They are a different human species, the Homo Superiors, believed to be the next link in the chain of human evolution. Each is born with a unique mutation, which at puberty manifests itself into extraordinary powers. They call themselves the Genus, and can only reproduce among themselves as mates.

Table of Contents

The Worry

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The Great Genus

"That's not the way to engage a visitor, Mrs. Maritha." The intruder by the common name of Rogue mentioned with eyes at Mrs. Kirk's elect... Read Chapter

The Connection

Maya Kirk submitted her admission forms in one of the offices in the University Administration Buildings and headed out to the University... Read Chapter

The Confusion 01

"Are you listening?" Bridget became concerned about the lover who looked to be in some kind of absorbed reverie. He hadn't been himself e... Read Chapter

The Confusion 02

While having dinner together as a family, Mr. and Mrs. Kirk could clearly see their daughter's disturbed mood. She wasn't herself, and ev... Read Chapter

Feelings Vs Reason

Maya walked to one of the training fields of the Homo Superiors at Xavier University where she was directed to find her 'companion'. When... Read Chapter

The Kidnapping

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Mission Failure

Maya got out her phone as one of the grandfather's operatives got near her. He wanted to see everything- who the lady would call and what... Read Chapter

Too Little Too Late

Bernd Kirk arrived at his destination and came to a quick stop from the flight and super speed ability he was using. He hated that he was... Read Chapter

The Experience

Bridget hurried to where the lover was at the University. She had quickly called him the moment she left the most esteemed house of the H... Read Chapter

The Police Station

Mr. and Mrs. Kirk needed not to strain thinking about where to find the person that had kidnapped their daughter. It came easy on both of... Read Chapter

Zander’s Keep

Mr. Zander Hildon's deeply lined and darkly bearded face was crestfallen, with eyes, the blue fierce eyes, clenched tight from the news h... Read Chapter

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