorite falls from space (The Heavens - scientists just changed the wording), have you noticed the tail, that follows? Very rarely, does a strong meteorite or comet fall without a trace of light, fire or tail of ashes or something like that. I am sure many of you may agree with me on this. I am not speaking as a scientist or an expert, but I speak in general terms here so that we can move on with our topic.


The Tail of Satan

Now, with that out of the way. Let's look back at the day Satan fell from the sky and just like a comet or Meteorite, his tail followed behind him, and as his tail followed his moves, many angels were affected by it and they also followed the tail of Satan.


But now, you ask yourself. Why would these angels fall because of a tail. The issue is that, we only think of a tail as animals have it. But, I see it this way as I have shared earlier. 


The angels saw their master being cast down on earth, as forceful as Angel Michael could. A great example to all other angels to never try Jehovah again. And just like in a warzone. When the Army commander or leader dies or fails,the whole army fails in most cases.


Then the other angels did not wait to see Michael come after them, they had so much fear for Jehovah and as the Tail of Satan passed them, they immediately decided to join and to rather fall with him. Because the made a deal with him, they sold themselves to him even before the fight. These angels were already corrupt even before then and this was the last fall.


I hope you now have a picture of what exactly has been going on.

But then, there is a voice that speaks. This voice is shouting very loud to all the nations. "Watchout, get ready, wake-up!" 


TROUBLE HAS LANDED and the Night has fallen. When you see a blackout, do not be surprised. It is evidence of the darkness that is to come, in the near future. Know this, Darkness will rule the cities, towns, villages, forests and other spaces. Pray, pray and again I say Pray!


Portals and Dimensions/ Other Realms;

Now that the Blackout is here - What's Next?


Well, first of all, there a number of events, activities and encounters, that we must or should expect to see, witness or hear about;


1. More man in black appearances

2. More strangest of things

3. Alien Species (They might be alien species to us, but we are not at all, alien to them. They know us. Between us, we have two kinds of human beings. The humans from the foundations of the earth (the true bloodlines). Then, we have, humans from the other side..


So what exactly do they see when they see us today?


4. These spirits, see us differently, depending on who we are and also WHOM are we representing. 

That is why, you will hear some people say, I encountered an alien and then proceed to say " guys, don't worry - these beings are not here to hurt us.

Then can be 2 reasons for that;


* Either, they ( The aliens)  see that person but saw a grandchild (descendant of their children over a thousand years ago.) - If you are a descendant of the aliens (they will not hurt you, because you belong to them). But if you are not a descendant or a partner to them,  then you are their enemy.

Some - see no threat in you as you are before them. (They check your vulnerability). It's obviously a waste of time for them, because they have bigger fish to fry.







To Be Continued….




Submitted: November 25, 2022

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