A Christmas Tree in Heaven

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"A Christmas Tree in Heaven"

If there's a Christmas tree in Heaven,
then what would be the gifts?
For no tears fall when after all,
our spirits finally lift.

No need to hear the carols
or bells that chime and sing,
reminding us that there are times
that gladder tidings bring

No need to see the glistening
of silver on the tree…
or gold or glittered sparkles 
to brighten time's strong sting.

No need to smell the cookies,
their sweetness there to bear
the sour scents of life's damp reek
when longing for new air.

No need to taste the candy,
like when our life was new,
that took away our crying
when our world was turning blue.

And most, no need to touch
the ties that lovely ribbons bind,
together, holding wrappings
with distractions for our mind.

So maybe then, in Heaven,
the gifts that they will find
are those of smiling, laughing,
from the ones still left behind.

Submitted: December 11, 2022

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