The Iguanadon Double Trouble By: Colton Dennis

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Here is a story about a creature so terrifying. It was made from an iguana and a dinosaur. They called it The Iguanadon.

Footsteps running. Iguanadon snarling. I got to keep moving. Iguanadon snarls again. Woman #1 screams then continues running. Where should I hide. Barn appears. won't find me in there. Iguanadon snarling. Ground thumping. Please don't find me. Please don't-. Woman #1 sees gas tanks then turns knobs. Woman #1 runs towards front of barn. Iguanadon snarls. Barn doors shut. Woods gets placed over handles of door. Banging on doors. Woman #1 falls onto the ground, stands up then laughs. It's over; said woman #1. Iguanadon breaks through barn doors, snarls then appears frozen.

2011, Today. Now... you're taking these five criminals to the Missouri juvenile detention facility. For some odd reason. They want them there; said Sheriff #1. Yes sir...we will take them there immediately; said Officer Riley appearing. Come on...move it. Come on, keep on coming; said Officer Williamson appearing. All five walking into bus. Now, all five of you know who we are. But, just for the record. I'm Officer Riley. My partner, Officer Williamson. Now, we have to transport you to another juvenile detention facility. So...if you all need to piss or shit. There's a bathroom in the back of the bus. So, enjoy the ride to your new home; said Officer Riley.

So...what you in for. Yo bitch...ya you. What are you in for. What, can't speak; asked Kevin. Just leave her alone. She doesn't like people; said Jake. Aww...I guess he sticks up for you. How sweet of him to do that; said Kevin. Just leave her alone. Or I'll smash your face in; said Jake. What did you just say; asked Kevin. Both Jake and Kevin arguing. "HEY"...sit down. Gun cocks. Sit down. Gun fires. "SIT DOWN." Both Jake and Kevin sit down. Now, either stop it or I'll make it stop; said Officer Riley. Officer Williamson laughing. That was brilliant. You're the worst officer ever; said Officer Williamson continuing to laugh. Look out; said Officer Riley. Squirrel appears in middle of the road. Bus swerves then crashes into tree. All seven groaning. Hey...come on. This way. Yo, you two...come on. Hurry up. All right, we're gonna get those guns. Follow me...and be quiet; said Kevin.

Both Officer Riley and Williamson groaning. Guns clanking. Here..what should I do with this; asked Jake. Ground thumping. Uh guys, get out of there. Hurry up, you two... something's coming; said Megan. Thumping getting closer. Guns cocking. Hurry, maybe it'll go after them; said Kevin. We can't just leave them. We need to help them; said Jake. If you want to sacrifice yourself to whatever's coming. Then be my guest; said Kevin. All four running away. Jake runs towards bus. Hey...get up. Please get up. There's something big coming this way; said Jake. Ground stops thumping. Iguanadon appears then sniffs bus, snarls then walks away. I think it's gone. Hold on, I'll check it out. If it's clear, we'll run for it. If not...then I'm dead. Just stay down. Jake walking out of the back of the bus. All right, it's-. Iguanadon's foot steps down. "NOT CLEAR"; yelled Jake jumping back into bus.

Iguanadon snarls. All three breathing heavily. Bus being pushed. All three screaming. Bus gets picked up. "WHOA"; yelled all three of them. Iguanadon puts it's right arm into the back of the bus. Where is he. You girls go on ahead. I'm gonna go see what's taking him so long. Kevin runs away then gets to road. Iguanadon snarls. Holy shit. What the hells that. What should I do. Kevin looks at gun then cocks it. Hey...over here motherfucker. Gun fires. Iguanadon roars. Kevin runs. Ground thumping. Holt shit. Kevin sees cabin. Over there. Kevin approaches then pounds onto door. Let me in...let me in; Kevin starts kicking door. That's it... I'm that creatures food; said Kevin. Ground stops thumping. Iguanadon snarling. Kevin gulps. Cabin door opens. Get in here. Guns firing. Iguanadon snarls then runs away. You all right, Kev. Officer Riley groans. Hurry, get him into the table. I think we're losing him. Hey Kev., where's the girls; asked Jake.

Where are the boys. Maybe we should go find them. They've been gone awhile; said Brittany. Well, let's go find them; said Megan. Footsteps walking. So, what are you in for; asked Brittany. Arson. I burned my own house down. But the thing is. My family was inside. Even my ex boyfriend. What about you; asked Megan. First-degree murder. I killed my brother-in-law; said Brittany. Hey you...what are you in for. Come on, you could tell us; said Megan. I was charged with three felonies. First was arson, for burning a bank. The second was first-degree murder, for killing my step father. And finally battery. I don't want to talk about that one; said Susan.

Ground thumping. What's going on; asked Brittany. Trees falling. and it's big; said Megan. Thumping getting closer. Girls...we have to hide; said Susan. Ground stops thumping. Iguanadon sniffing ground. All three whimpering behind bushes. Bushes shaking. Iguanadon snarls. Go-go-go, just be quiet. Don't make a sound. Susan runs behind Iguanadon into other section of the woods. Just be very quiet and don't make a sound; whispered Susan. All right, once I'm close to the woods. Run as fast as you can. I'll see you on that side; whispered Megan running towards woods. Brittany follows behind Megan. Twig snaps. Iguanadon snarls. Brittany gulps. Iguanadon turns around then sees Brittany.; whispered Brittany.

Stay there...if it tries to eat her. Just move her out of the way. I've got a plan. Susan running out of woods. "HEY, YOU SON OF A BITCH. COME ON, THIS WAY. HEY YOU MONSTER." Iguanadon snarls then chases Susan. "YOU GUYS GO. COME ON...FOLLOW ME"; yelled Susan running down road. Ground thumping. Britt., are you all right. Hopefully Susan will be. Come on, let's go somewhere safe; said Megan. Susan continues running. Iguanadon snarling. A cabin. Susan runs towards cabin. "HELP ME...PLEASE. I NEED YOUR HELP...PLEASE"; yelled Susan. Iguanadon approaches. Guns cock then fire. Susan...go around the back. The doors open. Kev., get inside. Officer Williamson, get into the cabin. Officer Williamson, go now; said Jake.

Look out, kid. Iguanadon's tail hits Officer Williamson. Officer Williamson goes flying. Gun cocks. Iguanadon tail hits Jake. Jake falls into the ground. Kid...get inside. "HEY, OVER HERE." Iguanadon approaches Officer Williamson. Come on you bastard. Do something before I-; said Officer Williamson. Iguanadon bites Officer Williamson then shakes him. son of a bitch. Gun cocks then fires. Iguanadon runs away. Footsteps walking. Jake walks into cabin, drops gun then falls onto the floor. Officer Williamson is gone. Whatever that thing is, ate him. How is something like that even living; asked Jake. Guys... Brittany and Megan are still out there. We have to find them; said Susan. All right... I'm helping. You said, "It killed my partner." Now that's the end of the creature; said Officer Riley trying to stand up. No...your injured. We need to find them. But, we don't know where they're at; said Jake.

Cabin door opens. Is it out there; asked Susan. I don't see it. But, stay here. Jake turns on flashlight then shines it around. All right...let's go. We have to move fast; said Jake. Hey Brittany...who was your first experience with. Was it a boy or a girl; asked Megan. With a boy. Why would I have sex with a girl. You do know, I'm not a lesbian; said Brittany. Well, would you ever do it with a girl. Cause, I'd like to experience it; asked Megan kissing Brittany. Ground thumping. Iguanadon snarls.'s coming. We have to leave. Come on...there's a building over there; said Brittany. Both Brittany and Megan running. Iguanadon sees both Brittany and Megan then roars. Building door opens then closes. Hold onto the door a little longer. Iguanadon snarling. Megan grabs bar then puts in through door handles. That should hold it; said Megan. Thanks for helping me. Now, we need to find a way out; said Brittany.

Footsteps walking. How you doing back there, guys. Here, let me help; said Jake. We have to get him up there. Let me go first then hands him up to me. Hopefully it's not up there. Kevin climbs up then gasps. Guys, I think the creatures a female. Cause there's a lot of eggs up here; said Kevin. Where is the creature then; asked Susan. Banging on door continues. Meg. look, there's a way out. But we won't be able to get to it; said Brittany. Britt. look, there's a ladder. Maybe if we climb up it. We could reach the catwalk and get out; said Megan. Iguanadon snarling. Clanking on ladder. We're almost out. Meg., keep going. Iguanadon snarls again then breaks through doors. Go Meg...keep going; said Brittany. I'm at the top. Keep coming, Brittany. Britt., look out. Iguanadon hits ladder. Brittany screaming. Give me your hand. Give it to me. Brittany, you're not gonna die. Brittany groans then climbs ladder. Your almost there. Give me your hand; said Megan.

Brittany reaches for Megan's hand. Gotcha...thanks for grabbing me. Iguanadon bites Brittany's right leg. Brittany screams then looks up at Megan. Thanks for trying to save me; said Brittany. Brittany, you're not gonna die; said Megan. Iguanadon pulls Brittany's leg. Brittany looses her grip. No. Iguanadon bites down onto Brittany. Brittany screaming. Iguanadon walks away. Megan starts crying. It shouldn't of been you, Brittany; said Megan.

"MEGAN...WHERE ARE YOU"; yelled Kevin. Quiet. Ground thumping. Everyone hide; said Jake. Ground stops thumping. Iguanadon drops Brittany's body then sniffs it. Susan sees Brittany then gasps. That's Brittany; whispered Susan. We need to find, Megan; whispered Jake. All four slowly walking away. Does anyone know where it came from; asked Kevin. It's... it' Iguanadon. A prehistoric animal. But, I only thought it ate plants. And just so you know. I'm actually an undercover spy. I went to a museum about two months ago. And they had a new display. I snuck into the exhibit. And there right in front of me was that exact creature. I took some pictures of it too. Then one humid day. The Iguanadon was unthawed. It destroyed the museum and killed everyone inside it. So, I discovered where it was heading. This thing came from the Mississippi River. I didn't mean for any of this to happen; said Officer Riley.

Well look what happened. It killed two of us. And we're lost out here with it; said Kevin. Ground thumping. Iguanadon snarls. Everyone run for dear life. All four running. Iguanadon chased all four of them. Guys... there's a ditch. Jump inside, I'll distract it. All three jump into ditch. Keep coming this way. Iguanadon snarls. Jake stops. Whoa. Unfinished road appears. What should I do. Ground stops thumping. Iguanadon snarls again. Come on...over here. Iguanadon snarls then jumps at Jake. Jake quickly moves. Iguanadon falls over unfinished road. That was for Brittany. Screaming in the distance. Jake running then stops. Second Iguanadon appears. What...there's two. That mut be the female. And I killed the male. "HOLD ON GUYS. I'LL GET YOU OUT OF THERE. HEY...OVER HERE. COME GET YOUR LUNCH." Iguanadon roars loudly. Whoa...that was loud. Iguanadon walks towards Jake. When its gone. You get out of there; said Jake running. Iguanadon chased Jake. Jake running along side river. Iguanadon jumps into river.

Hurry... let's get out of here. I'll go up first. Kevin climbs out of ditch. All right, now you. Hand touches Kevin. Kevin gets startled then sees Megan. Megan; said Kevin. Need a hand; asked Megan. Both Officer Riley and Susan climb out of ditch. Hopefully Jake's all right; said Susan. Jake continues running, stops then breathes heavily. I think I lost it. Gun cocks. Shit. Jake turns around. Listen sir, something's chasing me. And I don't know where it is; said Jake. Do you think I'm gonna buy that story. Now, why are you on my property. And tell me the truth. Ground thumping. Jake gasps. What the hell you looking at; asked man #1 being eaten. Jake runs. Iguanadon roars then chases Jake.

Hey look...there's a truck. Hurry, get in. We could get help for Officer Riley. Doors open then shut. Key turns. Engine flooding. Watch for the creature. Door opens. Susan opens hood of the truck. There .. maybe that'll work. It's time to get out of here. Truck starts then speeds down road. We need to find Jake; said Susan. Tires squealing. Why'd you stop; asked Kevin. Shhhh...listen. Ground thumping. It's coming; said Susan. Thumping getting closer. Jake runs passed truck. "JAKE"; yelled all four of them. What's wrong with him. Ground thumping. Iguanadon appears then roars. The Iguanadon. Tires squealing. We need to pick up Jake; said Susan. I got an idea. You have a gun. Give it to me. Give me a few minutes. There's a farm house in the clearing. You'll find me there. Kevin jumps out of truckbed. "HEY...COME THIS WAY"; yelled Kevin running. Iguanadon snarls then chases Kevin.

It's chasing him. Now to pick up Jake; said Susan. Tires squealing. Jake...where are you. Jake...I saw him go this way. Jake...Jake, come on. Don't be dead; said Susan. Why would I be dead. It didn't eat me; said Jake. Susan hugs Jake. Well, I'm glad to see you too. Where's Kevin; asked Jake. The creatures chasing Kevin. We have to get to him; said Susan. Iguanadon snarls. It didn't follow Kev. Doors shuts. Truck drives away. Where are we heading. The old farm house; said Susan. Do you have your gun. Officer Riley shakes his head no. Shot...we need to escape this thing or it just-; said Jake screaming. Iguanadon's tail hits truck. Truck flips. All four screaming. Truck crashes. Iguanadon snarls. All three coughing then groan.

Is everyone all right. Hey...where's Megan. Smoke clearing. Oh, I see her. How'd she get out there. Meg...are you all right. Stay there, we're coming. Jake tries opening door. My door won't open...yours. Susan shakes her head no. Meg...just wai-. Meg., don't move. Give me my knife. Iguanadon snarling. Knife cuts seatbelt. Meg, stay still... I'm coming. Jake crawls out of truck, randa up then runs towards Megan. Iguanadon snarls then bites Megan. Megan screams. No...fuck. Megan, no; said Jake. Jake...we need to leave; said Susan. Come on...we have an injured officer. And we need to find Kev. I know...but, she's gone. Listen... you're trying to protect us, you still can. Let's go...we have to get Kev.; said Susan.

Kevin running then stops. The farm house. Where you guys at. Ground thumping. Oh shit...need to hide. Group continues thumping. Iguanadon appears. What is it doing. Iguanadon snarls lowly. It's laying its eggs. That's where we were last night. I have to get this on video. Kevin pulls out cellphone then presses record button. name is Kevin Matthews. Right now, I'm watching a prehistoric creature laying its eggs. If I don't make it through this. Mom, dad, I love you. Same with my brother too. Iguanadon walks away. Kevin runs towards farm house. Oh my...oh my. Guys, we have a problem here; said Kevin staring at eggs.

Guys look, it's the farm house. But, where's Kevin; asked Susan. He's in the farm house. I could see him through the one broken piece of the wall. Thumping in the distance. Here it comes. Iguanadon snarls. Kevin, give me the gun. Kevin throws gun. Gun cocks then fires. Iguanadon snarls. Hurry up and hide somewhere. Jake cocks guns then fire sit. Eggs being shot. Iguanadon roars loudly. Your pissed off. Well, so am I. Iguanadon swings its claw then hits Jake. Jake falls into the floor. Oh shit. Iguanadon goes to step into Jake. Jake rolls out of the way. Hide you guys; said Jake being hit with claw again then falls onto the floor. Kevin runs. Kev., what are you doing. Kev...don't even think about it; said Susan.

Be safe. "HEY, OVER HERE. HEY, YOU FUCKING CREATURE. Gun cocks then fires. Jake, get to safety. Gun cocks then fires again. Iguanadon snarls. Jake...get you and the others out of here. Go, get out of here. I know how to kill it. Just get out of here; said Kevin. We'll be back for you. Don't think we won't be; said Jake running. Iguanadon snarls. Kevin sees gasoline then starts pouring it all over. Just go straight to hell. And never come back; said Kevin lighting match then drops it. Gasoline catches on fire. Farm house burning. All three gasp. Kev...stay here. Kevin...ah, geez. Thanks for your help. It was great knowing you; said Jake walking away then approaches both Officer Riley and Susan. Where's Kev.; asked Susan. He, uh...killed the creature. By sacrificing himself. Let's get out of here. Before something else happens; said Jake. Iguanadon appears at bottom of cliff, opens it's eyes then snarls.



There we're seven people. And three survived it's ruckus. But when nine friends go on a road trip. They run into one of the biggest problems of their lives

Charles and April kissing. April takes off her shirt. Crickets chirping. April moaning. Oh...oh yeah. That feels great. You're really good. April kisses Charles. I need to go to the bathroom. No spying on me; said April opening tent. Ground thumping. that you. April, stop fooling around. April, get back in he-ah. Holy shit; said Charles. Iguanadon snarls then bites Charles. Charles screaming. Charles...what an idiot. Charles, what are you doing. April sees Iguanadon then screams. "CHARLES"; yelled April. Iguanadon snarls. April runs then trips. Iguanadon snarls then bites April.

Van drives passed. People laughing. How much further is it; asked August. Just a few more moments-; said Fred being interrupted.'s not moments, Freddy. It's minutes. All right, from the top; said Riley appearing. Riley, could we take a break. I'm exhausted. We've been working non-stop; said Tyler. All right, we're done for the day, guys. Good work today, guys. Wait...before you all leave. I need to see these people in my office. Tyler, August, Fred, October, Jun e and Kevin. Everybody else could go. You six, follow Door shuts. I'm really disappointed in all of you. The reason I'm disappointed is because. Your supposed to be enjoying this class; said Riley angrily then starts laughing.

Riley, are you all right; asked Kevin. Oh I'm fine. I'm just messing with you. I'm not disappointed in you guys. That's what teachers do to students they like. But, I do have something for you. All nine of us are going on a trip; said Riley. Uh excuse me. You said, "nine of us." There's only seven of us here; said Fred. Wow, Fred could count. But yes there are seven of us here. I've invited two of my friends to come along; said Riley. So, get ready. We're leaving in two hours; said Riley.

Door opens then shuts. Are they gone; asked Susan. could come out now; said Riley. It's a good thing they didn't see us. Especially October...are you sure that's my sister; asked Jake. Oh yes, listen to me. I knew your father and mother a long time ago. And after they got divorced. Your father took October with him; said Riley. Well, we need this weekend alone anyway. To reconnect; said Jake.

All six waiting. Where's Riley... it's almost time to leave; said June. Guys, over here. Everybody, I want you to meet Jake and Susan. Guys, this is Tyler, June, August, Kevin, Fred and October. Are you all ready...let's go; said Riley. Digging sound. Welcome to flight 157. Flight to Missouri. Sit back and enjoy yourselves; said stewardess #1 over intercom. Airplane lands. Riley...I need to talk to you. Do you remember what the stewardess said. She said, "Flight 157 to." Now you finish what she said; asked Jake. "To Missouri." Oh shit...we got onto the wrong plane. We need to leave; said Riley. Wait...where'd they go; asked Susan. Riley, we found a ride to the beach; said August. All right. Hey, maybe that thing ain't here anymore; said Riley.

Both Brandon and Lucy giggling and kissing. Hey...let's go into the water; said Lucy. Tent opens. Footsteps walking. Iguanadon snarls. Lucy looks out; said Brandon moving Lucy. Iguanadon bites Brandon then eats him. Lucy runs into woods. Iguanadon snarls. Vehicle stops. Thanks for the ride. How much do we owe you; asked Riley. Oh's free. Just be careful around here. Legend says there's an Iguanadon around these parts; said driver #1. What's that; asked August. Lucy screaming. Ground thumping. Lucy breathing heavily. I think I lost it; said Lucy. Iguanadon snarls. Lucy turns around then screams. Iguanadon bites Lucy. What side of the beach we on; asked June. Riley, come here. I have a bad feeling in my stomach; said Jake. Why do you say that; asked Riley. Well two reasons. First, we're in Missouri. And the second reason. Oh, you'll love this one. Someone's arm in in the ground. I knew this was a bad idea; said Jake. All right...don't overreact. Maybe it was an accident. You know what happens nowadays; said Riley.

Yeah, people always go on trips then cut off their arms; said Jake. Hey guys...what's up; asked Tyler. Nothing...we're coming. Put the arm in your pack. I'm thinking it's back; said Riley. and you will go to the farm house. Riley, keep them in your sight. Especially October. Let's go; said Jake. Ground thumping. Iguanadon snarls. Sarah giggling. Why don't you get in here, Todd; said Sarah. All right...but, I need my swimming trunks. It's in the trunk of the car. I'll be right there. Todd runs towards car. Iguanadon snarls. Sarah sighs. Bubbles rippling. Sarah looks behind her. Iguanadon snarls. Sarah screams. Iguanadon bites Sarah. Sarah, I'm ready. Sarah, where are you; asked Todd. Iguanadon snarls. Todd starts to run. Iguanadon bites Todd's legs then drags him into woods.

Hold on...all right. Let's go, there was an unfinished road over here. I think one of the creatures died there; said Jake. They never finished the road. I wonder why; asked Susan. Iguanadon snarls. Susan, look out. Iguanadon goes to bite Susan. Jake moves Susan. Iguanadon roars. Run Susan. Ground thumping. Both Jake and Susan breathing heavily. Susan, the farm house. Go-go-go. Iguanadon snarling. Hurry Susan. Door opens then shuts. Iguanadon snarls then walks away. It's leaving...we need to get to Riley; said Jake. Oh Tyler...come here. Let's sneak away. So, we could be alone...and naked; said August. All right...follow my lead. Riley...I've got to piss. So, I'm heading over there. Don't worry, I'll be back; said Tyler.

All right...just get back here fast; said Riley. Hey June...distract Riley. I'm meeting up with Tyler; said August. Riley, I need to talk to you; said June. Both August and Tyler giggling. October, where do you think they're going; asked Kevin. Uh guys, stay away from the water. Something is coming; said Riley. Where's Fred; asked October. In the water. Fred...Fred. "FRED"; yelled Kevin. What the hell is that; asked Fred. Fin slows down. "FRED." We need to help him; said October. Oh's a shark; said Kevin. Shark swims towards Fred. Iguanadon jumps out of water then eats shark. All five scream. Iguanadon snarls. Fred screams. Iguanadon bites Fred. All four scream. Hurry, into the woods. It won't follow us; said Riley. All four running. Iguanadon snarls.

Door opens. Let's go...I knew it was still alive. Luckily I brought my gun; said Jake. Good...but, where is it; asked Susan. In my pack...with Riley; said Jake. Look at this spot. August giggles then kisses Tyler. Come on tiger; said August. Both August and Tyler taking off each other's clothes. Ground thumping. Hey listen...never mind. Thought I heard something. So, where were we; asked Tyler laughing. August moaning and breathing heavily. Ground continues thumping. Iguanadon snarls. Oh-oh-oh. August opens her eyes then sees Iguanadon. Oh my God, Tyler; said August running away. What the hells wrong with you. Where are you going. My dick's still hard. August runs into woods. What a bitch. There's nothing. Tyler turns around then sees Iguanadon. What the hell; said Tyler. Iguanadon bites Tyler. Tyler screaming.

Guys stop. Now, is everyone here. Riley counts. There's only four of us. Plus Jake and Susan. Where's August and Tyler. How'd they sneak off. Did anyone see them leave; asked Riley. I don't think so; said Kevin. The last person that talked to them was June; said October. Cellphone ringing. Hello...Jake. Where are you and Susan. We have bad news. Fred's dead; said Riley. I knew this was a bad idea. Anyway, I have a fun in my pack. Get the gun. It'll kill the creature with one shot. And there's ammunition too; said Jake. Twig snaps. Susan gasps. Jake, something's coming. August falls through bushes. August,Al are you all right. Why aren't you with the others. Is anyone else with you. Can you speak. Did you see the creature. Jake, I need your help. I think August is in shock. We need to take her with us. Grab her arm; asked Susan. Susan, listen. Ground thumping. Iguanadon snarls. Hurry...into the woods. I don't think it knows we're here. Don't make any noise at all; said Jake.

August looks then sees Iguanadon. "OH MY GOD. ITS THE CREATURE"; yelled August running in front of Iguanadon. Iguanadon roars then chases August. How stupid is she. "AUGUST, RUN INTO THE TREES"; yelled Jake. August screams. Iguanadon bites August. Both Jake and Susan gasp. Iguanadon snarls. Run. Both Jake and Susan running. Jake look, it's Riley. And there's a shortcut. Hurry up; said Susan. Riley, your friends. Ground thumping. And the creature; said October. Load the gun. Both Jake and Susan continue running. Iguanadon snarls. Guys, duck. Wat this, bitch; said Riley firing gun. Iguanadon moves. Trees explode. All six fall onto the ground, grain then start laughing. killed it. Nice shot; said Jake. Jake...Jake, come here. Look at this. I thought the creature was bigger. Jake nods his head yes. This was a teenage Iguanadon. The mother's close by; said Susan. Iguanadon snarls loudly. Oh no...everyone onto the woods. June trips. Go guys. Iguanadon approaches. June, reach for my hand. Iguanadon goes to bite June. Jake pulls June out of the way. Are you all right; asked Jake. Iguanadon snarls. It won't get us, will it; asked October. No...these are thick trees; said Susan.

What the hells going on. It's like you two know this thing. Why'd you being us here; asked October. Yes, we know about this creature. But, we're not the only ones. Ask Riley, cause we weren't supposed to be here; said Jake. All right...everyone sit down. Listen...about seven years ago. These two were prisoners along with three others. Our bus crashed onto this road. That's when the creature showed up. It's called The Iguanadon. And now we can kill it; said Riley. Riley, we need to leave. I knew this was a bad idea. But, at least I came prepared. Let's keep on walking; said Jake. I don't mean for us to come here. But, it was my bosses idea. They heard about the attack from a week ago. So, that's why I brought you both. . But I didn't know this was gonna happen again; said Riley.

Just keep walking, Riley. Ground thumping.'s coming. Quiet everyone, stay down and please don't run. It'll catch you in no time. Ground stops thumping. Iguanadon snarls, sniffs the ground then walks away. All right...Susan, take them to safety. Riley, me and you will follow the creature. It's about to have it's last meal. Just don't lose any of them. And get the hell out of here. Ready Riley; asked Jake.

So, what's the plan, Jake. You do have a plan, right; asked Riley. Just follow my lead. We killed the teenager. Now to kill the mother. Wait at the other end of the farm house. Once inside, fire the gun. I'll go and find the creature. We're gonna kill it; said Jake. What about you. I'm not leaving you behind; said Riley. Hey, it was fun while it lasted. Just aim it carefully at the farm house. It was great knowing you, Riley; said Jake shaking Riley's hand. Just be safe. Plus, I don't think you need to find the creature. Cause, it found us; said Riley. Iguanadon snarls. Remember, the ammunition is inside the pack. "HEY...OVER HERE"; yelled Jake running.

Riley...what is Jake doing; asked Susan. What are you doing here; asked Riley. Why would I leave you two. I'm bringing you both back alive; said Susan. Iguanadon snarling. Door shuts. "RILEY, FIRE." Buttons being pushed. Cellphone ringing. Riley, fire at the farm house. Riley, do it. And tell Susan that I love her; said Jake. Iguanadon rams against building. Pieces of wood falling onto Jake. Jake groans. Cellphone hangs up.

What are you doing; asked Susan. He thought of this plan. It's time to kill the monster; said Riley pointing gun. No; said Susan pushing gun. Gun fires. Trees explode. Jake groaning. Iguanadon snarling. Nice work. October, reload the gun. Why the hell did you do that for; asked Riley. Here Riley...that's the last shot; said October. Let's not waste it. Here... I'm going for Jake. I'll call you when we're safe. Once I call, you fire the gun. And send that creature back to hell; said Riley running towards farm house. Iguanadon snarls. Door opens. Riley...over here. Where's the gun; asked Jake. Susan has it. She came back for us; said Riley. Now, let's go; said Riley. Riley moves piece of wood off Jake.

Ready...when I open the door. We run into the woods. Then that thing dies...let's go; said Riley opening door. Jake runs out of farm house then into woods. Riley shuts door. Jake stops. Riley, what are you doing. Get out of there; said Jake. Someone needs to have the creatures attention. Hide in the woods. Door opens. Iguanadon snarls. Come on in, you foul beast. Buttons being pushed. Cellphone ringing. Susan, fire. "NOW"; yelled Riley. Gun fires. Farm house explodes. All four gasp. You guys stay here. "JAKE...JAKE. WHERE ARE YOU"; yelled Susan. Jake coughing. You all right. How about the others; asked Jake. They're fine. Let's get out of here. Poor least the creatures dead; said Susan. All three clapping their hands. killed the creature again; said Kevin. Where's Riley; asked June. He', with the creature. Inside the farm house; said Jake. it over; asked October. Baby Iguanadon appears then attacks June. All four gasp. Baby Iguanadon snarls then jumps at group. Gun fires. Baby Iguanadon explodes. Everyone all right. All four gasp. No creature can kill me; said Riley. Let's get out of here; said October. Truck driving then stops. May I help you; asked driver #2. Could you take us to the airport; asked Riley. Yeah, get into the back; said driver #2. All five sitting in truckbed. Truck drives away.

Ten Days Later. Matt and Samantha giggling. Hey, did you ever hear about this Iguanadon. It came here and killed four people; said Matt. When; asked Samantha. About ten days ago; said Matt. Really...oh my God. Matt, look over there. They look like eggs; said Samantha. Stay here... I'll check it out. Eggs chirping. Hey Sam...they're chirping; said Matt. Maybe we shouldn't bother them. The mother could be close by; said Samantha. Iguanadon snarls. Sam, look out...behind you; said Matt. Iguanadon breathing on Samantha. What should I do; asked Samantha. Just don't move. Slowly come towards me; said Matt. Cellphone ringing. Both Matt and Samantha gasp. Iguanadon snarls. Matt quickly loves Samantha. Iguanadon bites Matt. Samantha gasps then runs. Iguanadon chased Samantha. Samantha falls. Iguanadon stops in front of Samantha. Samantha cowering. Iguanadon snarls then bites Samantha. Samantha screams.


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