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In the corner of the cafe sat a petite woman with almond shaped eyes, hazel in color; hair a deep brown with a hint of red - all natural ... Read Chapter


Sitting at the dinner table, confused on why she and Josiah were sitting at opposite ends, Olivia kept quiet as the others engaged in con... Read Chapter


Colossians 3:13   Olivia opened her eyes, surprised that she would be prompted to look up the verse, something she wasn't us... Read Chapter


Olivia and Abby hung up ornaments on the Christmas tree later on that night, in Olivia's living room while Richie and Nick were out back,... Read Chapter


Sometime in the middle of the night, Josiah awoke to the sound of constant movement and the mattress that Olivia was asleep on, bumping i... Read Chapter


Late in the afternoon as everyone sat around the kitchen eating snacks Abby put together, Olivia kept her distance and hid in her freezin... Read Chapter


Josiah rushed out the door the next morning to catch up with Olivia before she could drive off, forgetting that he was barefoot until he ... Read Chapter


Saturday afternoon as Olivia was driving to meet up with Josiah for lunch, she saw Wes walking past the book store and turn down Sweetwat... Read Chapter


Sunday afternoon was filled with laughter at the fabric shop.  Kirah was on a mission to convince the ladies that owned the busi... Read Chapter


Heavy footsteps were heard coming down the hall, and it made Olivia place her book down, wondering who was unhappy, surprised to see her ... Read Chapter

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