Healer's Touch (Deadly Touch Book 1)

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The Young Riders meet The Vampire Diaries in this tale of brother versus brother and blood-magic set in a gaslamp fantasy world. Book 1 in the Deadly Touch Trilogy.

Llew has a gift. Her body heals itself from any injury, at a cost to anyone nearby.

Llew’s father disappeared when she was eleven, leaving her orphaned, as far as she knew.

Since then, Llew has learned to survive the streets of the gold-mining town of Cheer – full of opportunistic men and desperation. It’s a hard existence made tougher when her so-called friend accuses Llew of murder, sending her to the gallows.

Llew’s Aenuk ability to absorb life means she doesn’t stay dead for long, but she does leave a trail of death behind her.

Escaping the hangman’s noose sees Llew fall into the hands of Jonas: the man with the knife and the Karan power to kill Llew’s kind. If Llew can nurture the attraction he has to her, maybe she can keep that knife from her heart.

But lurking in the shadows is Jonas’s half-brother, Braph: the man who has learned to combine Aenuk and Karan powers into infinite and addictive magical potential.

Healer's Touch is a fantasy novel flavored with a wild west setting, steampunk-like technology, enough romance to draw you in, horror to keep you hooked, and just enough sex to keep things spicy.

CW: Sexual assault, rape. Some swearing.

Table of Contents

The Dead Man

Llew didn’t break stride as she kicked the empty glass bottle aside, barely giving it a thought. Litter was the least of the hazards in... Read Chapter

Behind Every Great Man

The Lady Pancetelle wasn’t much of a lady in Braph’s opinion. She smelled as bad as the Ryaen docks, assaulted his ears with foul l... Read Chapter


The little— The second officer spotted her and started running. Llew shot off down the road, taking the first turn and continuing o... Read Chapter

Cleaning Up The Streets

Llew woke from a dreamless sleep. It took but a moment to realize she wasn’t breathing, that she hadn’t been breathing. Gasping for a... Read Chapter

To Kill The Unkillable

“You look as though you haven’t slept in days,” Anya said when they took their places to resume the journey. “Why don’t you go ... Read Chapter

I Won't Tell If You Don't

Llew stared into the darkness of the forest and forced herself to start breathing again. “Wh— who?” She looked back at him, her... Read Chapter


When they returned to the inn the boys, Llew and Aris set about preparing the horses and hitching up the carriage. Llew’s horse was a s... Read Chapter

Polite Company

“Now, I need bait.” Hook in hand, Llew flicked the grass with her fingers to see if she could stir anything to life. Tasked with catc... Read Chapter

Your Secret

She didn’t squeal. After the initial shock, she knew it was Jonas. He released her once they were hidden from the view of casual passer... Read Chapter

One Condition

“It’s you,” Aris said. “Oh, lordy, you’re in trouble, girl.” “I figured that out when Jonas told me what he did to peop... Read Chapter

The Child

They followed Aris up the carpeted staircase. Llew had never seen such opulence: the stairs were bordered by an ornate wooden balustrade,... Read Chapter


Jonas swayed in his saddle and sang incoherently as they made their way from Osurnu. His condition meant they couldn’t travel faster th... Read Chapter

Leaving Aghacia

The farther north they went, the more Llew realized how isolated Cheer was: it seemed like a town on the edge of the world. Now they coul... Read Chapter

A Whole New Country

Alvaro stirred around mid-morning but stayed resting until lunch time. When he made an appearance in the dining hall he moved stiffly and... Read Chapter


Llew had to admit it was a beautiful dress. Blue again. Llew had rather liked the pinkish-purple color of one of the others, but Anya and... Read Chapter

It's Just Sex

Llew pressed the softest, most luxurious towel she had ever touched to her skin, dabbing the water away. Somehow, scrubbing didn’t seem... Read Chapter


Llewella woke to the sound of gentle, even breathing and a warm hand resting on her belly. She smiled to herself and turned to Jonas. She... Read Chapter

Stay Optimistic

“If I ran, would you need to use a crystal to catch me?” It felt as though they had been scuffing through the long grass for hour... Read Chapter

Growing Anxiety

Duffirk bustled. Cheer was busy during the infrequent markets but, by comparison with Duffirk, it was a ghost town. In Duffirk, peopl... Read Chapter

I'm Sorry

Braph gave Llew a couple of days to recover before he and Nilv entered her room to take her to the blood-letting chamber again. With the ... Read Chapter

It Wouldn't Kill Her

Click. A woman entered the room, helped Llew from the bed, and led her to the washroom. Llew could now walk, but her mind was once ag... Read Chapter

Get Me Out Of Here

Llew entered the farmhouse kitchen and nearly burst into tears. It was homely and small, with a central table surrounded by work benches ... Read Chapter

Fight Him

No-one had seen or heard him coming. Llew had only looked to Jonas for a moment; everyone else had had their back to him. Not anymore. ... Read Chapter

You Should've Saved Him

A groaning, moaning and, now and then, muttering, dragged Llew from her sleep. Jonas! Her eyes shot open, and she fought to free hersel... Read Chapter


“You can’t wear those.” Hisham pointed at Jonas. Jonas looked down at his knives. “I bet half of Turhmos thinks you’re ... Read Chapter

Only You

Llew’s mind buzzed with new knowledge as she wandered back to her room to take her bath, but she felt there were still so very many hol... Read Chapter

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Healer's Touch (Deadly Touch Book 1)

Llew’s body transfers life; healing & killing simultaneously. One nation wants her dead. Another wants her power. Two brothers want the same. Only one can be won over by love.

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