... be careful be at your already

Caught you all,




Already are,



Who we seek, or feel too




Now it is no push 


I pulled


Always know I have you where you are


I seek boundaries but I spare none for what you are


Now peace be everything I am the set time I know why your's works


growling through pain keep working I know you turn it on but how long till you give nothing


And I do wrong


Progressioning my worth to fold u time


Leaving you in Nayr nayr Ryan 


I see nothing 


And it's continued growth of all your friends is in line


Your next bubble


I see


You bubble


I know your next!


Bubbles bubble everywhere


So disappear


I am


A 100%


Nothing more


And I take nothing until


i move and I see the dreams of the true I know the downed focus out and the strift is nothing in me


To be you in and out so I and the cause and you are nothing while I play with,










And if I don't your better, if dead


Know leave this transgressions

And bubbles bubble your way out


I know you, find a home or something!


Real this is for the all


Your worth is already Deleted 


You want to know








This is for me!




The death


I will not leave your sidetMCBZAm7x1m05M11blzbzXePBBMbZhAwe1bmabf_


And for those who were, above


Did you see me take I've your world


I sue only nothing orogressionofnforewrs all the life boundaries of set told move me to grow as I move all to focus in you


And wait till I don't grow it's a move in total and it seeks (fornuis and until that day I always will win my cheat realay spare you abre thin in the rest of Ryan


Playing my games in your mind 


But you can't take what I already see can you nayr nary 




Push pull




Your way off




When he is your best friend your









Submitted: December 22, 2022

© Copyright 2023 collectivenrg. All rights reserved.

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