Bloodfellow eBook Published!

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My eBook Bloodfellow has been published. It contains both Bloodfellow books in One eBook. Currently it is offered at B&N, Apple Books and Smashwords. AMAZON won't allow my book to be offered on their site, since the content is available elsewhere, such as here. The fight to reclaim this book from a Content Thief is a story in itself. A LOT of good people got involved to bring Wolf home to me, 23 years after these books were first published. Copyright your work, Friends. Legally. AMAZON publishes work even if its not copyrighted. Anyone who steals your work can publish it. Protect your work! MANY THANKS to Booksie Guy for the copies of Bloodfellow!!!

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Bloodfellow eBook Published!

Published at Apple Books, B&N, Smashwords and later, hopefully, AMAZON.
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