The story of an aspiring actor's mundane adventures in Los Angeles

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The Lady in Red

“No. You just don’t get it.” “What don’t I get?” He asked as he slowly took a sip from his gin and tonic. “It... Read Chapter


I stopped going out with The Player for a while after that. That day had left a bad taste in my mouth, literally and figuratively. Most o... Read Chapter

Smooth Operator

It was a few weeks after my first journey into the center of the bad side of town, that a customer in the café caught my attention. His ... Read Chapter

Everybody's Been Burned

“He’s kind of an asshole, isn’t he?” Cass asked. She was twirling around a coin in her hand. Cass was a new waitress at the café... Read Chapter

Dr. Feelgood

“Are you kidding me?” The Player was sitting back on his chair. He had a way of making every chair look like the most comfortable thi... Read Chapter

Bad Company

I found myself backstage after the play ended. I just didn’t want to go outside, outside was scary. My fear was heightened. The girl in... Read Chapter

You Can't Always Get What You Want

The Player. The Player was the key. Not only did he have the magic pill, but he also probably knew where Valerie lived. What day was it? ... Read Chapter

Money For Nothing

I was alone on the couch when I woke up. Cass was rushing all over the house. “Hey, you’re awake! We have job, remember?” I... Read Chapter

R U Mine?

We were sitting at a restaurant after a quick stop at my apartment. I was tapping my foot, I just wanted to get the day over with. I also... Read Chapter

Whipping Post

I stopped myself from passing out as I made it to the elevator and pressed the button. I sat down on the floor of the elevator. The eleva... Read Chapter

Here I Go Again

The role was a side character in a big movie. I hadn’t gotten a part yet so my resume only consisted of the waiter job in the café. I ... Read Chapter

Chasing Cars

The supermodel looked at me, scanning me with her eyes. She was trying to determine if I was worthy of talking to her. I waited with anti... Read Chapter

Happiness is a Warm Gun

When I woke up, the last night flashed before my eyes. I hit myself in the head after I remembered everything. I looked to my left, Valer... Read Chapter

Losing My Religion

“No Way! You’ve gotta be kidding me!” I shouted, it scared Cass. “Sorry.” I said as I walked to the door, still shirtless. I op... Read Chapter

Mr. Lonely

When the crying ended, I felt better. It felt like the tears washed my feelings away. I felt refreshed. I stood up, looked at my watch. I... Read Chapter

Baby, Let's Play House

I was walking home, the streets were brighter than usual. I pulled out my phone and looked at it aimlessly for a while, then decided to c... Read Chapter

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