Twenty-fiver year old Crosby Enger was always the one to skate by on the bare minimum in his adulthood. When presented with an unparalleled change to turn his life around, will he take it? Nothing ever comes for free without karma or consequence.

Table of Contents

Par For The Course (of regret)

Back in 2021, I begun this journey of creating Crosby and the world he lived in. Nearly two years later I've decided to publish the book in it's entirety. At the moment, I have no set chapter
titles but that is subject to change.

I spent a very long time and poured a lot of energy into this project. If you enjoy it, please leave a donation! The link is in my author profile at (!
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Floor Cereal & Rodney Dangerfield

Hi all, please bare with me as a figure out the online formatting! Thanks!
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Scratcher From the 7/11

After fighting with himself, Crosby had gotten dressed in his usual day off clothing: a bleached green hoodie that had seen better days, ... Read Chapter

High-School Fall Apart(s)

During his highschool years, Crosby wasn’t the most popular kid in class. Hell, he’d been to private school up until his freshman yea... Read Chapter

Cosmic Gas Money

 Crosby had no recollection whatsoever of purchasing the corny-looking scratch off ticket. It was practically disappearing into the ... Read Chapter

The Worst Football Coach Speech.. (Likely ever.)

A screeching 7 AM alarm greeted Crosby back to reality, signaling his need to roll into work once again. Of course he opted to work on a ... Read Chapter

Co-Worker Chump

About a week later, Crosby still couldn’t wrap his mind around the odd events. How could fifty dollars just randomly show up in his ban... Read Chapter

Reminders From Purgatory

 The frustrating week had finally ended after what seemed like a purgatorial prank, and Crosby finally understood why Bill Murray br... Read Chapter

Psychosis In The Wind

Around midnight, after three bottles of Pabst, Crosby felt the very welcome buzz and calm warmth throughout his brain and body. He was lu... Read Chapter

Hangover Chronicle

  The passed-out, deep slumber Crosby had easily fallen into was shattered by the feeling of cold drool he’d rolled his face o... Read Chapter

Orchard Hills Anguish

From the moment that Crosby began to walk, he was a joyful addition to his parent’s life. He envied the days of his newborn past—the ... Read Chapter

Simpler Times

The assignment was simple—well, for Crobsy at least: create a mock social media profile for your favorite fictional characters. The res... Read Chapter

Neighborly Intervention

Since restarting his Haloperidol, Crosby had gone on for a few weeks without hallucinogenic struggles and even managed to stay away from ... Read Chapter

Designer Distraction

To say that Crosby was socially awkward wasn’t entirely fair. He had decent looks, took somewhat acceptable care of his body, possessed... Read Chapter

Morning Coffee with a Songbird

The next morning, Crosby woke up with purpose and pep in his normally sluggish step. He was still in heaven from his date with Mia and wi... Read Chapter

Convenience Store Twilight Zone

Crosby’s right cheek felt incredibly warm with the kiss Mia gave him as thanks for the coffee. She was almost too good to be true, but ... Read Chapter

Strawberry Bubblegum Ingrained

  During the course of the work day, Crosby found things much easier, running more efficiently, since Mason had gotten canned. H... Read Chapter

Tan Scrubs & Cold Rooms

  The room was eerily peaceful, a deception to the eyes once taking in what’s inside. It was bland—a hardly soothing combina... Read Chapter

Newfound Bliss

  After the first full week of Mia’s stay, she and Crosby were all but two peas in a pod. There was no obligation or prying in... Read Chapter

Guilt Tripping

Of course Aida would sweep Mia away to an early farmers market event so that she couldn’t pop in before he left for work. Luckily they ... Read Chapter


Since the day that Mia found Crosby looking like death, she was very stubborn about not leaving his side. As much as Mia wanted to press ... Read Chapter

You Make Things Make Sense

As C.S Louis so poetically stated, “Evil comes from the abuse of free will”, and Crosby’s mother never let him forget it, in any an... Read Chapter

A Jock's Reprisal

The life that had presented itself to Crosby over the past handful of weeks felt as if it were finally coming together. Mia had found a w... Read Chapter

Ethereal Arbitration

This is the final chapter in Crosby Enger's story... for now.
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