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Act 1: Prayer.

Isaac is tiptoeing through a random ransacked neighborhood with a herd of Carriers an unnerving distance in every corner of him.

This neighborhood is littered with human remains, just a buffet for the cannibalistic sick as they are devouring the corpses in a gluttonous manner.

Isaac is soon stumbling upon a deserted Catholic Church, soon deciding to investigate the premises, however unfortunately for him the cannibalistic herd has just detected his presence as they are now sprinting in his direction.

Isaac is effortlessly barging into the abandoned church to steer clear of the Carriers, but the horde of sickly cannibals are persistent as they are striving to get into the church by propelling themselves at the entrance doors.

The strapping young man is struggling to shut the weighty entrance doors of the church, yet still the cannibalistic horde are unbearably piling up as a minister is unexpectedly slamming a burly metal cabinet at the entranceway to secure the situation.

Isaac is squatting down to exhale in reassurance, but to his shock the aged minister has just pulled out a concealed pistol, holding him at gunpoint as the cannibalistic herd are still mindlessly throwing themselves at the entrance doors.

Isaac: (lifting up his hands at the minister as an indication that he surrenders) “...Hey look man, I had no idea that someone was living up in here...I have made it rather apparent that I still want to survive, so just as soon as that fricking herd clears out there man-

The senior minister: (holding Isaac at gunpoint) “-Hush...You strike me as someone who is not a murderer nor are you a bandit...I am Reverend Gordon...What is your name, son...? And what exactly is your surviving purpose...? Just to survive...?

Isaac: (lifting his hands up at the Reverend as an indication that he surrenders) “...Isaac sir...And my reason for surviving...? Hope...Cure...One of those…Both of those...I have hopes that I can make a cure someday, Reverend…”


Act 2: Company.

Dre Hester has since successfully slaughtered the vicious scavengers as he is now gradually approaching the two petrified sisters that are still bound to the tree.

Dre Hester: (unsheathing a machete as he is gradually approaching the two bound sisters) “...You two cool...?”

The two sisters are squirming with uneasiness, clearly wary of Dre as the man is grabbing at a flask that is in his backpack.

Dre Hester: (drinking out of the flask) “...Just water...Fucking warm water, but water nevertheless...You two thirsty...?”

The eldest of the sisters is skeptically nodding, accepting the drink with the assist of Dre as he is also helping the other sister take a drink out of the flask now too; Dre is cautiously cutting the cords that are binding the sisters, freeing them in mere minutes as the sun is beginning to set over the woodland.

Dre Hester: (observing his surroundings as he is also evaluating the situation as he is also looting the corpses of the deceased scavengers as well) “...Well...Say something...You just gonna stand there and stare at me…? What is your problem...?”

The eldest sister: (nudging her younger sister to stand behind her) “...What were you doing all the way out here...? Deep in the woods...Nobody should be out here…”

Dre Hester: (looting the corpses of the deceased scavengers as he is also keeping an eye on his surroundings) “...That is exactly what I said...I was trying to avoid people...I am on my way to Atlanta, but I took a detour...These two years has put me through some demented shit, but this shit...This could buy the cake, which leads me to my next point...You two mind telling me what that was all about...?”

The eldest sister: “...Uhm...We were...Our...My name is Brooklyn and her name is Madeline...You look about thirty or late twenties, right...? I just turned twenty five...She is twenty one...We uh...We could use your help...I may regret this, but could we...Could we uh...Can we possibly come with you…? It is way too dangerous by ourselves out here…We need someone…”

Dre Hester: (looting the corpses of the deceased scavengers as he is also keeping an eye on his surroundings) “...You two would just be a burden to me, so no chance in hell...You best get outta these here woods by sunset too...There are Carriers out in this area, so you need shelter…Good luck out here…”

Dre is beginning to depart the area, continuing on course as Brooklyn is hesitantly treading a close proximity behind him with a hushed beseech.

Dre: (pausing mid step as he is glaring at Brooklyn) “...Stop following me...Go in some other direction…” (continuing on his course)

Brooklyn: (beckoning over to her younger sister while still treading a medium reach behind Dre) “...Just ditching us like this man?! We are not a burden, I promise!!!! We...I...ummm...I can ummm…I can do things...You know, like whatever you want, like whatever you want...Just please help!!!!!!! We will die by ourselves out here!!!!”

Dre: (pausing midstep to approach Brooklyn) “...What is your fucking problem?! This is probably how you got yourselves snatched up in the first place!!!!!!!!” (closely evaluating the two sisters as he is also scanning his surroundings with a deep exhale as he is snatching a pair of handcuffs out of his backpack) “...What goes around usually comes around…Or so they say...”

Dre is handcuffing the two sisters together as he is attaching a leash to the handcuffs to buckle it to his belt; he is now motioning the two sisters to trudge in the forefront of him as he is also holding them at gunpoint with his double barrel shotgun.

Dre: (strolling behind the two handcuffed sisters as he is holding them at gunpoint with his double barrel shotgun) “...Shit, the sun is almost down...We need to get out of these woods soon…Keep straight, and no talking…”


Act 3: Just drive.

Brandy is highly overwrought right now, dropping a set of keys several times in an attempt to unlock a minivan that has been abandoned on the side of the road; just beyond hir is an enormous herd of Carriers, the herd migrating in hir direction as the light skinned gender neutral youth is smashing the car window to gain access to the vehicle.

Brandy is not hesitating to leap into the driver's seat, but before hir could even shut the door, Jack Schaefer has approached the minivan unannounced to fatally headshot the light skinned youth at a very close range with no contrition as he is tossing the gender neutral straight out of the vehicle.

Jack Schaefer: (jumping into the driver's seat of the minivan as he is shutting the door while shouting to his wife and daughter) “Get in!!!! That herd is coming this way!!!!!!”

Lauren Schaefer: (hopping into the passenger seat as she is shouting at her spouse) “What the hell was that about?! You couldn't have just ordered her out of the car?!”

Jack Schaefer: (inserting the key to start the ignition) “That was a dude!!!! And...And what happened happened, so get over it!!!!!!!!!!!!! We gotta worry about us, worry just about our family right now!!!!!! Mourn the rest later!!!!!!!!” (shouting at his daughter) “Get in, Amicia!!!!!! What are you waiting for, Cocca?!”

Amicia has already opened the sliding door of the minivan, but unknown to her parents there is a little girl cowering on the floor in the backseat; Amicia has no hesitation to aim her pistol at the little girl, shouting at her to get out of the minivan, but the little girl is not budging as she is still trembling in distress.

Jack is soon following suit of his daughter, aiming a revolver at the frightened little girl as him and his daughter are both shouting at her to get out, but occurring outside of the vehicle, Lauren is beginning to fire at the cannibalistic herd as they are now rushing up to the commotion with hungered snarls.

Lauren and Amicia have quickly decided to seek refuge in the minivan as the herd of Carriers are now surrounding the vehicle, violently striving to tip over the minivan on the deserted road.

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