Our Crossway

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Just a story that I thought would be fun to write about, Im new at this so it may be bad but hey I'm trying. The story is going to be about a figure skater who tutors on his time off and a hockey player, that dropped out of school to help his mom out. Due to this he needs someone to teach him what happens when one of his teammates brother who helps him out with math and English happens to be a figure skater how will their paths cross, what will happen when they start catching feelings for one another

Chapter one: 


It was a late night for practice, all the guys that were on the team were sweaty. We were all  huffing loudly as our coach kept yelling at us to keep moving and to try harder since we had a game soon. I was personally very tired due to this I got slammed onto the floor by my teammate who was acting like the opposite team, he looked down slightly worried as I fell with a loud ‘thud’ everyone’s voice was slowly fading out as I layed on my side. I shut my eyes and took a few breaths in before I opened my eyes and tried to get up, I felt something dripping into my helmet, maybe it was blood. Once one of my teammates Matthew knew that I could not get up by myself he helped out, asking if I was ok. I shook my head while I took my helmet off, and yes blood was coming down my head. It was a small, maybe one inch cut near my forehead. As I looked over to my coach he blew the whistle and said practice was over. He walked over and checked my wound before sighing and turning around saying I could leave, too patch it up once I got into the locker rooms. He did not dismiss practice because of me he dismissed it because another group had the rink reserved for practice around seven, I was helped out of the rink and into the locker rooms to get my wound cleaned and patched up. Also to change but I didn’t do that I usually just change my skates into my shoes as I was getting ready and all I overheard my coach talking about some figure skaters taking over the ice rink, not being happy that he had to cut practice for some ..fags. I simply rolled my eyes and put my shoes on as I grabbed the trash that was made while cleaning my wound, once my teammate finished he flicked the other side of my forehead and walked away. I got up and grabbed my bag before walking out of the locker room, I noticed some slim guys skating around.. Maybe waiting  for the rest of the guys to finish stretching if they are figure skaters. I simply shrugged my shoulders and walked away. I bowed my head to my coach as I cussed him out underneath my breath for being homophobic before making it to the exit and leaving. I took my phone out and my earbuds to listen to music on the way home as I got bumped into by someone. He said sorry very softly before running inside of the building.. By the way he brushed up onto my shoulder I would only assume he was also a figure skater who was late to practice.

I huffed and saw how cold the night was once I saw my breath in the air. I fixed my gym bag over my shoulder and started to make my way home for some odd reason though my thoughts kept going back to the guy who bumped into me. I couldn't get my head to wrap around it though, I had no reason to keep thinking about him. I shoved the thinking to the side and focused on my music, speaking of music.. Something about it made me feel at ease. No matter the type of music it was, I enjoyed listening to it. 


[As Ji-Woo walked down the sidewalk, listening to his music he stopped at the light waiting for the hand to turn to the walking symbol he was at Jefferson Rd. So he wasn’t far from his apartment that he shared with his mother and three older sisters. Once the light turned Ji-WOo went and kept walking to the direction his home was and since he was so focused on his music he couldn’t even tell that he was only a few steps away from his gate that lead into the apartment]


I took a deep breath and that made me snap out of my thoughts soon realizing that I was at the gate.. I took my keys out as I pulled my earbuds out of my ears, I unlocked the door and walked through the gates waving to an old lady who was sipping some type of hot drink petting her black cat. I smiled a little as I passed her to go up the stairs. My smile soon faded as I was out of sight from her. I then switched the keys to my apartment house keys. I unlocked the door and walked in to see my three sisters fighting over who can have the control and my mother getting ready to go to work

“Home..” I said loud enough for my mum to hear over all the fighting my sisters were doing, I rolled my eyes at them and went over to leave my bags in a corner somewhere. My mum smiled and greeted me very fast as she went to finish getting ready when I looked over to my sisters I was amused on how they acted like little kids even though they were the one that are supposed to be the older sisters that get onto me for shit like that but instead its the other way around I get onto them about acting out and I help mom.. Shit I dropped out of school to work and do Hockey, my teammates tho..tutor me so i'm not stupid, my tutor though was weird.. His fluffy hair always covered his eyes but you can tell that he uses glasses, his outfits are always two sizes two big for him its weird.. Now that I think about it, he reminds me of the guy who bumped into me today. Look Look I know I said my classmates tutor me and they do but sometimes one of them sends their younger brother sooo in the end I tell my mum he’s the rookie of the team thats why she has never seen him before.. Weird and a bit of a lie i know but if I told her he wasn't on the team he wouldn't be able to tutor me.


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