Chapter 50: Central school 11, Umuojisi Imo State Ministry of education First school leaving certificate examination.

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Name of Pupil: Otuechere Alexis Chukwudi. Age: 12 years. Subjects: 1. The English language (English) 57%. 2. General mathematics (Arithmetic) 55%. 3. General knowledge 54%. 4. General science 60%. Total: 226%. Average: 56.5%. Number of subjects: 4. Grade of result: Pass level. Available grades: 71%_100%: Distinction. 61%_70%: Credit. 51%_60%: Pass level. 0%_50%: Fail. Class teachers remark: Good. Headmaster comment: Pupil is a victim of childhood rape sometime between1967 and 1970. Among discoverable effects on him include: (a). the 0% he gets in a classwork in Arithmetic. Especially, if the teacher teaching the class isn't a Nigerian. He isn't coping in the subject under a Ghanaian teacher (Mr Brown), at the nursery school stage of his education. (b). Delay in development of secondary sex characteristics and maturity. (c). He attends and do well only in a school where his father is one of the teachers. Page 50.

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