Why is he Yelling

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Right now, I want to introduce you to Michael. Michael’s face kind of reminds me of Chris Brown. I said “kind of” nobody is as fine as Chris Brown, but that is a different story. I’m a huge fan of Chris Brown, so you can imagine my delight when my aunt introduced us. 

Now I don’t think Michael knew what was happening, but I’ve been hooked up enough times to read her mind before she even had the thought. My aunt and I were shopping as we both do so well, and Michael walked by and caught her eye. 

“Didn’t you need a new hat?” she asked out of the blue.

'No, what's wrong with my hats?’ I asked.

“Oh, nothing. I just thought I spotted one that would look so cute on you,” she replied.

At this point, my mind clicked, and I knew she was up to something, a man something.

“Who is he?” I asked with a smirk of pride. I had her all figured out. She pointed to the hat section, and my eyes instantly locked on this gorgeous fedora that would go perfect with some heels that I bought last week. I didn’t see Michael or any man in that section at all.

“Dang!” my aunt said in frustration. He was just there. I, on the other hand, was just grateful that my aunt sent me to the hat section. We got checked out and headed to the food court. I always have to eat at the food court whenever we come because there's always a ‘mom and pop’ restaurant that has made it into the mall and has the best food. In this mall, it’s a gyro place!

“I’m going to get my usual,'' I said as I headed to get in line. The food is so good there it is always a line. I finally got my food and began to look for my aunt. I spotted her in the Chinese food line talking to a guy. I thought to myself, that must be hat boy. Yes, I’m calling him hat boy at this point because I don’t know his name. Because I like my food to be really hot when I eat it, I got that from my mommy, I decided to find a seat and eat before it got cold. Two maybe three bites in, my aunt approached, food in hand, followed by this kind of Chris Brown look alike.

“Is this hat boy?” I asked while my mouth was empty. Don't want to talk with a mouth full of food.

“This is Michael,” my aunt said as she gave him a little nudge and a wink.

“Hey, Michael, I’m Lovely,” I responded and pointed at a chair. Like I said, I knew what was happening here, and Michael looked old enough to have caught on by now. 

Michael sat and stayed for a while as I answered a few questions between bites, and after the interview was over, he asked if I’ve been on a carriage ride downtown yet. 

“No, aren’t they only in town for a short time?” I asked.

“Yes, for the winter months,” he informed me.

“Oh,” I said as I sipped my iced tea and looked over at him.

“I’ve never been either but always want to go. We should try it together,” he said.

“I would love to be your first,” I said with a wink. I was flirting and didn’t even realize it. We exchanged numbers and decided on a date and time.

The week passed so fast, and Saturday is already here! I was the kind of nervous that wasn't really nervous, but just a lot of thoughts running through my mind. Like was he finally the one and do I look cute kind of thoughts. Because it was cold out, I decided to wear that hat I had gotten last week but with boots instead of heels. I found some pretty tight jeans that showed off all this ass and a red sweater that hung off one shoulder. I like red and off-shoulder. They are great first date outfits, and I have a flower tattoo on my shoulder. I’ll probably regret the sweater because I hate being cold, but was looking cute cute. Yes, two cutes! Plus, I needed to do laundry and didn't have many other opinions. 

I’d arranged to meet him downtown because I didn't want him knowing where I lived. When I pulled up, he was standing on the sidewalk smoking. I said a little prayer that all went well tonight and that he was not smoking cigarettes. I hate them! He noticed me and ran over and opened my door for me. 

“You look delicious,” he said with a really big smile.

“Thanks!” I managed to get out through my blushing.

He was wearing loose jeans and a black button-down shirt with a light jacket and clean shoes. He escorted me to the curb and paid for my parking.

“You're thick as a gumbo,” he said while feeding the meter. I’m not sure how to respond, so I just smiled and reached for his hand. We walked hand in hand through downtown with light, polite conversation until the sun began to set.

“The sun is going down. You ready?” he asked.

“Yep, but let's get hot cocoa first,” I said.

Luckily there was a hot cocoa stand near the carriage rides. So we headed on over, and the driver took our tickets as he gave us instructions not to smoke because the horses don’t like it, and to keep all limbs in the carriage so we don’t get hurt. The driver went to help me up first, and I heard Michael make a comment about how pretty I am, and he and the driver shared some kind of manly bonding moment that I didn’t understand. Once they were done talking, Michael finally joined me and asked if I wanted the blanket that was provided in the carriage. I declined and scooted closer to him in hopes of using some of his body heat. 

The horse and carriage took off, and we passed through the same area that we had just walked through. 

“This is really nice,” I said. “I like it better in the carriage than walking,” I then added with a chuckle.

“Yeah, this is boss shit,” he said.

“THIS IS BOSS SHIT!!!” he then yelled. 

I just want to pause for a moment and remind you that I love to laugh and will sometimes laugh because of nervousness, I may not know what else to do or confusion. Confusion is definitely my reason today. 

Ok, back to my story. A little laugh began to build up in my belly, but I was not sure if it was appropriate to laugh now. I mean, I didn’t want him to think that I was laughing at him, so I held it in. 

“THIS IS BOSS SHIT!!!” he yelled again, and this time, he looked at me for my reaction. I’m not sure if I was scared, confused, amused or what, so I just looked at him with wide eyes and a smirk.

“THIS IS BOSS SHIT!!!” This time, he yelled even louder and put more feeling into it. At this point, I just couldn’t hold in my laugh any more, so I laughed. I immediately covered my mouth and tried to keep the childish chuckles in, but it was too late. The laugh came from deep within as I thought to myself, stop laughing, you're going to ruin the date, but me being me, also thought he was the one yelling over a fifty dollar carriage ride, so he has already ruined the date. My thoughts made me laugh even more. Tears began to roll from my eyes, my breathing was shallow, and my laughter was now sounding like screeches, but the sight of me hysterically laughing only encouraged him to keep yelling. Keep in mind that we are downtown. There are food trucks, sidewalk sales, street performers and indie vendors despite the brisk temperatures, so this is the perfect place for walkers. Our carriage was open, and all passing by could hear and see us.

“GET YO’ MONEY UP! Y'ALL WALKIN’!” he yelled this time. 

“THIS IS BOSS SHIT!!!” he yelled to a few more people as we drove by, but I’m no longer amused because I don’t like for people to be arrogant or rude. So I just sat there in a pouty manner with my arms crossed and waited for him to finish his display. He then pulled a black and mild from his pocket, lit it, put it in his mouth, leaned back next to me, and wrapped one of his arms around me as he stretched his legs out and crossed them at the ankles. 

“Ummm, the horses don’t like smoke, remember? And neither do I,” I politely reminded him.

“Fuck them horses; they’ll be alright,” he said as a puff of smoke escaped from his mouth. At Least it’s not cigarettes, I thought. But what just happened?! I thought to myself. 





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Hi, I’m Lovely the author. Thank you for taking time to read my stories. I’m grateful for your energy and for going on this ride with me. It’s more than a blessing! Life can be funny when it comes to dealing with humans, especially human love.

I’m a lover of love and laughter and find my inspiration in my mother and children. To grow up watching a single momma navigate life was truly an inspiration. Also watching my children navigate life from the very beginning inspires me.

My favorite part of writing is actually the story telling portion. I enjoy putting my spin on things and reliving the positive moments. Recapping lessons learned are also constant reminders that life is to be lived even in rough times.

I’m also a girly girl that lives in her feminine energy, good or bad. Sharing some of the private and possibly embarrassing moments wasn’t the easiest. 

I pray that conversations are had, situations are related to and people realize they are not alone when reading this book.

Thank you once again for reading my book and blessings all over your life.


~Lovely The Author


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