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As I make my way back towards the stairwell I see a shine of light “Jackson?!” I call out, shining my phone light towards it “Jackson is that you?!” 
“Sarah?!” The light approaches me quickly, Jackson appearing behind it, “Sarah!” he yells out, hugging me tight.  I hug him back, thankful that he’s alright.  He motions behind him, shining his flashlight on something.  I let out a small gasp.  There’s…. So much blood.  “Sarah we need to get out of here, whatever is in here was somehow able to kill a whole quiver of King Cobra’s and survive”.
I nod slightly, shining my light down the stairs where the door should be. It’s gone?!  “Shit, I guess we should find the kitchen, there’s normally a door leading outside in houses like this” Jackson informs.  I nod again, slowly going down the stairs, not wanting to make any noises, Jackson close behind me. I hear a noise behind me, Jackson stepped on a creaky stair!  “Uh oh-” he says before our flashlights flicker out.  I feel an extremely strong wind and get knocked over.
After a few minutes my flashlight turns back on, but, where am I? I’m not anywhere near the stairs, I haven’t even seen this room before, and, where’s Jackson?! I stand up, brushing dust off my shirt before looking around the room.  It’s pretty much empty except for a table with a stained tablecloth with what seem to be surgical instruments on it, along with four more tables along with a few chairs, all stacked against the door to keep it from opening.  I walked to the table and started examining the surgical instruments, they, along with the tablecloth, are stained with a red liquid.
Is that- Blood?  As I pick up the scalpel a small tile falls off the wall, walking over to it I see a tape recorder.  Pressing the play button a voice echoes from the old speakers.
“To make it to the next level of the house you must give me something” An evil sounding voice groaned from the tape recorder.  Once the voice finished talking, another tile fell off the wall, there’s an indent in the shape of- a finger?!  In order to solve the puzzle I have to cut off one of my fingers?!
“Alright then” I sigh as I check which of my fingers would fit in the slot, somehow it’s the exact size of my left ring finger. “I guess that’s the one then” I groan, walking back to the table, hoping for a pain relieving drug or something similar, nothing.  The only items on the table are the scalpel, a bone saw, gauze, and a bowl of lukewarm water.  I sigh, placing my finger on the table, slowly grabbing the scalpel.  “The tile opened after picking this up, so I must have to use it to remove my finger” I whimper quietly.  Slowly lowering the scalpel to my finger I close my eyes as I press and saw against the skin, leading to the bone, the scalpel is surprisingly sharp for having rust.  I bite down on the roll of gauze to keep from screaming. 
After about 5 minutes I finally finished cutting off the finger.  Whimpering in pain I dunk my hand in the water, taking it out then wrapping the wound in gauze, cutting the excess roll off with the scalpel and returning the gauze to where I found it.  Setting the scalpel down I pick up my now detached finger. I walk to the cutout and place it inside. Another tile falls, revealing another radio.  “Good”, a voice groaned, “now then, move to the next room”.  I look to the door, the barriers are gone.  I rush to the door, opening it to reveal the kitchen.
I rush in and look around, there’s only one door- the one I entered through.  “What?! Where the hell is the door?!” I yell out angrily. The kitchen looks like any other, but there isn’t any silverware or really anything other than kitchen and dining room furniture.  “There isn’t anything in here!” I shout, going back into the other room.  I start picking up anything I can find, hoping another tile will fall to let me out.  As I pick up the rusty old bonesaw 3 tiles crumble off the wall, revealing another cut out

Submitted: January 24, 2023

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