Our ‘Positive Makeups’ should lead the way predominantly in all aspects of day and night

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Our ‘Positive Makeups’ should lead the way predominantly in all aspects of day and night:


We consciously guide and mould our thoughts, let’s give this thought and ‘vibe’ the very best chance. Let’s Build The ‘Reputation’ of others in the positive light. We tend to live up to reputation, we build or ‘others’ build in ‘their’ minds of us. We know this first hand.

The Best and Brightest Outcomes we could ever imagine have the best fighting chance of fruition by outwardly or ‘deliberately’ building the positive reputations of others’ in our lives. 


Reciprocation usually flows in the same river we set foot in and each same foot set, we personally transform. Humans usually have a knack of satisfying these wondrous transformations.


We must still keep reality in check of others’ abilities and not be tempted to push for the clearly ‘impossible’ or ‘unreasonable’. Natural barriers will usually still find a way of reminding us of our limits and abilities we share. Fallibilities, faults, quirks can only add a more natural connection that make us have far more in common with the next person than we ever imagined. We keep out expectations to an objectionable, non-judgemental level and we will be pleasantly surprised above and beyond more often that not.


Let’s forecast the ‘positive’ from ourselves and others. Build the culture that reflects the highest attitudes of life/daily outcomes. Leaders build more co-respect by nurturing feedback, along with the energy we naturally radiate.


The more we carve/sculpt positively, the more we give ‘The Pygmalion Effect’ opportunity to build and change for the ultimate good we ALL Deserve.


My Fair Lady, Pretty Woman, Mannequin, Weird Science, Lars and the Real Girl, Her, Can’t Buy Me Love, Trading Places.


Submitted: January 10, 2023

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