The Land of Lost Souls

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(I am updating the first few chapters of this novel. It will be COMPLETELY different, though the same story. So you might want to reread the first few chapters for it to make sense.)

She is just an ordinary girl. Right? When Gabriella is sent blindly into a quest with only 31 days to complete it, she comes across many challenges. She finds that the stories her grandmother told her when she was little weren't stories at all. She must face the lies and learn to trust. She is the children's only hope. She must figure out how to save them or the world is doomed to the clutches of the evil wizard Alkadama. Can she do it? or will she meet the same fate as her grandfather?

Table of Contents

The beginning

I would like to apologize about the missing chapters. I have recently made the hard decision of deleting the current story and restarting. I will post the next chapters ASAP and I hope you enjoy
them even more than the first.
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The next morning, Gabriella woke to the sound of birds singing sweetly. She couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed that the inc... Read Chapter