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The Writer’s Revenge




When my finest prose creation

Was returned, no compensation,

Just one simple explanation:

"Story shows imagination,

"Skillful writing, inspiration-


"Deadline missed for publication."


What? The simple explanation

In a word--procrastination.

Deadline missed for publication!

Wringing hands in consternation,

I expressed my keen frustration.

With some words of agitation


Not for pleasant conversation.


Filled with fierce determination,

I began a new creation.

Written with deliberation,

Written with such concentration,

Not a single violation

Of the rules of punctuation.


O what fine alliteration!


Still the contest’s stipulation

Filled me with some trepidation.

Could I meet the expectation?

Could my fevered aggravation

Cause this poem’s elimination?


Time out for deliberation.


On the page, continuation

Of my angry compilation

Rendered only demonstration

Of a word-experimentation

Worthy of small commendation.


Not for pleasant conversation.


Words reflecting irritation

Words expressing my vexation,

Words in Mother’s estimation

Send a child to isolation


Where with little stimulation

he must sit in contemplation

Till he finds the revelation

That his words need transformation,

Not just merely augmentation.


I must toss this degradation!

Toss this haughty defamation,

Written words of condemnation

Heck and darn--what in tarnation?

I’d expect elimination.


I began with new elation,

And sincere illumination-

I don’t need the complication

Of such snarky illustration

Not for pleasant conversation.

Every word needs transformation.



Deadline missed for publication?

They’ll be filled with consternation.

They’ll be groaning exclamations,

Words unfit for conversation

When my very fine creation


Shall increase the circulation

Of a finer publication!


Now it’s time for a cessation.


This rhyme’s at its termination.

Submitted: January 27, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Harriett Ford. All rights reserved.

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A very fine and cleverly constructed work. I sometimes feel bogged down in long rhyming poems, but I must say I enjoyed this one. I often listen to a song by the Red Rum Club called Elevation and your poem reminds me of that. Creative and cute!

Fri, January 27th, 2023 7:38pm


Thank you Michael. Again.

Fri, January 27th, 2023 1:54pm

Jenna Vance

clever and creative! love the consistency! was it hard to come up with so man -tion words? lol. all in all, great job!

Tue, April 11th, 2023 12:55am

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