The Sister Who Cried

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A young girl brings up a truth that is often overlooked in our world. Part of the series "A Medieval Days Tale."

"The Sister Who Cried"

The two little sisters of the Perletta Barony sat quietly in their room--the younger crying silently into her fists. Their fancy dresses and flowers their mother had twisted into their hair that morning betrayed the petty fighting of the night before with their father.

"Do not cry, sister," said the eldest to the youngest. "Everything shall be all right. You'll see!"

"Everyone always says that!" the younger sister said, bringing her damp face up with a whispering whine. "But nobody knows if it's true! How do you know it shall be okay?"

Yet that was what their mother always told them--again and again. Perhaps no one did know it to be true.

Submitted: January 08, 2023

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