This is honestly pretty random, and nothing like I usually write, but I thought it'd be interesting to write.

Everyone comes from a different place

That’s what makes us unique

And no matter what your color or race

Everyone has a beautiful physique


We all have different origins

And that’s why none of us are the same

Not in skin color, not in personality

And definitely not in name


Where I come from means a lot

It made me who I am

I was raised in little ol’ Ohio

And became a huge Browns fan


Now what would happen

If I wasn’t born here

Would I be the same
I’d not, is what I fear


So no matter where you’re from

Never be ashamed

For it makes you who you are 

And to hide that would be insane


Our origins are what make

Who we are and what we’ll be

Everyone comes from different places

Including you and me


Submitted: December 03, 2022

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