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As night falls over the Croatian wilderness, six friends gather around a campfire to witness the rare passing of Halley's Comet. Amidst tales of adventure and the beauty of nature, they spot a glimmering light in the sky, growing brighter with each passing moment. The friends make wishes on the celestial event, filled with wonder and excitement as they bask in the serenity of the moment. But little do they know that this magical experience will mark the beginning of a dark and twisted story of an other-worldly scale.
With every turn, the plot thickens, and the reader is enticed to delve deeper into the story, uncovering the secrets of this magical world alongside the characters. This is a tale of friendship, love, and courage in the face of overwhelming darkness, a gripping dark fantasy that will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very end.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. A Falling Inferno.

Chapter 1. A Falling Inferno. As a gentle breeze whispered through the leaves, a nocturnal chorus of animals stirred to life. The hoo... Read Chapter

Chapter 2. Voyage to the Other Side.

Chapter 2. Voyage to the other side. As the soft glow of dawn slowly illuminated the once-lush forest, the group stirred f... Read Chapter

Chapter 3. Chaos in Bloom.

Chapter 3. Chaos in Bloom. Miles awoke to an overwhelming sensation of pain. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 4. The Tides of Destiny

Chapter 4. The Tides of Destiny. The dining room was shrouded in an unsettling darkness, lit only by the wavering glow of ... Read Chapter

Chapter 5. Heart of Darkness.

Chapter 5. Heart of Darkness. The corridors were dark and winding, the walls closing in like a suffocating embrace. The ai... Read Chapter

Chapter 6. Ancestral Shadows.

Chapter 6. Ancestral Shadows. Miles and Mia found themselves within a spire, soaring high above the ground. A single expansive window... Read Chapter