Una cosa llamada amor

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Dear cupid,


you made a little thing called “love”

but really, it's not that little to me.

It changed my life completely.

To me there's two types of love,

love like writing poems for hours and hours

because the feeling of passion it gives you

or the type of love that makes your heart melt,

and palms sweaty over a person that walked into

your life and made you feel like

they've been there the whole time.

Love can be one of the most confusing things in life

and could make you overthink,

but when you figure it out it's like completing a

puzzle that the person built the rest of.

Well, that's what happened to me atleast.

I never suspected that a boy my age would walk in

my life randomly and change everything.

There are so many things and feelings

I have to tell him, but nothing comes out.

I'm frozen. Speechless.

But even beyond the speechlessness,

I tend to express my feelings

that somehow started to show more because of him.

In the past I had to close off a lot of my emotions

because of people or occurrences

that overcame me,

but now I know I'm safe and able to show my true

emotions and imperfections.

My imperfections bother me but he shows me

there's no reason to be insecure

about them through the reassurance,

care, and love he treats me to

There's no person or place

I'd rather be than with him.

Submitted: January 08, 2023

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