When Ash Woodward moves to a new town before the beginning of the school year, he makes it his goal to befriend anti-social track star Sera von Abaddon. As Ash traverses his new life with his new friends, mysteries arise as to who Sera truly is. But how deep does the rabbit hole go? And will Ash like the secrets he uncovers?

"Why do I always have this feeling that I need to be close to you? Why am I always so drawn to you? Why is it when I'm with my friends, or I'm at home by myself, I think of you? Why have you been in my dreams? Why is it that whenever I seem to turn around, you're not far away?"
The silence after my frustrated curiosity coats my lungs with its thick and sticky suspense. As I stand there, eyes glued to the girl in a desperate aching need for answers, she hesitates. Her mouth opens ever so slightly, surely a new sharp and sarcastic quip drawing its venom on her tongue. But something changes in her eyes. That usual coyness softens, the layer underneath breaking the surface and letting itself be seen for once. That vulnerability, that honesty, that inner battle to say something nearly sacred scrunches her eyebrows for a moment. Part of me thinks she's waiting for me to say something, anything, to make her deviate from what she thinks she must do. I kind of want to, to give her what she wants. But my own tongue dries up of its inquiries.
"Do you believe in magic?"
Her hushed question almost has that hint of evasive playfulness. Almost. However, the question feels earnest, sincere, grave even. No jokes. No comebacks. Only that tender pale layer she keeps buried under the caustic shell. It knocks me for a loop.
"Yes," I breathe.

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