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Magma Bird

Oliver Vieri-Pignatelli



If I can't trust, then I can't love

After all I have seen and done.


If I can't love, then I can't fly -

Myself, I did murder. Can I ask why?


Counting the heads of ducks in a line...

With this life my soul is entwined.


Maybe what I think is wrong.

Maybe love is not gone.


Maybe it's rare - I'll always despair.

Maybe it's so - I care to know.


Perhaps to get rid of the shun

I might at myself fire a gun,


But if that hasn't yet occurred

Then time sped past somehow unheard


All of the fog in the murky trees

Besides the swamp, protected from breeze -


Those ones they call their enemies

Are my closest friends indeed.


The viscous sludge bubbles with mirth,

Spouts from its top a sludge not in dearth.


Comes back down, no suggestion of a frown,

Re-enters the cesspool to drown...


Merrily so, down did it go,

And watch did I from the shore;


I laughed vicariously

At something I'll never be


A free entity living its life

Unaffected by terror and strife


A noble soul guided to course 

One from which material is divorced.


Because nothing important is tangible

And thinking so makes ones' life Hell.


There is no objective fact -

What we call reality is knack.


Focus on the moment in time.

Make a nice-sounding rhyme.


Mix red with blue -

Discover new hues.


Reach out into the land;

Grime supports your stand -


Encouraging you forth

Like no person did before.


You will succeed

At whatever you believe.


Because nothing is real

Unless your mind makes a spiel


And drudgery is the norm

Of those unfortunately born


Into a time of shame and disgrace -

Into a grotesque rat race.


But back to the slimy cesspool

Where I reside - it's cool.


Don't judge me unless

You're willing to pass your own test.


It does not matter, for,

You, I do adore.


The attempts you stoically make

To prove what's real is fake...


When, laughing, I see

That's just meant to be -


Nothing is real or fake,

Except for your power intake.


You fight fierce Demons I don't know

And pity me as you thrash and throw


Into the molten flow.

The remnants of your salvation -

Desperate measures of accommodation.


I stop my laugh because it was not malicious -

Only a prodding at your weak attrition.


Until you realise your heart has arrested

I'll be waiting for you, calm and rested.


--oli '22

Submitted: December 20, 2022

© Copyright 2023 olive tree. All rights reserved.

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dewey green

Deadly ripper Oli!
Welcome back you magnificent bastard!
Happy Chrissy Mate!

Tue, December 20th, 2022 4:14am


Cheers Dew
Thank you and MXmas2u2 brother

Mon, December 19th, 2022 9:57pm

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