Morale in the Workforce! – Open Leader

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Morale in the Workforce! – Open Leader

The team is suffering from Low Morale.

Low morale in the workplace can result from many factors, including employer policies, poor working conditions, lack of professional business relationships or an overly competitive environment. Making changes in the workplace to boost morale does not require a major employee overhaul or organisational restructuring. Listening to employees, providing valuable criticism of employee work performance and promoting an environment in which all employees feel valued may boost morale and productivity in John’s workplace.

Step 1

Let’s talk with the team and our customers to determine why they enjoy working for the company or doing business with you. If the reasons are few, we need to make changes to improve business relationships. We need to encourage the team and customers to share their ideas and comments by actively listening to what they have to say. When the team and customers speak, we should listen. Take notes and try to use what they say to make changes. For example, if the team ever shows the sentiments that they do not feel appreciated at the office, ask them why. Ask if there is anything we could do that would make them feel more appreciated.

Step 2

Offer rewards to the team after completing a large project or landing a major client or for just being downright good at their job. Trish, Tim, Lee, Jake and Steph all need love on a certain professional level and this love can be displayed to them via monetary means such as:

Reward Trish with that ship cruise she has talked about but never had the finances or the time or the gumption to just go and do it.

Reward Tim with that Year long Gold Membership at the exclusive Studs ‘R’ Us Gymnasium he has mentioned in passing but hasn’t said too much due to his weight problem, let’s not lose Tim to a heart attack.

Reward Jane with that new computer system and her own office, she must be getting tired of sharing her desk with Jake, she needs space to breath and grow.

Reward Tash with front row tickets to that show she hints and hums and throw in dinner and a room at the Hyatt.

Reward Lee with a ticket on the same cruise with Jane. It has become obvious that Lee and Jane’s same sex tendencies toward one another, as long as the firm can survive a couple of weeks without the both of them performing their wondrous and adroit abilities.

Reward Jake with that three week course he has been accidentally on purpose leaving brochures on the elevator floor.

Reward Steph with a red tulip hamper, it’s the least the firm can do for her seeing as her new husband has just left her for another woman and fled Brazil.

Other Rewards include taking employees out to dinner or buying coffees and doughnuts for the entire firm and in Tim’s case, a fruit salad, mineral water and yes, get him a FitBit.

Step 3

We need to offer both praise and constructive criticism when we perform our yearly team evaluations. Let the team know how much we value their skills and brainstorm ways for them to expand on those skills. Work with the team to set realistic goals for the rest of the year. Help the team along the way by offering suggestions and advice as necessary.

Submitted: January 18, 2023

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