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Note: While writing a letter Pablo Neruda's poem came to me when I was writing the sign off. This was supposed to be a humorous subversion of both romantic poetry and common attitudes generally. It didn't work and it got away from me so it goes here with the experiments. I may revisit it. I think the first couple stanzas are funny and the second to last stanza was pretty decent. Might stand alone in other contexts.

Love Poem #2

“I love you without knowing how,
Or when,
Or from where...”**

Is such a cope.

I love you ‘cause you bring me ‘dem
Good vibes,
And ‘dat phat ass…

Is stupid but its getting better.

I loved you, now I don’t.
The feelings went away,
Were never here to stay…

Three truths and a lie.

Plant, animal, mineral?
Phantom, transaction, positional?

Let’s try again.

If this feeling fades away,
You’ll still be here to stay,
And that would be okay,

I love you without knowing,
If things will ever be the same.
As our first talks, where the seeds first took root.
That first smile, where the seeds began to bloom.
That first kiss.

I love you without needing,

** Seriously though, Pablo Neruda's I Love You Without Knowing How is a great poem.

Submitted: January 25, 2023

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