Heart of Coal

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Santa checked out his list:

I wasn’t on the one titled “NICE”.

His frown, obscured in the mist

“That lad’s got a heart of ice”


Both Rudolf and Alvin nodded:

“He hates your guts, to be sure”.

“But the Big 25’s here, he’ll fudge it,

How long can you this snowman endure?”


With iron tongs Santa entered the fire,

A lone, blazing coal out with him came.

“Last chance’s tonight, the gift will be dire,

The frozen cold hatred in him to tame.”


In darkness the reindeers rose directions in head,

The word still holding its breath in its sleep.

Children of all ages, tucked in their bed.

Awaiting for presents their hands will sweep.


I heard not a whisper and nobody knocked,

When Santa entered my room, coal in hand,

A hand touched my chest – the world rocked

As Santa tore out my heart like a brand.


I died on that day, though dead I was already,

My heart, in his hand, melted like water.

Nerves I had none, my flesh wasn’t ready,

The room around my body got hotter.


The burning coal charred all my inside,

But healing came quicker than falling asleep,

My face felt all wet, ashamed that I cried,

The warmth in my chest, now mine to keep.


I died on Christmas, the ice was now melted,

A song of fire sprang from my dry lips.

With sharp flakes, the windows I painted,

Remembering all the love and joy tips.

Submitted: December 23, 2022

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