Glass Bay: An Aloysius Hayes Adventure

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a deadly virus has cropped up. governments around the world begin to lock down their population centers to curb the advance of sickness and death. american intelligence and their counterparts believe it’s manmade and is being spread through the world by doomsday believers backed by a rich foundation that is run by a billionaire who thinks the only way to save the planet is to cut the population by half.

enter aloysius hayes. agent to a sub-group of the united states intelligence agencies that so off the books that they don’t even have a name, run from a place called the farm. a secret base that is part cia, part pentagon war room. from here, a select group of people wage war against all of liberty’s enemies. using whatever means and tactics necessary to get the job done.

Table of Contents

The Meeting

1 THE MEETING   Aloysius Hayes scanned the restaurant. Like most Miami eating establishments, Ottimo Ristorante was crawli... Read Chapter

Death in the Park

2 Death in the Park   Aloysius Hayes looked out at the early morning mist that stretched out before him as he sat in the c... Read Chapter

slip 327

3 SLIP 327   Sirens in the distance. Growing closer by the second. Aloysius Hayes performed a cursory search of both bodie... Read Chapter

The Man in the Shadows

4 THE MAN IN THE SHADOWS Malakai Randolph sat alone at the large conference table. It was overkill, of course, since the meeting he ... Read Chapter