After the confession.

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The story of a girl who is finally dating her first forever love and makes confession about her past love for him.

After The Confession.

Shane Dawson and Scarlett Sullivan had finally started dating. It had just been a night, of Shane asking out her, after realizing that he had fell in love with her so much. After it was planned for an official date the next day, Scarlett had a confession to make, while they were sitting on the street-side chair, late night under the starry sky, holding hands.

Shane stood up all of a sudden, took out his phone, and played the song "PERFECT" (By Ed Sheeran). He moved his hands forward, as the soothing tune played, insisting Scarlett to dance with him, in the middle of the street, on this PERFECT night.

The first line played, "I FOUND A LOVE, FOR ME". Scarlett couldn't hold herself back anymore. After all, he looked like a prince with shining eyes, in a prom, asking out for a dance, where those bright stars seemed like a crowd of people, who were watching that beautiful scene, of a prince selecting his princess, amidst all the other pretty girls.

Scarlett held his hands, and he pulled her closer, and they started dancing. Shane was so lost in her that he even forgot himself, he felt as if he was her, and she was him, they were one, only one. 

Scarlett was lost too. She would feel a quick flow of current passing through her body, everytime their eyes met. His eyes were the only weakness of her. She would get so lost in it. She also wanted to stay in those eyes forever. It had been a minute after the song had ended, BUT THEY BOTH WERE DISSOLVED COMPLETELY IN EACH OTHER, UNAWARE OF THE DISTANT WORLD.

Scarlett was looking directly into his eyes, while holding his neck. Shane was staring at her, holding her waist with his veiny hands.

Scarlett: I used to fear of one thing all these days. I feared of ruining our friendship. But now your eyes have filled my life with so much confidence that i am even ready to face the world for you.

Shane: it's your heart speaking this time. And I'm already seeing the purity it holds.

Scarlett: Shane, in this odd hour, under these bright stars, i want you to know that it was always you, whom i considered my moon, who seemed like a new world, and i always wanted to be a part in it. Your magical eyes had affected me eternities ago. Right now, if I say that a little girl had felt something different, everytime she saw you, in elementary school, will you believe it Daw? (That's what Scarlett calls Shane, by his surname)

Shane : (heaves a relieved sigh): you're making it more difficult for me to accept these things Scarlett. When was it????

Scarlett: 4th grade. First i didn't even knew what they call it, it was just a new magical feeling for me, and i called it love. Maybe those fictional characters had affected me somewhere.

We used to play together, enter into each other's houses, we used to talk. But all of a sudden, everything stopped. When it stopped, i became too desperate to play with you again, talk with you again. That was when i realised how much obsessed i was with you. Even though our houses were on the same street, we never talked.

Then, we were in the last year of elementary school, and we both got into the same class. We talked occasionally, but by then I had also realised that the magical feeling was a crush. I still felt magic, but never thought that little eyes of yours would affect me so much.

I remember standing in the balcony, waiting for you to come out. I used to stare at you hideously. Call it the madness of love, i even used to observe the outfit you wore, and would suddenly get mine changed, into almost exactly what you would wear.

I remember dancing merrily when we coincidingly wore the same colors. Everything was pure, but silly, but also too amazing to experience.

I had the biggest crush on you, honestly. But amidst all the silly things, there was regret. I started to regret that I had a crush on someone, who barley doesn't talk, and basically hates me.

I used to have expectations, I used to be desperate. I started hating you, more than I thought. But I didn't realize why I would still become shy, looking at you.

But I had to suddenly shift to another house. And not having you to stare at, or maybe I just realized it was actually love, I started falling for you again. I used to miss you so much. And when it was the last year of high school, I came to a conclusion that it was my first love, and it could never go incomplete. I knew it couldn't end somewhere in the middle, without you even knowing it. I surrendered myself to you, completely.

I stopped expecting from you, and I was a fully satisfied person with this single sided type of love. But there were hopes, I can't deny that fact. Hopes, of getting together with you one day, which is now a reality. I also used to create fake scenarios, about us, dating each other, and sometimes sleeping next to you, while listening to your heartbeat.

The scenarios I created were magical, purely fantasy, something which didn't have reality, but gave me butterflies.o

So, yeah! I... I loved you... More than I thought... (She saw him staring at her with heavy eyes)

Scarlett: Now, now why are you crying??

Shane pulled her more closer, holding her waist tighter and she suddenly closed her eyes. Scarlett could feel his lips running through hers, impatiently, and she felt the warmth their lips had created in those seconds.

Shane slowly freed her lips from his grip, and she opened her eyes, to look at him, staring at her.

Shane: how did you do this? Didn't you ever feel that this wait was worthless? How did you wait for a person, who was unaware of another soul waiting for him, creating new worlds? How could you be so patient for these many years?

He shakes her while she was still looking at him.

Shane: I mean, just look at me.

I met you yesterday, i proposed you today, and I'm going on a date with you tomorrow.

From the moment i realised that had fell for you, each hour of not being able to tell you, seemed like a million years to me. How hard it could've been for you?

How did you pretend to be a friend all these months, with this type of love hidden in you for me? Are you a magician who can slow down time? Every moment i spent loving you, without confessing to you, it felt like eternities.

Shane: How? How did you do this? All these years, you waited. For me??

Scarlett: It is as if my love have a heart that only beats for you, Shane. You are so perfect that you make all the other boys unattractive. Everyday your eyes give me a thousand reasons to fall in love all over again.

Shane: but, you still don't know what exactly it was. Do you?

Scarlett: what i feel for you can't be conveyed in phrasal combinations, Daw. It either screams out loud or stays painfully silent.. But i promise, it beats words. it beats worlds.

*There was only silence, and the lightiest sound of the wind*


Scarlett: Tbh, there is no trace of the reason for this moment. You've put your hottest heart, in this cold body. Under this starry sky, when everything has become silent, I'm looking at you, because I know that I still have you.

My love has nowhere else to go, Daw. Even if it finds a new way, it would still come back to you, because my heart chose to get lost in your eyes, rather than getting lost in search of another new way, which doesn't ends with us.

This road, this love, it doesn't have an end. But if it's destined, I'm sure, IT ENDS WITH US!

-- Sam.

The End


Submitted: December 02, 2022

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