The accident destroyed Perdita ‘Purdy’ Carwyn’s body, family and mind.

In a struggle to make sense of a world that she no longer knows or understands, Purdy spends her days hoping to find a connection to a life lost. When she finds a mysterious book, it leads to a very different search. One that will test the boundaries of her health, her sanity and her need for solace.

Along the way, a brash new, but familiar, face, Briar, helps Purdy to find meaning and purpose, but can she be trusted? And who exactly is the author of the five books ‘For Eveline’?

Table of Contents


The First Book   1   There was a special feeling surrounding book shops. Not the huge, corporate ones that gave... Read Chapter


2   The book, within its brown paper packaging sat upon the kitchen table as Purdy made her evening meal. A simple plate of ... Read Chapter


3   The local library felt more like home than the house in which Purdy lived. She had little do, since the accident, and sh... Read Chapter


4   “Eveline? That’s a pretty name.” Maggie gave it a little more thought, inclining her head and clicking her tongue,... Read Chapter


5   Returning back to the large house, empty save for spectral presences and unheard conversations, Purdy collapsed onto her... Read Chapter


6   The next day, she dressed as fast as she could and left the impersonal surroundings of the house without breakfast. Only... Read Chapter


7   She tried a few other locations for the rest of the morning. A bright, red post box, built into the wall of a little cot... Read Chapter


8   A good few hundred yards beyond the gardens of the last houses of the town, Turnberry house stood on a large plot that h... Read Chapter


9   Purdy gripped the waxed, wrapped package to her chest. The other woman stared at it and seemed uneasy, as though readyin... Read Chapter


The Second Book   10   Briar had spoken little as the taxi cab arrived, transported them back into town and sto... Read Chapter


11   The painkilling injection did its job and she started the anti-inflammatory course as soon as she reached the house, bu... Read Chapter


12   The words, that Briar had spoken, haunted Purdy. She didn’t consider herself a ‘bitch’. Wanting to be alone didn... Read Chapter


13   “Grievances? You ambush me in a café and start having a go at me for no reason. That’s my grievance!” Purdy coul... Read Chapter


14   The second volume of ‘For Eveline’ proved as compelling as the first. Grammar and punctuation had improved, but tha... Read Chapter


15   Briar sat upon one of the benches that surrounded the Market Cross, where parents would come, in the mornings, to meet ... Read Chapter


16   With another, cursory, search of the area, they made their way out from the bushes and back to the path. Purdy knew the... Read Chapter


17   The rest of the day passed without finding a copy of the third volume. That meant, including the places Briar had searc... Read Chapter


18   Purdy woke up to the sound of her new phone ringing. She could hear it from downstairs, where she had left it, and it r... Read Chapter


19   Purdy didn’t like the idea of having someone in the house. She could count the number of people that had entered that... Read Chapter


The Third Book   20   The knock came at the door as Purdy shuffled from the kitchen, the smell of black coffee ... Read Chapter


21   Briar insisted upon driving to the city in her battered, grumbling old car that coughed and sputtered its way along the... Read Chapter


22   After trying almost every item of clothing within that one, large shop, well over an hour had passed and Purdy’s hip ... Read Chapter


23   Several more shops passed in a blur and, eventually, Purdy found herself walking back to where Briar had parked Chloe, ... Read Chapter


24   The next few days passed with Briar accompanying Purdy on the treasure hunt for the fourth volume of ‘For Eveline’,... Read Chapter


25   As Purdy and Briar visited several more locations, the next day, Purdy’s mind continued to wander back to two things.... Read Chapter


26   She recognised the place as soon as her eyes opened. After all, she had spent quite some time in a similar room only a ... Read Chapter


27   Returning to the house, Purdy found it a lot colder than she expected. Tossing the keys onto the sideboard, on top of t... Read Chapter


28   Over the next few days, Purdy ignored the warnings of the doctor to rest and allow her hip to settle down. The painkill... Read Chapter


29   The discussion continued for a little while longer, with phone calls made to friends and families to find the more obsc... Read Chapter


The Fourth Book   30   Purdy returned to the house as fast her hip would allow, filled with excitement and anti... Read Chapter


31   A week passed and Purdy had made good use of her time. With the aid of the locals, many of whom had started to talk to ... Read Chapter


32   After the MRI, Purdy wished she had taken up Celia’s offer to accompany her. Laying in the scanner, the thumps and ba... Read Chapter


33   Doctor Chesterton advised rest and, of course, Purdy ignored him. A few days after the appointment, Purdy renewed her s... Read Chapter


34   Her days began in the same fashion, now. A quick visit to Celia and Donovan’s café for a coffee and a chat before sh... Read Chapter


35   Checking Turnberry House, once again, gave Purdy nothing but a feeling of loss. No book. No memento, this time. Nothing... Read Chapter


36   She had failed. That was the only conclusion she could come to. As she packed her suitcase, readying herself to meet th... Read Chapter


37   Expecting the taxi to stop in a squeal of brakes, Purdy braced herself. Only for the driver to check his mirrors, indic... Read Chapter


The Fifth Book   38   Purdy gaped towards Briar. Stood outside the open back door to the house, Briar wore a lo... Read Chapter


39   Purdy’s legs began to tremble. She reached for the banister rail of the stairs, supporting herself as she stepped dow... Read Chapter


40   Purdy flipped through the pages of the fifth book. From the sixth chapter onwards, she began to recognise many of the s... Read Chapter

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