Fishing for Quantum Truth

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Andrew, a fisherman, finds a body of a young lady floating in the water near his favorite fishing spot. Two days later he finds another, but it turns out to be the same body. And this time she is alive.

*This is very much a work in progress. I have a 70,000 word, 50 chapter, first draft completed, but I want to re-work it before I share the whole thing. In the meantime I have decided to share these first few chapters, hoping that some of you would offer some thoughts and input on the whole project.
* The cover drawing is actually a reference to something that happens much later in the book, so please don't try to make it fit in any of these fice chapters.

Table of Contents

Gnat (July 1918)

Prolog: Gnat (July 1918) The first impression was the faded yellow wallpaper, with the faint images of flowers, and the heat. The roo... Read Chapter

Andrew (July 2018 - Friday Morning)

Chapter One: Andrew (Day 1: Friday Morning, July 2018) There’s a great joy in nakedness, the feel of the air, warm or cool, brushin... Read Chapter

Andrew (July 2018 - Saturday)

Chapter Two: Andrew (Saturday) Summer Saturdays are the busiest days at the Daddy B’s Marina, with all the weekend boaters wanting ... Read Chapter

Grunt Parson (July 2018 - Saturday Night)

Chapter Three: Grunt Parsons (Saturday Night) It took weeks to make the rope from toilet paper. The jail was fairly new, but there we... Read Chapter

Andrew (July 2018 - Sunday morning)

Chapter Four: Andrew (Sunday Morning.)   Finally, on the second day after finding her, I walked back to the dock where I moo... Read Chapter

Grunt Parson (2018 - Pre-dawn Sunday morning)

Chapter Five: Grunt Parsons (Pre-dawn Sunday morning)   I slipped along the wall of a brick apartment complex, hiding my nak... Read Chapter

Andrew (2018 - Sunday Morning)

Chapter Six: Andrew (Sunday morning) “Okay,” she turned all the way around, wrapping her arms about her stomach to keep warm, sur... Read Chapter

Gnat: July 1918

Chapter Seven: Gnat (July 1918 - I) It was still very dark outside when I awoke, which meant that it was very early indeed. I had lea... Read Chapter

Andrew - 2018, Sunday, late morning

Chapter Eight: Andrew (2018 - Sunday Late morning) Thornville is a medium sized university town only about five miles from the lake. ... Read Chapter

Penelope - 2018, Sunday Morning

Chapter Nine – Penelope (Sunday Morning) The most horrible night of my life. A late summer night, cool enough to leave the window o... Read Chapter

Andrew (2018 - Sunday afternoon)

Chapter Ten: Andrew (Sunday afternoon) Gnat seemed to have a natural sense of direction, and to know where she was going, even though... Read Chapter

Gnat (July 1918)

Chapter Eleven: Gnat (July 1918) “Have you royal blood?” Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna asked me. “No, Your Imperial High... Read Chapter

Andrew (2018 - Sunday Night)

Chapter Twelve: Andrew (Sunday Night.)   The darkness was nearly complete when we slipped back into the woods with the modif... Read Chapter

Gnat (2018 - Sunday Night)

Chapter Thirteen: Gnat (Sunday night)   When Schroedinger heard about the whole theory of quantum physics and Heisenburg’s... Read Chapter

Detective Michaels (2018 - Monday Morning)

Chapter Fourteen: Detective Michaels (Monday morning.) It had been a miserable weekend, all because I knew that Monday morning was co... Read Chapter

Andrew (2018 - Monday Morning)

Chapter Fifteen: Andrew (Monday morning)   My dream was set in the woods, much like the woods where we were sleeping. I was ... Read Chapter

Gnat (2018 - Monday Morning)

Chapter Sixteen: Gnat (Monday morning)   The rain had soaked our clothing completely by the time we got there, but we found ... Read Chapter

Penelope (2018 - Monday Morning)

Chapter Seventeen: Penelope(Monday morning)   “Penny! Damnit, bitch. You didn’t get the fuckin’ filter on this Caddy t... Read Chapter

Gnat (July 1918)

Chapter Eighteen: Gnat (July 1918)   “Oliska, no!” The shout awakened me. For a half a minute I was totally disoriented,... Read Chapter

Andrew (2018 - Monday Midday)

Chapter Nineteen: Andrew (Monday mid-day)   We had to go back to the house even though it worried me that old man Taylor had... Read Chapter

Detective Michaels (2018 - Monday Afternoon)

Chapter Twenty: Detective Michaels (Monday afternoon)   Damn. Shit. Fuckin’ Feds. Murphy just brought in a message saying ... Read Chapter

Gnat (2018 - Monday Midday)

Chapter Twenty-One: Gnat (Monday afternoon)   I didn’t really have any quantum trick that was going to let me disappear as... Read Chapter

Gnat (July 1918)

Chapter Twenty-two: Gnat (July 1918)   A thick smell of life, roses, onions and mulch, permeated the garden after the rai... Read Chapter

Andrew (Monday evening)

Chapter Twenty-three: Andrew (Monday Evening)   My back ached. My head ached. My arms ached. Everything ached, except for my... Read Chapter

Gnat (Monday evening)

Chapter Twenty-four: Gnat (Monday evening)   During my Russian youth, my parents often took me to the cottage to get away fr... Read Chapter

Andrew (2018 - Monday Night)

Chapter Twenty-five: Andrew (Monday night)   The big man was right about my name being James. It had actually been James And... Read Chapter

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