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The clock ticked loudly in the room's silence as Venta clutched the gun in her shaking hand. Martha and KARAM stood before her, unaware of the impending danger. Suddenly, without warning, Venta pulled the trigger, mercilessly shooting both Martha and KARAM. Blood splattered around as their bodies crumpled to the ground.

Venta quickly dialed the police from a burner phone, her voice severe and cold as she reported the crime. She walked away from the scene, her footsteps echoing in the empty warehouse. Her face was etched with a serious expression as if she was being controlled by a force beyond her control.

As the police arrived at the scene, they were met with the gruesome sight of two bleeding bodies lying on the floor. Venta's whereabouts remained unknown for so long. 

KARAM's identity was identified at that moment, and her body was taken for embalming.

Jay Hodges, the skilled embalmer, approached the body of Keith Andrew with a heavy heart. As he examined the lifeless form, a bullet wound on the forehead caught his attention. But to his surprise, there was no bullet to be found inside the skull. A glimmer of hope sparked within Jay as he thought of a daring plan to save Keith's life.

With only a few hours left until the burial, Jay knew he had to act fast. He quickly set to work, using his knowledge of movies to create makeshift defibrillators from metal plates. His hands shook as he applied the first shock to Keith's heart, but nothing happened.

Determined to save his patient, Jay tried again, this time with more force. Still, there was no response. With only one last chance left, Jay took a deep breath and delivered the final shock. To his amazement, Keith's heart started to beat once more.

Jay Hodges had successfully brought Keith back from the brink of death.

It was about an hour left till the funeral van came to take the body for the burial process. Keith and Jay had to do something before the situation slips out of hand.

“We have to find a body the same as me,” Keith suggested.

They both went out on the hunt for a body and with a luck, they found an abandoned corpse of the same height. There is only one problem, the abandoned corpse doesn't look like Keith, not even ten percent.

“People hate you. They don’t want to see your face.” Jay said to Keith as he was staring at the body, “... But I can make it look like you.” Jay is confident about his job.

“I know people hate me. But we have to do something. I am a villain for them. They will kill me if they found out I am not dead… Just make him look like me.”.

From that day someone is resting underground under the name of Keith Andrew Ravera Antonio Martine.

Submitted: January 24, 2023

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