Ruby’s Weekend Getaway

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Ruby is a King Charles Cavalier and Poodle mix, or Cavapoo for short, and her name comes from the reddish tips of her white curly hair. She lives in a white house with teal shutters and a bright orange door that matches her quirky personality. She also loves Saturday morning cuddles and sitting on the laps of visitors, leaning her head on their chests if necessary.

Like many dogs, she has a heart full of love for people and dogs alike. In fact, she loves people and dogs so much that she will gladly hop right over the white picket fence and leave her beloved owners to find new friends, especially dog friends. 

There was one infamous day when she did just that. She may have been trying to follow a dog passing by or was simply in desperate need of a new friend. Regardless, she left home and didn’t look back.

In her effort to follow the numerous scents around her, another person saw her. Now, this person was kind, considering Ruby is a designer breed, and Ruby doesn’t have a chip and wasn’t wearing a collar either. So, the lovely person dropped Ruby off at an animal shelter.

This, however, was no problem for Ruby because she was doted upon by the many people working there, met many new dog friends, and ate lots of treats! She quite enjoyed her first mini vacation from home, and it showed!

At last, after a few days, Ruby’s owner finally found her at the shelter and was very relieved. Ruby, of course, was glad to be back with the people she loves most.

Ruby never opted for a repeat weekend getaway. Nonetheless, her drive to make new friends has not kept her from hopping over the fence now and again.


Submitted: January 20, 2023

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Good story, glad the little rascal hasn't succumbed to the vagabond call again.

Fri, January 20th, 2023 1:14pm

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