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black suit, tragic background, sarcastic smile, bright eyes, body built, tattoos, tall height, black undercut hairs.
"stop this marriage or i won't hesitate to turn this marriage hall into a graveyard"
beautifully curved body, her brown waves of hair jumped as she took a step and her eyes on focusing on him...
reunion, bloodshed, love...will keep suprising you till the end...

yoongi and i had been dating for past seven years and my parents got to know. they weren't agreeing for our marriage as he's a mafia, we're white collar. he tried to explain them nicely as well scaring them too but it didn't work. yesterday he came a threatned them.

yoongi: i'll give you a day to think for last time or tomorrow i will kidnapp her for forever...

but today their getting me married to their white collar guy forcefully, i already gave yoongi a call last night informing him about this shit...today was the big day i was standing next to him about to take vows and hoping yoongi would enter soon, instantly dor burst open revealing him, my baby, my life, my about to be husband...deep black suit, tragic background, sacrastic smile, bright eyes, body built, tall, tatoos, black undercut hairs...

yoongi: stop this marriage or i won't hesitate to turn this marriage hall into a graveyard

an instant smile appeared on my face seeing him. he signaled his men to take me to car, my fiance held my hand for stopping me, yoongi shaked my hand away from him. we turned around he stopped yoongi and was about to punch him but everyone arrowd their guns towards him. yoongi left my hand and sat on the sofa and i sat on a near by chair knowing a show is about to start and waiting to enjoy it. he sat on sofa consuming space, crossing his leg one on the other, sitting like a king owning the place.

The gunshot echoed the entire hall where the dozens of suited men froze on the spot, holding their breaths around the man with deep crimson suit wearing a black hat. That man's shoes were glittering, polished by the tears of the kneeling man before him. Oh, he's now dead by the way.
Slowly, he straightened his back before he leaned on the soft mattress of the sofa. And he snapped his fingers,

yoongi: "Clear this."
Three men from the dozens rushed to the lying man on the floor and took him away. Silence remained
unbroken until he roared another order,

yoongi: "Come here."
Behind muscularly built, tall and well suited men, a slim lady appeared. She was pretty tall, tall for a lady. Her high heels cracked the floor as she approached the crimson man circled by dozens, slowly and gracefully swinging her beautifully curved body. Her brown waves of hair jumped as she took a step, and her eyes focusing into eyes of the only man sitting. The men cleared for her way, daring not to look her in the eye, lowering their gazes. On the hand of the sofa, she sat and her arms circling his shoulders.
yoongi: "Did you enjoy the show?"

he kissed her hands.
She chuckled,

girl: "Yes, I do."

as her eyes savouring the view of spattered blood on the floor.

he held her hands and they both got up and took vows 

yoongi: with this hand i will lift your sorrows, your cup will never be empty, for i will be your wine with this candle i will light your way to darkness. with this ring i ask you to be mine.(corpse bride)


Submitted: January 24, 2023

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